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Many people look for Pre-construction Termite Control to protect the house from the damage of this insect. Termite damage is often costly and the homeowner can rarely cover the cost of fixing the problem. The termites are from insects that live inside walls and furniture.

Sometimes the homeowner will not be able to see that he is infected with this insect until it has fully grown and spread throughout the house and surrounding areas, but in this case you will notice severe damage to each of the various household items and items as well as your health and the health of the family members.

It is therefore necessary to inspect and inspect the house prior to construction to make sure that the insect is present in the house or not. You may be able to control the termites when rebuilding the house or building, where it will be easy to identify the places where the insect is hiding and also the places of colonies and their nest.

Pre-construction Termite Control - Effective treatments systems to protect your home from termites:

Do you wonder about the best way to combat termites before construction? !! According to statistics, experts in the specialized control that wood is one of the best treatments that help to deter this type of pests, and therefore many people trust in this treatment to attract termites and eliminate the colony in full.

But it is more important to see the house prior to construction to detect the presence of any kind of harmful pests or home insects of very important steps, this step helps the owner of the house to avoid paying a lot of money to repair the damage caused by this type of pest.

But before you wonder about the means of control and treatment systems to get rid of this scourge you first have to know more details related to the insect, so you can know the enemy that you attack and you will get a greater chance to get rid of it forever.

What types of termites attack my home?

According to scientific studies and research there are many types of termite insects that attack the house, so the treatment methods depend on the type of insect that affects the house.

The most common types of termites are dry termites, termites, termites and wet ants. These species are among the most dangerous types of termites that cause a lot of physical and health damage.

For wet ants, it spreads and proliferate in the case of wet climatic conditions. Therefore, this insect is present in abundance in forests and near gardens. In addition, it may attack your home and settle in it if it can obtain the appropriate environmental conditions. This insect depends on the presence of damaged wet wood as a source of nutrition and therefore the presence of this insect in your home resulting in those pieces of wood furniture in the house.

There are also ants for white mullet, which is considered the most dangerous termites, although it needs certain climatic conditions to survive but it may adapt to extreme conditions may grow and develop fully.

Whatever type of termite insects should be a problem, it is a real disaster that needs a certain therapeutic system to overcome its harmful effects.

Termite Damage:

You may experience painful termites that leave marks and patches on the skin, as well as severe pain.

In addition, the termites are pathogens that expose humans to many health risks. The results of scientific research show that they transmit germs and bacterial infections in areas where they are hesitant. These germs and fine particles are easy for humans to pick up and thus suffer from health risks.

Not only that, termites are pests that look for their favorite food continuously and therefore their presence in the house for a short time may result in damage to the wooden items such as furniture, papers, books, electrical insulating wires and other materials.

How do you know if you have termites?

The homeowner may be able to identify the termite insect through a set of indicators including:

The emergence of clay pipes in the tracks frequented by the insect permanently, these pipes are the most important signs that help you to reach the place of its colony.

You may also notice the droppings of this insect around the house, which is very similar to small beads.
Because the termites of the creatures tonight it is difficult for the homeowner to see this insect during the day, but it may sometimes come out to find its food.
If you find termites at home you will notice that their wings are equal in size, unlike other household pests.
The presence of samples of damaged wood on which the insect feeds, these debris carried by the insect to the colony to store and eat.
Most homeowners in Saudi Arabia, the house is the largest and most important investment for them, but unfortunately the presence of this type of insects may cause the destruction of this investment is a major threat to the home and therefore it is necessary to take care of this problem before building or restructuring the house to provide protection Full of your home from those insects.

How do I protect my house from termite damage?

They always say that prevention is better than cure, so specialist control experts recommend homeowners to follow the steps to protect their home from termite attacks. These steps are the result of some scientific studies and statistics and therefore can be sure of their effectiveness.

Eliminate excess moisture in the home by repairing water leaks and plumbing systems and water supply.

You also have to deal with the problem of cracks and gaps in the house, so you will not give them any access to your home.
To ensure the cleanliness of sanitation permanently, always sanitation of the most vulnerable to termites.
Cultivation of effective natural plants and herbs with a pungent odor, this insect will not dare to approach your home with these plants.
Getting rid of wood debris near the house, wood is the primary attraction that makes this insect present in your home.
Check the wood holdings regularly to make sure there is no sign of infection.
You can contact the pest management department to give your home full protection from this insect before construction. Orchida Pest Control Company provides you with wonderful services, the most important of which is the free inspection schedule.

Just contact the customer service team of the company and send a representative to carry out a complete examination of the house and make sure the type of insect that hits your home, in addition to its ability to reach the hiding places of the insect.

So do not allow termites to destroy your home, you can simply call your company's professional to get a free inspection and preview.

Make sure that a professional professional is able to carry out an examination and detection of injuries in the home, so only you can prevent any problem from happening in the future because of this lesion.

Orchida pest control is based on the leading technology that gives the customer the level he wants to work, the modern technology that can capture the insect and locate its colonies.

In addition, our company has extensive experience in the field of pest control of any kind or rate of infection, and the steps to combat termites before construction as follows:

Anti-termite control system before construction - How to get rid of this insect?

We know that each house is unique and therefore if you have a problem with termites, make sure that we have a professional treatment system based on three basic steps: inspecting and inspecting the house, implementing appropriate solutions, monitoring possible problems of termites.

Step 1: Assess the problem:

Treatment steps begin by evaluating your termite infection. Once you contact the termite control company, the company sends a specialist to inspect the house and conduct a thorough examination of the house by checking the entire house basis and areas containing wood debris.

Only the professional specialist is able to identify the places of danger targeted by domestic insects of various kinds and this is because it depends on the latest technologies, including infrared thermometers and humidity meters and detection systems Termites. These techniques help determine the extent of infection and where the insect is hiding.

The report resulting from home inspection is what helps the control expert develop an effective treatment strategy and system to treat the problem and protect your home from termites.

Step 2: Perform the task:

After the Orchida Pest Control Specialist arrives at the home inspection report, he or she can discuss the appropriate treatment for the problem, which is applied throughout the home and surrounding areas. This helps to protect areas around the house from annoying insect attacks such as termites.

The professional depends on the type of effective liquid pesticides for termite control. This treatment provides immediate protection for the home of the insect. To ensure the client's rights, the professional uses an application meter that helps calculate the amount of pesticide used in the treatment and thus the customer will not have to pay more money.

The professional applies treatment within the spaces and spaces in the external and internal walls of the house and also under the panels and around the pipes and surfaces, and so the treatment reaches the difficult areas where the insect is hiding.

In addition to special devices targeted at vulnerable sites around the house such as old logs, wet soil and others.

The professional may also require the use of bait and antimicrobial agents. These baits are very effective in contrast to the regular baits that are available in the local market.

After the professional finishes applying the treatment he explains in a detailed report that specifies exactly what he did, this is a guarantee that he will return again to check the effectiveness of the applied treatment.

Step 3: Monitoring and follow-up:

Anti-termites before construction does not depend on the implementation of treatment, but it needs to monitor and follow-up of the professional to ensure the effectiveness of treatment.

Orchida gives you the guarantee that the home worker will visit the house again after applying Al-'Ad to ensure the success of the treatment strategy he has used. This control provides you with full protection against the damage of this insect.

Not only that, the company gives full responsibility for the presence of this insect at home after the application of treatment, so if you find termites after the treatment of the problem can communicate again with the company and send the professional again to identify the problem and treat it free of charge.

So communicating with the termite control company in Jeddah is the best you can do to protect your home from termite damage.

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