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water tank maintenance company in Jeddah

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Because we always care about the health of Our family we try to provide comprehensive care of everything, especially when it comes to the water we drink, that is why we are looking for a water tank maintenance company in Jeddah, it is the ideal solution to care for drinking water and ensure its validity for use.

water tank maintenance company in Jeddah 

Sure, you clean your house daily and remove all the dust around the house, but when it comes to cleaning your water tank you will find it necessary to look for a specialist to do the job for you, according to the practical statistics, which stressed the importance of cleaning the tank every 6 months at least Because there can be nothing more harmful to health than drinking contaminated water, even if you do not see anything bad you must clean and disinfect it from pollution caused by ants, mice, cockroaches and other insects, and often contain water solids that settle over time and can A lot of the Dirar, so you should clean and disinfect the tank all the time to ensure clean water.

Why you can rely on Orkida water tank maintenance:

Because we are always looking for the best in everything, that is why it is enough to choose Orchida in water tank maintenance because it is one of the leading companies in this field. We rely on the latest technologies and equipment that simulate the technological development you see now. In addition, our company always strives to excel in its work. We have an unmatched passion and therefore always give the customer the level of work he wants. If you want to know more, in the following lines we will explain all the reasons why you choose Orkeda on Dum to do the job for you:

  1. The company has a specialized team of trained workers at the highest level. The team has been trained by specialized experts so that they can properly handle any problem they face. In addition, the team has the necessary expertise to work in this field with confidence.
  2. Our company has also been able to obtain a range of state-of-the-art equipment, technologies and electronic devices that are used in the maintenance of reservoirs with ease. This equipment facilitates maintenance and helps the professional to give the customer the highest level of work.
  3. In addition to products and safe cleaning liquids, instead of products available in local markets, our company relies on the safe products of disinfectants and sterilizers and thus can ensure the highest level of protection and safety for your family.
  4. Because we know that some customers are concerned about some company morals, for example they ask if the company is guaranteed or not, but do not worry, we give the customer sufficient guarantees, even if you need to see the official papers that indicate our eligibility for doing this work.
  5. The prices are the main concern for many customers, although there is no specific price for the service, but we guarantee you reasonable prices for everyone, so with Orchida prices will be the last concern.
  6. The technician keeps in touch with you and keeps you informed about all the details of tank maintenance. After completing the maintenance process, you will be given a comprehensive report on the steps you have taken and the most important instructions you should follow to avoid any problems.

water tank maintenance Service or cleaning it yourself and which is better?

There is no doubt that it is necessary to clean your water tank at least twice a year and you can choose if you want to do the job yourself or use the reservoir maintenance services in Jeddah.

If you are looking for the best you will only find communication with a specialized company in this field, only the specialist expert who has sufficient experience to accomplish this process quickly and efficiently, and also have the modern tools and equipment that you certainly do not have. How to clean your own water tank without resorting to specialized agencies.

Cleaning the water tank is a little cumbersome process, but you will definitely get a clean, well-sanitized tank that helps you get clean and clean water. Here, we will show how cleaning the water tank is done by most cleaning agencies in Saudi Arabia.

  • Water discharge:

You may not like this but it is necessary to discharge the water as you open the washing valve that directs the water to the base instead of using the normal outlet and when you are finished unloading the tank is ready to move to the next step.

  • Cleaning the interior walls of the tank:

After emptying the tank, you can start the actual cleaning of the tank using some effective detergents like baking soda with water and brush it, then rubbing the inner walls strongly because there are often a lot of contaminants stuck.

  • Sediment Removal:

Removing the sediments in the tank floor is done only with special equipment such as a water pump that will help you remove these deposits. This can be done easily by specialized companies because they have the necessary equipment and tools.

  • Wash the tank after cleaning:

Finally, after cleaning the inner walls of the tank and removing the sediments, you should wash it well using a water pipe and pressure it to get a greater momentum and therefore better result by directing the water to wash the internal walls in the right way and then unload it again but be careful not to waste much water, From the cleaning process be sure that there are no traces of detergents in the water.

Quick fixes for cleaning yourself:

If you find the previous method complicated for you and do not want to resort to cleaning services you can follow the following method:

  • Use a very rough brush and move it well on the inner walls of the tank until the sediment is removed.
  • Then open the cold water faucet in the tank.
  • Remove all water in the tank through the bottom and side.
  • Thus making your tank clean and fit for home use.

According to the World Health Organization, more than 1 billion people do not have clean and clean water, so we are fortunate to have clean and clean water provided by the state. But even if we get clean and clean water, the underground water tank or the upper reservoirs can easily get infected. A few insects and pests, such as ants, cockroaches, rats and dust, if you do not clean them yourself or with specialized companies you will end up using contaminated water.

I hope this topic has provided adequate help in cleaning the water tanks whether you do it yourself or hire professionals, and if you have benefited from this topic do not hesitate to participate through social networking sites to help us publish more.

You can also communicate with the team from a water tank cleaning company in Jeddah to get many services for cleaning the tanks and to provide comprehensive maintenance.

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