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Do you suffer from severe headaches due to widespread gecko in your home? Infestation of a family of gecko is not interesting. These creatures cause a lot of serious problems. Despite taking the necessary precautions, the insect can move from one place to another with ease.

We will offer you the best anti-gecko products and services to help you eliminate this problem. We will also discuss the ideal products, repellents and traps for household insects. gecko was a free-floating insect moved from one place to another outside the house or located in the house itself we will help you to preserve your property from this insect.

How To Get Rid Of gecko and eliminate it in safe and effective ways:

Gecko is a small reptile that feeds on insects and spiders in different areas of the house. This insect takes the thresholds of windows and walls as its base station because of the light enough to attract insects. Although this insect is not harmful to the large extent, it becomes as annoying as other insects that feed when their number increases.

What do you know about gecko insect ?

Internal Anatomy:

Some of the night-time insects are seen as having different lined fingers and feet that allow them to move easily on vertical surfaces, roofs and windows. The dark spots help the insects grow on hiding in the leaves. However, the spreading can change the color of the color so that it can move in other locations according to desire. It is also known that the distribution is somewhat colored during the night. Also interesting is the spread of insects that use their tongue to clean their eyes.


Spread of insects eat meat that feed on other insects such as cockroaches, bugs and others.


The serpent is the only predator for the bacterium, so when caught, the tail immediately dislodges and thus can escape. The insect can then form another tail and this takes about three weeks.


There are two types of insect pits which are as follows:

Homogenization (Hemidactylos fernatus) is a local creature found in Southeast Asia.

And the Mediterranean (Hemidactylos torsikus), which has spread in many regions of the world.
Both types do not have eyelids with bulging eyes and viscous foot pads as well as oval shape. The Mediterranean Sea is characterized by light colors with dark spots, while the home decoration is mixed with pink, gray and also marbled with dark spots.

PROBLEMS: Although the insects are active at night, they can detect their presence through widely dispersed feces. This insect also exists in the places where the food is prepared or stored, and therefore it transmits to humans the chronic and dangerous diseases of salmonella.

Gecko damage at home:

The spread of toxic insects creeping causing many damage, especially in terms of health, where scientific statistics indicate that the deployment feeds on certain types of insects and worms, which makes it one of the endemic pathogens, those diseases transmitted to the weight, which in turn carries to the human environment. Here are the most serious damage caused by puffing:

Transmission of intestinal diseases: The insect of the pests of pests that carry parasites and dice worms that affect human health indirectly, where the symptoms of vomiting and loss of appetite and the occurrence of anal itching appear on the human during a short period.

Salmonella bacteria: one of the most serious health crises suffered by humans because of the weight and this is because this type of bacteria expose the human to many serious side effects such as fever and intestinal infections, which over time turn to chronic diseases when the bacteria pass to the liver and spleen and bypass the intestines and lymph vessels, Causing an acute intestinal hemorrhage or typhoid fever.
Respiratory Infection: The scientific data indicate that the spread-induced parasites cause human exposure to acute respiratory disorders, including the parasitomida parasite, which causes the sinus tissue to eat. Thus, the person becomes infected with sinus infections and difficulty breathing.

Effective solutions and repellents:

Although children are considered to be a pests of domestic insects, most people do not like the insects. The first step to get rid of the piss is to lock them in the house and then you can use the drivers to get rid of these insects away from the source of nutrition of their choice.

Here's what you can buy:

  • Pest control:

It is an effective liquid and safe use throughout the home from home and abroad. There are two forms of this liquid as it is used in several stages as it works by releasing foul odors that cause the suffocation of this insect.

To kill the mug inside the house: Spray any vertical surface through the use of spray disposal of pests.
To exorcise the pudding from the balcony and around the house: Spray the granules to control the pests around the outside of your property and on the floors like grass and others.
But be aware that insecticides can be toxic, so before using insecticides around the house make sure to read and understand the warnings on the pesticide packaging.


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