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Brown-banded cockroaches

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Brown-banded cockroaches are night objects that are active during the night but can be found during the day wandering around in search of food. This insect is trying to get its favorite choice of foods such as food containing starch or paper, food and dessert residues and others.

Scientific facts about Brown-banded cockroaches and methods of disposal:

Insects are the planned structure of small invasion cockroaches that invade many regions around the world. Adult cockroaches of this type range from 11 to 14.5 mm. This name is called because of its light brown color and black lines on the wings of adult cockroaches and on the body of small nymphs.

Unlike the German cockroach, which needs a warmer and more humid climate with a temperature of 70 degrees, the Brown-banded cockroaches live in less humid and warmer areas where the temperature is at least 80 degrees. The Brown-banded cockroaches tend to be present inside different buildings and structures so humans can find that insect on roofs, around different devices, and so on.

Breeding of the insect:

Brown-banded cockroaches are able to survive a life span of 130 to 315 days, meaning that their average life is 206 days. In this period, female cockroaches produce the planned capsules of up to 14 capsules of eggs throughout their entire life cycle. Each capsule contains an average of 10 to 18 eggs. An insect can carry these capsules for one to three days prior to hatching. Under appropriate environmental conditions, the insect takes 90 days to grow and develop from one stage to another while in harsh environmental conditions it takes at least 270 days.

Signs of Brown-banded cockroaches:

The brown cockroaches of insects that are always active at night, so it is difficult for the owner of the house or the building to detect the presence of the insect. However, sometimes the insect goes out in search of food during the day. In this case, the owner can see and discover the presence of a family. The brown cockroaches escape from the light especially when they break into their places of presence.

Small oocytes with a diameter of about 5 mm can pass through the safe areas and protected surfaces or within the cracks without being noticed. However, as soon as these eggs grow, especially after hatching, they become visible to all.

In most cases, the owner of the house recognizes the presence of the insect through its waste, which is present frequently in areas where the insect is hesitant, the planned brown cockroaches leave debris in the form of dark spots or black.

More information on planned cockroaches:

Cockroaches prefer the planned structure to be found in dry and warmer areas, so you can find that insect inside cabinets, storerooms or in rooms. You can also find them near different devices and equipment. Cockroaches are well planned to hide well in photo frames and watches during danger.

The cockroaches are trying to get rid of the wet areas and water sources, so they find them scattered near the roofs of houses, according to scientific statistics, which confirmed that this type of insect threatens human health because it works to transfer bacteria and viral infections from one person to another and this causes the exposure to various inflammatory problems Which affects the stomach and intestines. In addition, planned structural cockroaches are one of the leading causes of allergies and asthma, especially among children.

Therefore, the first step to avoid these problems before developing is to treat any cockroaches and to eliminate their presence permanently, and this requires contact with one of the experts specialized in the control of these pests, the specialist technician uses a special strategy to address the problem, first depends on the identification of insect type and appropriate techniques for disposal and methods Preventive measures necessary to prevent their presence once again


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