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Field ants

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Field ants include many species of ants that belong to the genus Formica family. This pest infects its nests inside the land and in the fields and parks and also attacks the gardens of the house. Thus, Field ants colonies can be found near trees or sidewalks and rocks, even near the infrastructure of houses and buildings.
Information on Field ants - breeding insects and effective ways to get rid of them:
Field ants are one of the most common ant species in Saudi Arabia, known scientifically as Formica. Ants produce a lot of piles and nests that destroy the beauty of the house because they use grass, leaves and wood in the formation of these nests.

Field ants are of medium size and some of them are large as their length ranges from 1/5 to ⅜ inches in length. Some species of field ants have a black color while some others of this insect have a combination of black and red.

This insect is able to dig the earth, making earth mounds, so many people mistake it and liken it to a fire ants. Although they do not bite, they may resort to it when necessary to defend themselves, but pay close attention to the bite of the field ants are so painful and leave itchy marks and very red spots on the skin.

The good news is that it is possible to get rid of the insect and eliminate it completely by following some of the instructions and guidelines recommended by pest control experts, including the use of certain types of pesticides and materials to combat this type of insects.

Behavior and diet of field ants:

Some species of field ants, such as the western ceiling ants or Formuca obesorps (furrel), make nests from leaves of grass, twigs and even pine, while other ant species such as red ants, black ants, Formica ocidoa (Wheeler) and Formica sineria (Mayer) The foundation of houses and buildings or next to trees and inside cracks and spaces in the sidewalks.

Field ants feed on honey, the material they get from some insects that are found on shrubs such as Milibogas and Man. In addition, some types of field ants are attracted to meat. If the material is not available, the insect searches for its food inside the garbage containers.

Reproduction of field ants:

It is difficult to obtain complete information on the breeding of field ants. This is due to the diversity of their species, but at the basic level, the colonies of the field ants are made up of the queen who produces the eggs, which over time turns to the workers who perform the necessary tasks for the colony.
Field ant colonies can survive for 10 years and more under the appropriate environmental conditions. So not addressing the problem immediately can make you trapped in huge numbers of insect will not be able to get rid of easily.

Signs of Field ants:

Often insect activity is the only sign that indicates their presence at home, but other signs are similar to other field ants that produce nests made of grass or various plant materials.

The field ants do not often invade the house but may have to get food so you can find it on the floors, balconies and courtyards of the house.

Bites of the field ants:

Some believe that ants are fiery from aggressive pests such as a fiery ants. The field ants do not bite but may have to do so if they encounter a problem. In addition, the insect releases formic acid during sting and this increases the pain. In normal cases the sting symptoms and their effects subsided in about an hour.

But if the condition is serious you need to consult a doctor to get appropriate treatment for this sting.

How to get rid of Field ants :

If the ant are found in areas where there is no human activity you will not need a way to get rid of them. If the insect attacks your home or surrounding areas, you need to eliminate the colonies immediately. This is done by killing the queen. That the queen will be at a depth of between two and three feet below ground so the use of pesticides in the treatment will not give an effective result.

According to experts, you need liquid pesticides, especially Cefluetrin, Deltamethrin, Bifenthrin, Carberel (Sefen) or Permethrin, which can penetrate the soil and kill the insect.

How can I protect my home from Field ants?

In order to protect your home from the attack of these insects and the problems caused by them, you need to conduct a thorough search in search of signs or objects that ants may use in building nests.

It is preferable to store firewood or sawdust away from home so as not to give them the opportunity to build colonies inside or around the house.

Be sure to close the outer doors tightly to break into the houses through windows and open doors.

If the infection is serious, it is preferable to communicate with a pest control professional and thus ensure that it is completely eliminated. The technician will deal with the problem through the use of modern products and equipment to help control the ants effectively.


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