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Ghost Ants

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What comes to mind when you think of the word "ghost"? Are you thinking of white or sparkling bodies or you might think that he is just a little boy wearing a white bed sheet whose eyes do not show through small openings? No matter what you got, you did not think about the ghost of ants. In fact, it turns out that there is a special type belonging to the family of ants, which gives you the ghost of ants, and in this article we will tell you some facts about these interesting little creatures.

Scientific facts about ghost ants and effective methods to get rid of them:

What is a ghost ants?

ghost ants are insects that have the color of the drawers of the legs and abdomen, which makes it difficult to see this insect and so called this name; In addition to this insect contains dark heads. The length of this insect varies from 1.3 to 1.5 inches longitudinal. The ghost ants are associated with the family of scented ants, so when the insect is crushed it produces a cocoon-like rest like other types of scented house ants.

Behavior, diet and habits of ghost ants:

ghost ant is one of the tropical insects discovered in South and Central Florida for several years but has spread to many parts of the world by moving goods, boxes and various possessions to homes. This insect can survive in warm or warm areas.

This type of insect feeds on honey and food collected by insects feeding on plants, whether alive or dead, the workers of this insect prefer to collect honey to feed the colony in full, sweets are the favorite meal of this type of insects and therefore attracted to the area that contains it.

ghost ants nest in the open air next to the stones or piles of firewood. They also look for certain paths to enter houses and buildings, so they often enter the house by using pipes and utilities or by climbing the trees that touch the house.

You can find stealth ant nests in flowers or behind plates and inside cracks and blanks, but one colony of stealth ants is divided into several different nests so you can find this insect in multiple locations.

Ghost Ant Life Cycle:

The queen of the ghost ants produces eggs that go through the stages of integrated growth until they develop and become members of the other colonies. New colonies, called budding, which include a group of workers who are separated from the basic colony to form a new colony elsewhere, Depends on the number of queens in each colony.

Sting Ants Ghost:

The ghost ants from insects that can not bite and therefore do not bite the human only when a threat affects them or the colony to which they belong, exposure to bite the stealth ants can cause a little discomfort in response to appropriate bite. But there are some statistics that suggest that stealth ants can be a serious household pest, especially if they have their own nest inside or around the house. The stealth ants are cannibal pests so they can eat fatty foods, insects and food sources that they eat. Thus, human beings are exposed to infections and serious viral diseases and the transmission of diseases from one person to another.

Signs of ghost ants infection:

The only key that can help you detect a lesion with this type of pest is to see the insect at home or find its nest location.

More information about ghost ants and how to get rid of it:

If you want to protect your home from this insect attack, you should inspect the house and inspect it thoroughly inside and around the house and try to identify the areas it attracts. It is also best to get rid of the wood piles located next to the house, get rid of them so as not to leave them a way to build a new nest or colony.

Be sure to close the openings and spaces in the house well, it is also better to close the outside doors well to prevent them from entering the house. It is known that the elimination of any type of insects or eliminate them permanently need time, but if you want to eliminate this type of insects quickly can be related to one of the companies specialized in the control of pests and insects that attack your home, this is the best way to protect your home and family from The problem of pests and their damage.


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