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المحتويات إظهار

The beetles belong to the class of pterosaurs, which is one of the largest insect groups. There are about a quarter of a million species of beetles in the entire world. Scientific statistics have shown that there are 25,000 species of this insect throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Scientific facts about insect beetles - Definition of insect and disposal methods:

How is the insect identified?

In some cases, some people misdiagnose insects and resemble cockroaches, but if they reach puberty, humans can easily identify them by looking at their wings only.

The beetles contain sophisticated antennas and mouth parts to chew, and contain shell-like wings known as "Elite". These front wings are often very difficult and therefore resemble shells more than wings. The beetles fold their front wings to cover the rear wings. These wings are permanently waterproof and therefore act as a protective shield to protect the insect from damage or dehydration.

Unlike many other insects, beetles are considered poor leaflets. The adult beetle insects have a bottom line in their back where the two front wings meet.

The size of insect:

The beetle is characterized by its many shapes and sizes. There is a long and thin beetle, and there is another type that has an oval and round shape. It is called the beetle of June or the lady of the beetle. There are also beetles that are very similar to spiders in their outer form.

Behavior, diet, and habits of insect beetles:

The beetles undergo four phases during growth and development, and these stages are as follows: eggs, larvae, nymphs, and adults. The scientists have indicated that the whole development depends on the duration of the life cycle of this insect depending on its type. There are some species of beetles that develop rapidly and in this case, produce more than one generation during one year Unlike other species of beetles that take several years or decades to develop from egg to adulthood. The duration of the insect's life cycle depends mainly on the amount of food available to the larvae and also the climatic conditions available to grow properly. The adult beetle prefers to leave its eggs near the food so that the larvae can eat their food when they are out of eggs.

What does the beetle eat?

The beetle feeds on plants, small insects, and animal fibers. This depends on the type of insect. This past spreads in gardens and agricultural crops. Some believe that there is a type of beetle that helps humans get rid of harmful insects such as lady beetle or beetle Jun.

What damage does the beetle insect cause?

Scientific reports indicate that there are types of beetles that expose humans to a lot of serious damage, as there are some types of beetles that feed on wool and eat natural fibers, feathers, and other fabrics and therefore their existence can destroy the products of fabrics, wool, carpets and others.

There is also another type of beetle that feeds on hardwood and bamboo and this type of pest causes the destruction of furniture pieces and other collectibles of wood. There are also beetles that feed on the household products such as wheat, flour, and others, which causes a lot of damage to food. Some beetles attack landscapes such as grass roots, tree leaves, etc.

Despite the impact of these harmful insects that there is a certain type of insects that farmers are keen to keep it, "lady beetle" that feed on plant pests that expose plants to harm, but sometimes become this insect annoying, especially when you try to attack the house to get It is a haven of climatic conditions, especially in the winter.

Orchida Company - The Ladybugs Company in Jeddah:

If you are trying to get rid of the beetle of all kinds, you should be well aware that this type of insect will not be able to eliminate it effectively using normal methods, so you need experts specialized in controlling this type of insect. Orchida insect control company in Jeddah is one of the best companies that can rely on it in this work. It provides its customers with many services in this field.

Orkidah's professional team depends on the latest technology and modern technologies so that the client can get the required level of work. Not only that, we join a group of skilled technicians trained through a series of courses and training courses on how to deal with all types of insects, In addition, our company obtained a license from the Ministry of Health to carry out this work in ways that are compatible with preserving the environment and protecting human health from any serious health problem.

The specialist technician sets an appropriate treatment strategy to help control beetles and eliminate them completely. This strategy depends on the extent to which the house or house is infected with the insect and also on the site of the house and its basis and the type of beetles that affect the house.

The scientific reports indicate that there are three categories of beetles attacking buildings and houses, including food, especially grains and wheat, which feed on wood and other types of wool and textile. Therefore, treatment methods differ depending on the type of insect and the method of reproduction and diet, The fight against beetles in Jeddah is a comprehensive program to effectively treat and get rid of this insect completely.


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