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Carpet Cleaning Company in Jeddah

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 Carpet Cleaning Company in Jeddah is based on the latest technologies that help remove all dirt and germs that cause allergies and pollutants. It also helps to renew the air in your environment. This helps to keep the carpets and furnishings for as long as possible.

In other words, you can rely on a steam cleaning company to get great cleaning and carpeting services at home.

Of course, I wonder why I pay money for a professional to do the cleaning while I can buy cleaning products from local markets and do the job myself !!

Do you know that there are many chemical products in the local market that cause a lot of damage and damage to the mastic fibres and this has a bad effect on its appearance so that it is not suitable for use once again? Just avoid these problems by communicating with a cleaning expert, that's all.

Carpet Cleaning Company in Jeddah

Because the market is one of the most important elements in the house, our company is keen to provide the products needed for cleaning and remove the most difficult stains and germs without leaving any adverse effect on the tissues or the fibres of the most.



Orchids is one of the leading cleaning companies, and this is because it is based on modern steam cleaning techniques. This technique has a huge ability to reach the fine particles related to the mastic fibres.

In addition to the products licensed by the Environmental Protection Agency, a range of environmentally safe cleaning materials that are capable of dealing with the most difficult types of stains and smells emanating from them.

We have a distinguished crew of professionally trained workers to handle all types of furnishings and rugs. The team can define the perfect system to clean the carpet and restore the beauty and shine again. Only by applying this system can the team restore the carpet to what was new and sparkling With bright colours.

Our company is also keen to take advantage of all the latest technologies and developments to perform the task at the level desired by the customer, and so our company always seeks to satisfy their customers and take care of their comfort.

How to clean the carpet and remove the stains and dust

It is difficult to keep your carpets clean throughout the year without deep cleaning to get rid of dust and germs, but this is a problem especially if you have a lot of tasks throughout the day, here you will need to seek help from a cleaning company in Jeddah to get rid of that suffering and At the same time take care of cleanliness and maintenance of the carpet.

Once you get in touch with the Orchid team, you will get a complete cleaning service for the muck, where the dust and dirt will be removed, and most importantly, the hard spots will be removed and their effects will be removed.

The team depends on natural products for safe cleaning and does not cause allergies or any kind of damage to your health or the health of family members.

Professional depends on basic steps to clean the carpet and eliminate any problem related to it, including the following:

  • Defining the problem:

Before the professional begins to apply the cleaning system, he first wanders to identify problems related to moquette and areas that need to be cleaned so that the professional can identify the spots and bad odours and also any damage that needs to be repaired with carpets.

After that, the technician will talk to you about these issues and give you all the details about how to correct this tuning.

  • Moving furniture

The professional will need to transport the furniture and the objects in the room but do not worry. Professional will follow safety rules and safety precautions during transportation of furniture especially heavy items including piano, bookcases, beds, dining tables and any other electronic equipment.

  • Region

In order for the professional to perform the task at the required level, he needs to create as much space as possible around the movie, which prevents the spread of contaminants in many parts. This also perfectly protects the objects in the room.

  • Spotting spots

Using modern equipment and techniques, the professional monitors the location of the surface spots and spots related to the mastic fibres, which in turn ensures a great opportunity to remove the stains and not spread in a large area.

  • Cleaning the carpet

After that the professional starts applying a cleaning system that depends on the use of a range of safe cleaning products, also the equipment for cleaning, this simply helps in the extraction of dust from the moqite fibres.

After cleaning the carpet, the professional looks under the carpet to ensure the level of cleanliness and to ensure the effectiveness of the system that uses it.

The team provides the client with the necessary guarantee to achieve the desired level of cleaning, where the customer can communicate with the team once again if faced with a problem cleaning the carpet.


the best steam cleaning company in Jeddah

  • Cleaning the carpet and getting rid of mould and contaminants:

Cleanliness not only helps maintain the overall appearance but also helps to maintain your health and the health of your family. This is the goal sought by a steam cleaning company in Jeddah, where it follows all possible means that contribute to the elimination of germs and pollutants that endanger human health to health risks.

Professional cleaning expert relies on a technical system aimed at balancing the pH and then use equipment that has the ability to absorb, and so helps to extract all kinds of dirt from the fibres of the carpet and give it freshness and shine can be observed immediately.

  • Cleaning the dry raft in only 15 minutes:

It is the leakage and moisture that is related to the muscle tissue, which causes damage and damage to the moisture, so the professional is careful to use the proper equipment to help clean the dryer and dry it in only 15 minutes.

  • Professional cleaning experts:

One of the unique features of our company from other companies is that it includes a group of professional professionals trained through a series of courses and training courses to deal with all types of market.

Professional begins by determining the quality of the muck fibres and then determines the optimal system for dealing with the stains without causing any harmful effect on these fibres. The professional uses a certain type of high-quality cleaning products that help to clean the muck and remove the stains related to it easily, in addition to its ability to get rid of bad smells related to it.

  • Guarantee to protect customer rights:

Customers are often tricked by counterfeit companies, but in order for our company to have the confidence of its customers, it gives them a guarantee of all rights in advance. This guarantee helps the customer to communicate with the service again if he does not get the desired level of work.

Although it is impossible especially when a professional is doing the job, if you notice any problem after applying the cleaning system, you can communicate again with the company and it will give you another visit to correct the error.

So if you want to get a great level in the cleaning of the carpet, you have to communicate with the team from the service of a steam cleaning company in Jeddah, you yourself will notice the results and will be impressed by the ability of our company to deal with it



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