The Color

Brown, grey, silver

The Size

From 12 mm to 15 mm long

The Description

Wingless insects shaped like a teardrop. Their bodies are flattened, tapered at the rear, and covered with shiny, fish-like scales.

SilverFish is a very common insect around the world, it is very difficult to find or control, it is a nocturnal insect, which means that it is not likely to be seen during the day, and their small size makes them clever at hiding, so often Homeowners suffering from the invasion of silver fish are in need for professional help, as they tend to hide their presence from humans which means that any damage caused by this insect may not be noticed quickly either, silver fish insects eat anything containing starch or sugars including Paper, photo, wallpaper, book paper,

Silver fish requires high levels of humidity in the places where it lives and therefore most they most likely can find their way to your home to search for moisture and food, they usually invade the lower floors, bathrooms, kitchens and other areas of high humidity, and we will learn about the shape of silverfish, its life cycle, signs of infection and how we can Get rid of it through this article.

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What is a silver fish insect

silver fish gets its name because of its silver color, it’s metallic appearance, it has the shape and movements of a fish, it is also known as “filamentous filaments” due to the three long appendages that similar to coarse hair or tail at the back end of its body, is a common insect in home especially in dark and humid places. It lives away from the reach of humans, there is no doubt that they, like all insects, cause a lot of inconvenience to homeowners, and for this reason, those who suffer from infection are looking for effective ways to get rid of them.

 silverfish appearance 

Silverfish have flat bodies between 1/2 and 1 inches in length. They also have 3 hairs protruding from the back of the abdomen, and they do not have wings, but they are able to run very quickly, as the length of the body of the silver fish is about ½- 3/4 “(12-19 mm) This does not include the length of the tail. It has a flat body whose shape is often compared to a tear or a fish. It is drawn from the head to the back, usually it has a silver color or a metal gun color, and has long antennae, separated compound eyes and immature silver fish look similar to adult insects except for size.

Silverfish insect life cycle

Unlike most insects, silverfish go through only three stages during their life cycle, as a female can lay eggs at any time of the year, and it usually takes three to four months for them to grow from an egg until they eventually reach adulthood.

Food sources for silverfish

Although silverfish can actually live for several months without eating anything at all, it eats many things like carbohydrates, sugars and starches, and they also love cellulose found in wood products, which is why they eat books, old photos, carpets, clothes, leather, and curtains Sheets, blankets, blankets, textiles, documents, and wallpaper paste are also known to eat shampoo, dandruff, dead insects, sugar, coffee, pasta, flour, grains and other starchy foods, and can eat dandruff and hair brush strings.

Where does silverfish hide?

Silverfish can survive in many climates, but it prefers to live in dark and humid areas such as wash rooms, basements, kitchens, and bathrooms. They are particularly attracted to areas that contain wet fabrics, either outside the homes they can be found inside stored items, inside boxes, garages, or inside barns and other outdoor buildings.

Damage caused by silver fish 

It is not known about the silverfish that it may cause or transmit diseases to human, except that it causes damage to many elements in the home such as books, documents, and magazines, and thus can be a nuisance because it harms the elements that they invade and feed on.

How does silver fish enter the house?

 If you see silver fish in your home, it probably originated from the soil surrounding your home, and if the weather is very dry outside, the silver fish will search for a more humid environment, and if you have gaps and fissures you will likely enter the house through them, though They prefer moist environments, they cannot live if there is a lot of water in the soil.

What are the signs of silverfish invasion?

Perforations, cracks, or pits can be seen along the surfaces on which the silverfish insects feed in the event of injury, and in severe cases, small signs of stools can be seen on the surfaces which are small granules that resemble black pepper, as the silver fish can be seen on the ceiling or Flooring in wet places.

How to get rid of silverfish insect?

  • Examine the areas that silverfish prefer carefully and in the case of presence of food suitable for them, it must be dispose suchlike old books, paper and other elements.
  • If the injury to your home is localized, the places where you see the silver fish must be well cleaned and disinfected.
  • If the injury is widespread outside, anything stored on or near the exterior of the house should be moved or removed because silverfish can easily climb over the walls and find an entrance around window frames, doors, utility tubes and ventilation openings.
  • All surfaces leading to the house should be cleaned and the gaps and cracks in them closed.
  • Get a dehumidifier for your home, repair pipelines, leaked sewage and fix any moldy wood.
  • Do not keep old books and magazines in areas where the insect has silver fish, such as basements and garages.
  • Keep nutrients like flour and sugar in tight containers.
  • In case of a suspected silver mouth infection

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