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Moisture ants

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Moisture ants, which are called by this name because they prefer to be present in high humidity areas as some people know yellow ants because the workers of this insect predominate yellow color. There are many types of moisture ants spread throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is considered Lassios Interjiktos (Mayer) is the largest types of moisture ants also known as anthronella.


 moisture ants

Moisture ants began to emerge in the Northwest Pacific, South Florida and Mexico, but later spread to many countries through ships and ports. This insect has its own nests under rocks or tree trunks. This pest can also be found under the ground as it digs the soil to create its own pathways. Some people think that the insect is termite.

Moisture ants attack the base of the home and its habitat takes security from predators or disturbing humans. Moisture ants feed moisture on the honey that workers get from insects that feed on plant roots.

Moisture ants move from place to place until they reach the area with a high level of moisture. Therefore, their nest is nested in the wood that is damaged by moisture. This is often found in kitchens or bathrooms. The ants may also find moisture inside the walls where there is a planking leakage, for them these areas contain high humidity so you can survive for a long time.

So if you discover the presence of this lesion in wet or damaged wood, you should address the problem of moisture in the house and replace the damaged wood with a healthy one and this will be one of the basic steps to remedy the problem effectively.

Reproduction of Moisture ants:

Moisture ants colony contains one queen, which produces the remaining members of the colony. The process of marriage between female winged and male insects during the summer and after this process directly go to be a new colony and laying eggs to go through the stages of growth, known as the stage of full transformation until it reaches adulthood and the life cycle of the insect.

Signs reveal the presence of moisture ants in the house:

The main sign of the presence of this type of insect in the home is seeing the workers during their search for food, also seeing the colony swarms.

How to get rid of moisture ants and eliminate it permanently:

The first thing to do when treating a moisture ants problem is to identify the sources of moisture in the home and especially the quality of the spills found in the kitchens and bathrooms. Also do a thorough inspection of the house of walls and wooden properties that may be damp or rotten.

But if you find that your injury to this type of insects is very serious, you need to consult a specialist who deals with this problem in a professional manner that ensures the elimination of the final.

The professional is keen to get rid of damaged or damaged wooden property away from home. Then, through the use of modern tools and techniques, the professional attacks the areas where the insect is constantly hesitating.

There are special types of pesticides to kill this type of insect. Orkida insect control company has this type of pesticide licensed by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Agriculture. These substances do not leave any negative impact either on the health of children and pets or damage to the environment or landscape.

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