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Pavement Ants

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pavement ant have a light brownish brown color; this insect has light flakes for the rest of the body, with a length of 2.5 to 3 mm long in length with parallel lines on the head and chest area. The insect contains 12 pieces of three-piece antennas.

pavement ant

pavement ant digs into homes and buildings in search of food and food sources that are suitable for their survival. It is also an insect that builds its nest in the open air under the wet rocks or inside the cracks and openings on the pavement, this insect can survive under the walls and floors and so-called the pavement.

This insect feeds on many types of food including meat, grease, dead insects, seeds and honey produced by the insect. They are insects that prefer to eat fatty foods and are able to eat many of the food sources that humans eat. This insect is transferred to their colony as a source For food they also establish their own path of food sources from their nests. This insect attacks your home or building to get the food source and turns from an insect to a source of a nuisance that you can not easily get rid of, especially if the number gradually increases. Some of these insects can bite a human or a pet if he is forced to protect himself from danger and this presents the person with some health problems.




The life cycle of pavement ant :

Male and female mating occurs when they gather in a swarm. This process usually takes place in June and July. The queen moves to a new colony and becomes queen, laying eggs and growing a large colony of the insect.
Some reports pointed out that pavement
antdo not bite from the advanced insects and are not aggressive, but it is best to avoid direct confrontation with that insect because it will have to defend itself.

Signs of pavement ant :

The owner of the building or home can find the workers of this insect because they are the most common but in most cases also able to discover a collection of materials that reveal the path of the insect and reach places frequented by.

More information about pavement ant and how to get rid of it:

pavement ant is 2.5 to 3 mm long in length and is brown to black. This insect has been found throughout Saudi Arabia and has become the main pest that attacks many homes, buildings and facilities. Different. They are called the dock ants because they can build their own nest inside the cracks under the sidewalks and cause the accumulation of dirt on the pavement surface.

Pits can also be found on the underside of logs, bricks, stones, boards, etc. This insect propagates under the soil, near the base of the building or inside the wall and other protected areas.

pavement ant passes through the full growth stages from the eggs to the larvae and then to the stage of puberty and then to full adulthood. After mating between the queen and the males of the pavement ants, the queen places the eggs inside the colony and the insect workers treat them until they reach puberty. Her life.

In most cases, it is difficult to identify the places where the insect or their colonies are located, so that they will not be able to easily eliminate them. In this case, you will need an expert in pest control, who can identify the insect and use the necessary materials and techniques to get rid of them completely. The Pest Control Department prevents the insect from returning to your home or building





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