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Roof Rats

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Roof rats are one of the pests that attack many buildings and structures to get proper shelter from predators and difficult climatic conditions. In the early spring, when the rye is pleasant, the pest is full of activity, but as soon as the temperatures drop at night, the cold weather becomes a rush to its shelter. Fruits, especially oranges, are favorite foods, which means that this is the season of this type of unwanted pest.

Scientific facts about the roof rats and how to get rid of them safely and effectively:

This type of rat is abundant in tropical forests, first discovered in Southeast Asia but later spread to many countries of the world, one of which is Saudi Arabia, which has large numbers of roof mice. It has a high ability to climb wire, chrome and narrow edges and is therefore often found in the attic.

The ceiling mice are very different from Norwegian mice, sensitive to any changes in the environment. In addition, they are smaller in size than Norway rats, but the ceiling mice are more agile with a longer tail than the Norwegian mice.

The ceiling mice are often black, but they are found in other colors, such as brown. They have a length of about 40 cm and more, with a long scaly tail, large ears and wide prominent eyes.

Behavior diet and habits of mating rats:

Ceiling mice are one of the night pests that are always active at night in search of sources of food and water. This type of rat is an excellent climber and is therefore often found in the upper parts of buildings. Mice are nesting their nest in the interior or under buildings and sometimes in the piles of rubbish or wood. It is adaptable and able to live in a variety of environments. In the case of a large population density of this lesion, a so-called social hierarchy will be created where male primary males mate more than secondary males.

This pest is also known as fruit or citrus mice because of its strong desire to eat fruits. It also favors nuts and meat, and almost feeds on anything that is given food. Scientific studies indicate that it feeds on bark, seeds and seeds of various kinds.

Reproduction of roof mice:

The ceiling mice reach full maturity after a period of at least two to five months and then can place at least four small groups of each group containing 8 throughout the year. This insect can survive for a year and at this time a woman is responsible for the equivalent of 40 new rodents.

Signs of injury to roof mice:

Observing moles is one of the most common signs of a homeowner in this type of pest. It is often found in places where it is constantly frequented. When the ceiling mice are exposed to danger, signs of where the rest of the mice are hiding are left so they can get rid of them quickly.

Also, the waste of this pest is a good indicator of the activity of the mice in the house. In addition, these cells leave other signs indicating their presence as markers of grease on surfaces, especially dusty surfaces.

The owner of the house can find the nest of mice and so can get rid of this insect completely without any effort.

Do you want to protect your home from the roof mice and keep your house safe? Here's the quickest way to kill mice:

When an expert spoke about effective ways to combat this type of pest, he said that it was necessary to prevent them from getting food and water and not to make space to become a safe haven for them and get rid of anything that made them want to stay. These steps increase the likelihood of effectively addressing the problem. And content.

Ceiling mice are known to be more active during winter but can be found throughout the year. Here are the best tips to help you control and get rid of them permanently:

Lack of food:

Citrus is one of the most popular sources of nutrition on which roof mice rely on water. This pest accepts to eat certain types of fruits even if they are not mature and pick up anything that falls on the ground. You should prevent them from getting this fruit in any way possible.

Take care to store the food well so that the pest can not reach it where you can store it in sealed containers.

Also, do not leave the pet food and be careful to clean their places and this is because if you do not get the food you want to eat even your pet feces for this it is best to store the bird seeds in safe containers and closed well.

Do not keep garbage cans in the house to get rid of them firsthand so as not to give the roof rats access to their food.

Cleaning Your Courtyard:

Get rid of wood and debris in your yard, if you need to keep wood, you can leave it at least 18 inches above the ground and 12 inches from the walls.

Be sure to prune palm trees constantly. There are a number of roof mice that build their nest in piles of debris and hollow trees.

Curing Slots and Slots:

The ceiling mice are able to enter the house through small openings. Therefore, these openings and cracks must be treated by using building materials that prevent this lesion from being reopened.

Check the holes in the outer walls and near the water heaters, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, and under the sink and fix the problem immediately, in addition to tighten the cracks on the roof that help the roof mice from entering the house.


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