House Mice

House Mice

The Color

gray to dark brown

The Size

Size: 7 – 9.5cm in length, with a tail around the same length

The Description

It is wrongly believed that mice are only a problem in the winter time. House mice are active all year round, which means you could find them invading your home or business at any time.

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House mice One of the small, slim rodents with a prominent, pointed nose, has small black eyes and large ears covered with hair with a shame tail that contains clear rings. House rats are a serious problem that has spread throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and caused economic turmoil.

Information on House mice

The weight of domestic mice is about 2/5 to 4/5 ounces, which is equivalent to 11-22 grams. It also has a distinctive brown-gray color with a gray or orange belly. The domestic mice are very similar to the harvesting mice and the white mice This type of rat has spread in most parts of Saudi Arabia.

It is a species that has a high ability to adapt to the different conditions it faces. House mice can be found in areas where humans are present, saying that this type of pest is closely related to humans and is therefore called a domestic mouse. House mice attack homes and various facilities and find them spread in urban areas at a large rate, where the pest is found in homes and surrounding areas, farms and businesses, as well as open fields and agricultural land. Sometimes they can be found away from human settlements, often when the climate is mild but with the onset of cold weather they are present in buildings, away from shelter and food.

What is eating the favorite mice and the food that attracts them?

Home rats often eat many types of food at home especially seeds and grains as they do not hesitate to eat new foods. Fatty foods, proteins and sugars are their favorite foods, even if grains and seeds are available. They also include pork, chocolate candy, butter and fresh bread.

Unlike Norwegian rats, domestic mice are able to survive with a small amount of water and yet accept to take water if available. This pest gets the water you need from the food they eat. Absence of water and food with inappropriate environmental conditions are factors that affect their reproductive potential.

Reproduction of House mice and their general behavior:

House mice are essentially night-time pests that are not active just at night, but sometimes the lesion can be found in some areas of the day. Seeing domestic mice during daylight hours does not necessarily mean a large population, although this usually applies On mice.

Usually, mice suffer from impaired vision and are often dependent on other senses such as hearing, smell, smell, taste and touch. The mice are also color blind. Thus, the poisonous baits of mice can be dyed in color without adding any substance that makes mice avoid these baits. The absence of smell or taste of these baits makes mice avoid them and refuse to eat them.

Female domestic rats develop between 5 and 6 groups of young adults. This often occurs after 21 days after mating, but some females continue their pregnancy for a little longer. Small, hairless mice are born with closed eyes but grow rapidly after at least two weeks and are fully covered with hair with eyes and ears open. These young people start small trips from nest to food sources and can eat solid food after at least three weeks. Mice mature sexually after at least 6 to 10 weeks.

Females may breed domestic mice all year round, but if forced to live outdoors they often breed during the spring and fall seasons. Females may develop between 5 and 6 groups of young people per year, so the pest can multiply rapidly if appropriate environmental conditions are available.

Reason for having mice at home:

House mice are forced to break into houses or structures and sometimes agricultural fields if they do not find a suitable shelter. Therefore, all they are concerned about is finding a safe place to build a nest. Their nest is made of fibrous materials such as paper, grass and other materials. From 4 to 6 inches (10.2 to 15.2 cm).

Household rats have many physical abilities that enable them to enter different buildings and structures. This happens through their ability to dig, climb, jump and swim. Scientific studies also indicate that the mouse usually travels to an area of 10 to 30 feet (3 meters to 9 meters) to do its daily activities and get water and food, but mice can not travel further. Because of their food behavior and limited movement it is difficult to control this type of control or get rid of it

How to get rid of rats forever What is the fastest rat to kill mice? :

House mice can be controlled by following three steps, including the use of poisonous baits and traps, or treatment of infected areas, especially sanitation, to reduce their large numbers and to follow the methods of prevention of mice to prevent attack of this lesion your home, but if they are already in the house you need to Follow a more effective way to permanently eliminate its existence.

Control of house mice is very different from control over other species of ants where they can enter the house through narrow, hard-to-reach holes. In addition, this type of pest has a limited path to obtaining food and does not require abundant water. Their reproductive capacity is very high above other species. You should also take into account that house mice are less sensitive to many types of rodents. People who do not take these differences into account have very poor results when trying to control House mice.

So you should start by examining the house or the entire building, including sanitation and storage areas, etc. This is one of the means of controlling rodents because it helps to detect the signs of mice easily and increase the effectiveness of grafts and traps used to address the problem.

Food must be stored in rodent-proof rooms to prevent this pest from getting its food for as long as possible. But you should be aware of the insect’s behavior and its ability to jump and climb and so it can reach its food easily. You just have to stop it from reaching its goal.

Also remove the damaged grass and the debris that has been damaged away from the house and this reduces the chance of the mice to find its course, which in turn weakens the activity of mice and allows to reveal its refuge.

But the best is to contact one of the experts or technicians specialized in the fight against this type of pests They have the ability to identify the type of insect that affects your home and also can be easily disposed of through the appropriate tools and techniques to reproduce this pest.

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