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Fleas are small pests up to about 2.5 mm long but have no wings. The fleas are characterized by their bright reddish brown and microscopic hair covering their entire bodies. This insect is compressed so that it can move through the fur covering the different animals.

scientific information about fleas and effective ways to get rid of it:

Behavior, diet, and habits:

These insects feed on blood absorption while larvae feed on organic waste, especially flea feces, which contain undigested blood. In addition, fleas usually prefer to feed on animal hair such as dogs, cats, rabbits, squirrels, mice and other wild animals. Although fleas do not have wings, they have the ability to jump long distances.

Breeding fleas:

Do not take this egg lesion to the nest or its own hiding place. They lay the eggs on the floor, carpet or bedding and sometimes keep it in the cracks in the ground. The eggs take two days to hatch and then complete their life cycle again.

Signs of fleas:

There are many signs that indicate the activity of fleas and the most important are the following:

One of the most famous signs of this lesion is pets who continue to scratch themselves again and again. This is because the adult flea feeds on the blood of the pets and therefore the animals do not feel comfortable because of the fleas.

2 - This pest attacks the human and thus exposed to the bites that are left to see a bite or itching, in some cases requires a review of the doctor because there are other factors cause skin irritations away from fleas.

3 - flea stools are the factors that indicate the activity of the flea; those wastes are very similar to black pepper coarse; you can find those wastes in the family of pets and on carpets and mattresses and others.
Burger bites:

Although flea bites appear more often on pets, they attack people with allergies. When a person is exposed to bites, the fleas become infected with the red bubbles that appear in the affected area.

In severe cases, the sting causes severe allergies and some diseases related to bacteria, viruses, and bacteria, which are microorganisms that attack the body and are exposed to serious chronic diseases.

Treatment of flea bite symptoms:

There are many ways to help you get rid of the flea bite symptoms, but these methods do not help you overcome the fleas themselves and therefore their effect is temporary no more. The most popular of these methods are:

  • 1 - Sometimes the use of anti-itch cream can cure the effects of a flea bite, and you can use a soothing solution to alleviate these symptoms.
  • Antihistamines are an active ingredient that helps treat the effect of flea bites immediately.
  • 3 - You can take the hot bath; this is one of the effective ways to help eliminate fleas that stick to you or clothes.
  • 4 - the use of natural detergents containing disinfectant properties that facilitate the elimination of fleas, including lemon extract and water.

Flea Smell - Human Flea:

The human flea has been scientifically classified as "Titans Biolex" one of the nuisance creatures that attack humans. P. Americans is a global pest, not a local one, and this is because it uses many animals as a source of food. Scientists have been able to classify the human flea easily and identify its identity because it exists with pets such as cats, dogs, and others.

Human flea is one of the most disturbing pests that expose humans to many crises and health problems. Therefore, it is known to be the vector of disease, especially plague, which spread in the middle ages due to this insect.

How to get rid of fleas and eliminate them completely:

Fleas are common problems in homes, especially those that contain pets; but you can not get a family of fleas if you do not have pets.

Many people suffer from fleas in the home or in buildings and commercial facilities due to their constant bites.

Although these bites do not cause more pain to the person they feel uncomfortable and in severe cases exposed to the problem of rash or skin irritation.

Some pets suffer from allergies due to flea bites; these are not the full damage to fleas and so many are trying to come up with appropriate solutions to address this problem.

There are those who rely on traditional methods in the fight against fleas and disposal, but unfortunately, do not disappear this insect and therefore you need to communicate with one of the companies specialized in the control of insects and pests of various kinds.

If you want to get a means to help you get rid of this insect you have to communicate with the company fight fleas in Jeddah, which is characterized by its ability to provide the best services to its customers and give the customer the desired level of work.

The methods followed by Orchid to fight and eliminate fleas in Jeddah:

  • Connection:

  1.  The company provides a distinguished team of customer service that gives the client all the necessary inquiries about flea control and disposal.
  2. After communicating with our company, the company will send a specialized team to examine and determine the severity of infection of this pest.
  • Inspection:

  • 1 - The team is trained on the methods and techniques that help them to find new hiding places where these insects hiding so it is easy for them to develop the appropriate strategy to get rid of them forever.
  • 2 - The team examines the place using a set of tools that can connect to the cracks and gaps in the floors and walls.
  • 3 - Specialized technical research on the flea signs in the target areas and thus easy to connect to the nest and eliminate the whole family.
  •  Solving the problem:

After the team has finished evaluating the situation, it thinks of the ideal way to help eliminate the insect in a living, final way

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