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Oriental Cockroaches

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Oriental Cockroaches One of the types of pests that tend to be blackish brown and dark brown to reddish color, this insect can break into the house or establishment through open doors or under door sills and also through gaps in the walls, pipes, sewers or open drains are the path The insect's basic entry into the house.

Scientific facts about the Eastern cockroaches - definition and how to get rid of its existence:

Adult cockroaches are different in appearance, since adult adult cockroaches are only about 25 mm long and can be identified by having three-quarters of an inch long, leaving the last few parts of the abdomen at risk. While adult adult cockroaches reach about 32 mm long but lack wings that cover the entire body as they contain large wings covering only the first two parts of the body. Both males and females are not able to fly.

Behavior, diet and habits:

Eastern cockroaches are able to adapt to natural environment conditions and therefore prefer to be outdoors. You can find many families of outdoor cockroaches living in stone or debris in the environment and in garbage containing papers.

If the oriental cockroaches want to go home looking for spaces or openings under the balconies and other cracks and holes that help them to break into the house. Large numbers of this insect also inhabit the rain and sewage drains.

Eastern cockroaches prefer feeding on garbage, fouling and other nutrients, and are heavily dependent on water. One recent study has suggested that Eastern cockroaches can survive without food for a month but can not stand for more than two weeks without water.

Method of breeding Oriental Cockroaches:

A recent study has shown that male adult cockroaches survive an average of 110-160 days while females live anywhere from 35 to 180 days. In this period, female oriental cockroaches produce 8 egg capsules, each containing at least 16 eggs. After 30 hours of production of egg capsules placed by the female in a protected area to protect them from danger. The growth of the insect and its evolution from one stage to another depends on environmental conditions. During the warmer months, the insect develops from an egg to an adult organism in no more than 200 days, whereas when it becomes colder it takes at least 800 days for growth and development.

Signs of Oriental Cockroaches:

Insect: Oriental cockroaches are insects and therefore are always active at night but sometimes you can find that insect during the day as you search for food and food, especially in wet and dark rooms. During the warmer months, it will be difficult to find that insect outside the family. .

Egg capsules: Eastern cockroaches leave egg capsules produced in protected areas after at least 30 hours. Each capsule contains about 30 eggs. The Eastern cockroaches show their dark red brownish brown color and the homeowner can find them. About 10 mm.
Odor: In the case of large numbers of insect in the house or building, the owner of the building can smell very similar to the smell of mildew, a smell that appears due to some chemicals produced by the insect.

More information on Oriental Cockroaches:

Eastern cockroaches, also called the shadow cockroach or the black beetle of the pests, which are characterized by its bright color and its length, ranging from 25 to 32 mm. Eastern cockroaches are prevalent in wetland cities around the world, where they can be found in the United States, England, Europe, Israel, Australia, South America and others.

Eastern cockroaches prefer to be present in wetlands, so they often live in the cellar and basements, as they crawl around latrines, bathing basins, drains and sewage pipes. Although they prefer to be outdoors, they break into the house in the summer. Eastern cockroaches are known as carnivores, feeding on food and plant residues as well as decomposing animals.

According to recent scientific statistics, which confirmed that the Eastern cockroaches are factors that cause the emergence and spread of various diseases affecting the body, including E. coli, Salmonella and others.

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