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German Cockroaches

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The German Cockroach is known for its indoor presence. In addition to insects spread around the world, these types of cockroaches are identified by their light brown color and the horizontal black lines that lie directly behind the head. This insect grows continuously until it reaches a length of 13 to 16 mm.

Small insects or nymphs are darker in color, with black lines just behind the head, while adult cockroaches have wings but rarely fly.

Scientific facts about the German cockroach and methods of prevention Behavior, diet and habits of cockroaches German:

Although this insect has the potential to live in tropical environments in the open air, it prefers to be present in enclosed areas that are warmer and more humid than other areas. German cockroaches are found in kitchens and bathrooms, as well as in the entire house where lunch and humidity are available.

German cockroaches built with collectibles brought home are often attacked by bags, papers, tools and tools. German cockroaches are easily moved from one floor to another in multi-storey apartment units.

German cockroaches are known to be in the kingdom of insects because they feed on any source of food available such as toothpaste, soap, paper, etc. This insect is characterized by its ability to benefit from a very small amount of food left during cleaning or on dirty dishes.


German cockroaches and insect propagation method:

German cockroaches are known for their ability to reproduce quickly. German cockroaches need to be married once only to produce young ones. Under normal conditions and after mating, German cockroaches produce an average of 4-6 white bags during their life cycle. At least 30 to 40 eggs. The female can carry the eggs for two days before hatching.

Depending on the appropriate conditions, the average time to grow and switch from egg to adult lasts from 54 days to about 215 days, ie, the average is about 100 days. German cockroaches can survive anywhere from 100 to 200 days.

Signs of infection of German cockroaches:

Insect droppings: The droppings of German cockroaches appear in the form of a small material in a dark color that is very similar to black pepper and is present frequently on surfaces or in the drawers. You can also find these waste in the corners of the rooms and along the tops of doors or around the small cracks and openings in the walls.

Egg capsules: German cockroaches are known to carry egg bags for two days before hatching, so homeowners can find empty egg bags in areas where females are frequented.

Smell: German cockroaches are known for their ability to secrete certain types of compounds that produce a certain odor. This odor is present in the presence of a large family of insects in the place, and the residents of buildings similar to the smell of mold.

More information on German cockroaches:

It is often wrong to distinguish between German cockroaches and Asian cockroaches in the southeastern United States of America, although there are many similar differences in their behavior. German cockroaches are known for their homes, especially areas with high humidity and temperature, while Asian cockroaches prefer to be outdoors and rarely exist indoors. Asian cockroaches are also known for their ability to fly while German cockroaches rarely use their wings during flight.

This is a result of its ability to transmit diseases from one person to another and from one place to another, including E. coli, E. coli, Salmonella and Tifos. A recent study has shown that the rate of childhood asthma in large urban areas is associated with the presence of cockroaches German.

How to control German cockroaches:

German cockroaches can produce many nymphs inside egg capsules. These nymphs are able to hide well, which is difficult for homeowners to get rid of; German cockroaches also have the ability to grow rapidly from one case to another.

So you should contact a specialist pest control company to control the cockroaches in Jeddah to get rid of this insect.


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