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Pharaoh Ants

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المحتويات إظهار

Pharaoh Ants try to adapt to climatic conditions so they can survive and therefore try to adapt to industrial heating in homes or different buildings in order to survive the summer. This insect tries to build its nest in protected areas and hidden from all directions so that no one can find them, but some members of this family are in the open air in the gardens and areas with a warm climate.

Scientific facts about Pharaoh Ants and effective ways to get rid of them:

Pharaoh Ants are small insects that reach about 2 mm long in length. This insect has a yellow body with red and black bugs on the abdomen.

Pharaoh Ants treat all kinds of foods but keep sweets as their favorite foods; in addition, they treat other insects.

Pharaoh Ants life cycle:

Pharaoh Ants are different from other insects because they need at least 38 days to turn from eggs to adulthood. Females can survive for 4 to 12 months while workers or workers live only 10 weeks.

Signs of Pharaoh Ants:

The only sign that this insect leaves and the homeowner can find is the feed and the remains of food left on the rooftops.

More information about Pharaoh Ants and how to get rid of it:

Pharaoh Ants, also known as yellow ants of insects spread in many parts of the world, in addition to the pests that can survive in closed areas, unlike other pests, and hospitals are one of the most attacked by this insect and this increases the seriousness Because they expose humans to more diseases and health crises as they work to spread viruses, bacteria and bacteria, which result in the contamination of sterile equipment and rooms and others.

Ants contain many queens that can move fast enough and move their colonies from one place to another. This often happens when they are exposed to harsh climatic conditions or when someone tries to disturb them. Workers can survive for at least 9-10 weeks and take up to 38 soma to grow from egg to adulthood while the pharaoh queen can survive for at least 12 months. The importance of male Pharaoh Ants The occurrence of mating only for the continuation of the offspring and then that the mating dies within three weeks.

When this insect attacks the house spread in many areas of the house and in this case you have to get rid of them immediately, but some customers complain of the ineffectiveness of pesticides or chemicals in the fight against this type of insect In this case you are in contact with an expert Combating pests or insects of all kinds, thus ensuring the protection of your home and family from that problem.



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