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Australian Cockroach

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Australian Cockroach The Australian cockroach resembles the American cockroach to a large extent but smaller in size with a length of 1.2 to 1.5 inches long.

The Australian cockroach is light brown with a clear black spot in the shape of a Bronotom. A black ivory circle is formed around this black shape. The Australian cockroaches also have a yellow stripe extending one-third of the length of the insect base.

Once you have moved home, the female capsules are eggs and placed near protected surfaces and food sources around your home. Australian white cockroach hides in safe areas and narrow spaces that are difficult for humans to access, for example under wet wood, so the owner can not find or destroy them before hatching.

Australian cockroaches Information and facts and methods of prevention:

Each egg capsule contains 16 to 19 eggs and takes about 40 days to hatch. The Australian cockroach can survive for at least six months until it is mature and mature. The female Australian cockroach produces between 12 and 30 years of age. An egg capsule that puts one of these capsules every 10 days at least, so the spread rate of this insect under the appropriate environmental conditions is very high.

Where Australian cockroaches are located:

Australian cockroaches are very common in tropical and semi-tropical areas, and they also intrude on many homes in the United States. Australian cockroaches prefer to be present in warm areas or wetlands, so they are more common in ports and marine areas. They storm the house and go to the wet place even inside the house. This insect is called "photos of global warming".

If you do not find the ideal solution to get rid of that insect will continue to attack the house and this is a threat to your health and your family's health because cockroaches are disease-causing pests because they carry bacteria and various bacteria.

Tips to get rid of Asian cockroaches:

So you can get rid of that insect you need an ideal treatment plan. This type of pest can hide their eggs capsules in safe areas that are difficult to find, so you should follow the following tips to address the problem:

Eliminate the hiding places where this insect is exposed and treat it with cracks and incisions and remove the openings in the house to prevent it from entering again.
Dispose of garbage and food remains continuously and not stored in the house because this is one of the main factors that attract insects to your home.
Dispose of pet food especially located outdoors or on floors and patios.
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