The Color

Generally, scorpions are tan in color but can vary widely as some species are yellow, blue, black or red.

The Size

Size varies between species - they can be anywhere from ½ inch to over 8 inches in length - but most measure about 2 inches when fully grown.

The Description

Scorpions’ body structure is relatively consistent across different species - all scorpions have eight legs with two pinchers. They have a long slender body with a segmented tail that can be arched over the back, curving up over the body. The tail is tipped with a venomous stinger which is used to kill or paralyze its prey.

There are 1,200 species of scorpions on our earth, most of them are very dangerous, the smallest species are the most dangerous ones, scorpions belong to the ARTHROPODA and to subclass ARACHNIDA, the most dangerous type is known as Androctonus australis in North Africa and the Middle East, it is characterized by aggressiveness towards people, it affects mostly old people and children, because of weak immune system, the other dangerous  type known as Leiurus quinquestriatus, it lives in the northern and southern half of Africa.

Scorpions are perfect killers, they become active at night, hiding in unseen areas under the soil and rocks, trees, plants, they come to our houses searching for water, their bite causes severe pain and lasts from 48 to 72 hours, so you have to contact a specialist immediately. It is important to know the shape of scorpions, and to understand their behavior, especially if you live in an active environment famous for scorpions, so we will provide you with everything you need about scorpions through this article.

External appearance of scorpions

 Scorpions have eight legs with claws, they have a tail that contains a needle, they have eyes in the center of their head, but they cannot see well, they have five rows of eyes on head sides, when they move, they extend their claws  toward their heads in upward and outward direction.

Scorpions the life cycle

Females carry eggs inside their bodies, they hatch small scorpions that resemble adult scorpions, they lose the outer layer of their body, scorpions prefer to live in warm and dry environment, they hide in the day under rocks or in the ground, they are active during evening, they hunt and search for food at night, they eat lizards, mice and birds by injecting victims with a neurotoxic that paralyzes and kills them, they extract liquids and get rid of solid food, they live from three to five years, some species may live up to 10 to 15 years.

How scorpions enter our home?

Scorpions enter our homes to search of water and food, they enter through entry points such as windows, doors and floors, plumbing pipes and the base of the house, walls, they live in stored furniture or plants, as soon as they enter homes , they search for hidden places such as bathrooms, kitchens signs of scorpions at home Scorpions do not leave any signs at homes, you only seen them directly.

How serious are scorpions?

Scorpions bite humans but they rarely kill them, they are toxic and cause serious damage and severe pain, numbness, vomiting and difficulty breathing, children and the old people may suffer from their bites.

How can I get rid of scorpions?

When you discover scorpions in your home, you must contact Pest Control Company in Jeddah for assistance. The specialist will examine your home and find a solution through:

  • Inspect inside and outside the home, including boxes, stored staffs.
  • Sprays that kills scorpions when they enter homes.
  • Dispose rocks, fallen plants leaves, furniture and wood in outdoors that are found around the house.
  • Cut grass and plants near the ground and make them two feet from the foundation of the house.
  • Fix torn screens, damaged tubes, seal the gaps that surround the home.
  • Use chemical treatments to treat scorpions, because they hide in protected places, so the chemicals in these areas penetrate and eliminate insects

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