The Color

Whitish-brown to nearly black

The Size

From 6 mm to 20 mm long

The Description

All termites have three body parts: a head with a pair of segmented antennae, thorax, and abdomen.

Do you have problems with Termites in your house? Because Many home owners may not notice that they have problems in the house, because termites often live under the ground and in the walls of your home, termites are called silent destructive insects, because they hide in difficult places to find them, they live secretly in the basement or upper ceilings without appearing Any immediate signs of house damage,

Termites success to survive in different climates, they eat different types of food according to their type, as all types of termites require four things to survive which are food, humidity, shelter, and the suitable temperature. Unfortunately, human houses can provide these four ideal conditions which cause termite infestation, it is difficult to diagnose an infection, termites cause damage of up to $ 5 billion each year, and if you are wondering how to recognize termites or how to protect your home from these invaders you may have to read this article.

identification of termites

Termites length usually range between 1/4 and 1/2 an inches, it has soft bodies with straight antennas, the queens are the largest, and they can reach more than one inch in length, termite color ranges from white to light brown, workers often appear in lighter degrees of color, flying termites are darker and they are responsible for reproduction, they have two prominent wings.

Termites colony

Termites live in colonies that he develops continuously, and they are very similar to the colonies of ants and bees, there is a strict hierarchy between insects and they are workers, soldiers, and males. In the heart of the colony there is a queen of termites  which is responsible for the production of eggs, they can lay more than a thousand An egg in one day, also there are types of termites in Africa that lay an egg every 2-3 seconds, so it may reach 30-35 thousand eggs per day, the size of the queen reaches up to 10 cm, which is equivalent to several times the size of the normal termite, That is why she cannot move by herself, and if necessary she is moved to a new location by dozens of ants The white factor

Why is termite infection usually found in spring?

Large numbers of flying termites known as “swarms” usually appear inside homes in the spring, and termite swarms start new colonies, as soon as winged termites appear from the colony they fly into the air due to high temperatures and precipitation, swarms fall onto The land, give up its wings, mate with males,  they start new colonies in the soil, the new termite swarms are unable to destroy the woods and live about a day, they could be disposed of with a vacuum cleaner as soon as they are found.

How do I know if my house has termites?

discovery of flying termites always indicates that there is a termite infestation, because they are attracted to light, they are often seen around windows and doors, people, termites have straight antennas, uniform thick waist and wings of equal size, on the contrary ants have antennas, narrow grooves, and front wings that are taller than the posterior wings

Where are Termites located?

Seeing termite swarms outside is near tree trunks, wood, etc. in the yard and this may not mean that the house is infected with termites, on the other hand, if termite swarms appear next to homes and balconies, which means that there is a great chance that the house will spread Also.

Signs of termite infection?

 One of the most important signs of termite infestation is the seeing of termite swarms at matting times , you can be see dirty mud tubes that extend over the walls of the foundations, sidewalks, panels, sills, wooden floors, etc. Usually the mud tubes are in the diameter of the pencil, but sometimes it may be more Thicker, termites build pipes for shelter as they travel between underground colonies and structures, and to help determine if your house is infected or not, you can break pipes and check for termites if the tube is empty, this does not necessarily mean that the injury is inactive because in many From The times can give up parts of the tube while searching for another place in the temple, so you can examine the wood and investigation of the presence of ants using a flat-head screwdriver or similar tool.

Termite damage

Termites cause billions of dollars in damage each year. They are mainly feed on wood, but they also damage paper, books, furniture, and even pool liners, house structures, and foundations. Termites can infect live trees and shrubs, while termites It may strike buildings at any time, but it may target homes that are in the process of being built, due to the structures and wood foundations laid.

How can I prevent termite infection?

  • Make household structures less attractive to termites while building with a concrete foundation.
  • Leave ventilation space between the soil and wood.
  • Cover the exposed wooden surfaces with sealant or with a metal barrier.
  • After construction, keep the soil dry around the foundation through proper steps and drainage, including pipeline maintenance and drainage.
  • Reduce openings that allow termites to reach the structure by filling cracks in the cement foundation as well as around where the facilities pass through the wall with cement, plaster, or a dam.
  • Fix leakage and keep openings free from clogging, including plants.
  • Ensure that trees and shrubs are not planted near the structure and are not allowed to grow

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