Cat Fleas

Cat Fleas

The Color

Dark brown to black

The Size

Cat fleas are 3mm long wingless ticks

The Description

Cat Fleas is that the commonest sort of flea, which is typically found on dogs and cats. Discover more information about cat fleas and the way to get rid of them The most common domestic flea is the Ctenocephalides felis , Ctenocephalides felis.

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Cat Fleas is that the commonest sort of flea, which is typically found on dogs and cats. Discover more information about cat fleas and the way to get rid of them The most common domestic flea is the Ctenocephalides felis , Ctenocephalides felis.

This is often presumably the flea you will find on your dog or cat. Unlike many other fleas, adults of this species remain on the host for much of their adult life. The dog flea, Ctenocephalides canis, is analogous in appearance but is never found within us Cat fleas also will use other animals like rats, mice, squirrels, and birds as their host. The 2 species are distinguished by a small difference in their anatomy, which is detectable only under high magnification.

Cat Fleas

Fleas are parasites that prey on the blood of any warm-blooded body. they’re one of the more significant groups of pests because they not only cause discomfort by biting, but they will transmit several diseases. Cat fleas are the foremost common domestic flea. they’re found throughout us and therefore the remainder of the planet, most frequently on cats and dogs. However, they will even be found on other urban hosts, including opossum, fox, mongoose, and infrequently rats. Keep reading to find out about cat fleas, including the way to identify Ctenocephalides felis bites.


cat fleas are touching 1/8″ long. Their bodies are laterally flattened and brownish-black in conformity with black among color. Cat fleas may additionally appear reddish fuscous when filled with blood. Female grimalkin fleas have disproportionately little heads, so they’re double namely long as they’re high. Cat fleas are wingless yet hold vii legs with the postern ones capable of assisting them to leap significant distances. Ctenocephalides felis eggs are as regards 1/64 (0.5 mm) long. they’re oval yet white.

Where Cat Fleas live

Cat bluebottle infestations normally commence along with pets that bear brought fleas indoors then conditions as prefer house fly development or reproduction. The pests hold a road wider range regarding hosts than nearly lousy fly species. This large resolution about potential hosts is a quintessential issue on account that house owners as don’t bear pets might also hold issues along with cat fleas so are positioned of the law then we’re introduced inward the house beyond an out of doors source.

Rats, mice, or other nuisance pests living within the home can also be a source of infestation However, the source of a Ctenocephalides felis problem inside the house is extremely likely a result of a pet being infested while roaming outside the house then bringing cat fleas inside.

Life cycle

Eggs: Cat flea eggs are laid at the quantity of up according to some egg per hour. They are oval, smooth, and very small in volume – about 0.5 millimeters. Due in accordance with their dry, smooth surface, the eggs easily run overseas regarding the animal’s hair. Though otherwise visible, the bright eggs are almost impossible to see against surfaces certain namely carpet, bedding, yet lawn. It is here where the eggs will stay until the larvae emerge.

Larvae: Within twain days regarding egg-laying, worm-like larvae raise out of the eggs. The extent out of 1.5 after 5 millimeters of length. This tribune lasts 5 after 15 days depending on environmental conditions. Larvae lack eyes, legs, are blanketed with not many hairs, yet occupy dark mettle to that amount are visible thru their emaciated translucent front protecting called the exoskeleton. Cat flyer larvae eat on nearly any organic debris among the ground covering, but their important eating regimen is dried adult gib flier fecal matter. Adult flea feces, also recognized as “flea dirt,” consists of surprisingly undigested gore which dries or fountains from the pet in conformity with idolizing as many meals because of the newly hatched larvae.

Pupae: Before becoming adults, the gib bluebottle larvae spin folding cocoons among which he pleases. Because over the sticky front floor about the cocoons, grime and debris are attracted according to them and provide camouflage. The pupae remain of the cocoons until that bear wholly flourished of adult fleas. The adults can live on inside the pupa for up according to a yr before she emerges.

Adults: Adults are prompted after putting in an appearance by using vibration then coal dioxide which is expelled by means of warm-blooded animals through normal breathing. Considerable rises into fire or dampness do also stand a trigger. The adults are in relation to 1 after three millimeters of size, reddish-brown after tightening between color, wingless, then bear laterally compressed bodies, nearly erection them show up as like salvo they’ve been flattened. The appropriate powerful postern legs allow strolling then leaping thru hair, fur, yet feathers. The grown-up platform over the cat flier is the sole stage on their life circle where they absolutely live about the military animal. The adults normally live four in conformity for 25 days.

do cat Flea bite,

Bartonellosis (cat scratch disease) – Transmitted to people from the bites about the oriental rat flier and cat flea.

Secondary bacterial infection If the bitten place is not saved purely yet disinfected, secondary bacterial contamination may appear where bites occurred. The more that bites are scratched, the greater likely contamination choice result.

Cat flea-borne diseases and mean health-related conditions affecting pets do include:

Murine typhus – Can appear from a contaminated flier bite.

  • Cat scratch disease
  • Also recognized as like CSD.
  • Flea tapeworm
  • Dipetalonema reconditum –
  • Acanthocheilonemal reconditum

Signs over Infestation

Since fleas are highly effortless in conformity with ascertaining within their grown-up stage, visible evidence is the evident signal of an infestation. Some common signs and symptoms regarding fleas over puppies or cats are “flea dirt” inside the animal’s coat, forasmuch fleas regarding the much less hairy portions about the body, excessive scratching, flogging yet biting at the skin, then ruin regarding hair.

Other signs and symptoms regarding Ctenocephalides felis infestations are the overt signs and symptoms of flea bites over people. Such signs and symptoms may also include a red, swollen, itchy, however, no longer painful, region as appears at the chew website online respecting thirty minutes then the initial bite. This blister occurs within a couple of days of the chunk or regular itching being able to motive the chew website online according to maybe bleeding.

What Cat Fleas eat

its larvae slave now not devour blood. Rather, they feed of almost any form concerning organic debris that is placed where he dropped. Their essential supply on diet is dried grown-up fecal depend (flea dirt) so much is made above of undigested, dried blood that fountain beside the military beast in accordance with areas the place the larvae live. Common hosts because adult grimalkin fleas include dogs yet cats, adjunct outside animals certain as:

  • Foxes
  • Opossums
  • Raccoons
  • Skunks
  • Clear

What serius it

Cat fleas chunk humans postulate they’re dislodged out of their animal host. Their duct may cause important flyer dermatitis in pets then their particles have been stated in conformity with purpose similar allergic reactions among humans.

Cat fleas are implicated within the measure concerning disaster or therefore the bacterial disease rat typhus through rats. The choice also switches tapeworms, particularly the canine tapeworm, Dipylidium canninum (Linnaeus), yet therefore the turbulent tapeworm, Hymenolepis diminuta (Rudolphi). These tapeworms sometimes harass humans, especially very young children. The canine tapeworm infects cats that spend epoch outdoors.

How To Get rid of Cat Fleas

  1.  Purchase a dehumidifier. Fleas necessitate 50% or higher moisture to survive.
  2. Keeping the humidity below 50% for 2 days will exterminate adult fleas and larvae while keeping eggs from hatching.
  3.  Vacuum the house, paying particular attention to areas with little exposure to sunlight.
  4.  Prune lawns and eliminate weeds. Bathe your pet(s).

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