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The silverfish prefer to live in cold and humid environments and feed on the books. Therefore, silverfish spread in the offices, especially the old offices that allow the insect to live for years and years inside the books and take the books and begin to hide in different places of the house. To hide in the carpets and other furniture, this causes worry and fatigue to residents in the house. Especially that the presence of one insect of silverfish can warn of the coming of thousands of insects of silverfish and other insects

When you finish cleaning your home and find a silver-blue insect on your bed, it means that books, papers, furniture, and clothes are threatened by damage caused by the silver insect as it is called.

Anti-silverfish Company eliminates the risk of silverfish before eliminating important papers and books without anyone being aware of what is going on. Silverfish live away from the lights and are active during the night because they are night creatures that eat paper and clothes.

But what are the disadvantages of silverfish?

Anyone thinks that silver fish is limited to do damage to the papers and books only without any other risks is wrong, in fact that all insects share a number of damage they cause by when they seize anyplace, so the damage of silverfish extends to:

  1.  Not cleaning the place.

The fighting silver fish is a necessity because it can pollute the place to a great extent, since with each insect comes to the place other insects come, not to mention easy to run over this insect which cause a harmful insect waste that attracts insects.




  1. Smell of mold appearance.

One of the worst features of the silverfish is that it works to renew its outer skin at frequent intervals and so leave its dead skin in different places and on the furniture and over time this cause unacceptable smell.

  1.  Chills from contact with the body of such insect attached to furniture and furniture most used.

With the presence of any insect is impossible to live in the place because people love cleanliness and beauty away from the environment of insects, so the silverfish is not less than any other insect.

  1.  Significant losses

Silverfish damage paper and books. And there are many losses that can be highlighted as follows:

  • The value and importance of books.

The silverfish may feed on a necklace of possessions or holdings or on important papers and valuable books information that are difficult to retrieve again.

  • Material losses.
  • Frequent physical losses caused by the silverfish. Where the presence of silver fish in the home or office warns:
  1. Loss of clothes not only because they feed on clothes, but because they leave yellow spots on the clothes to be difficult to use again.
  2.  Loss of books and papers including pictures and frames.
  3. Furniture lose





How to get rid of silver fish...?

Despite the small size of the silverfish, it is necessary to employ specialized workers to eliminate the silverfish, especially that the eliminating of silver fish does not mean the full control, as the most dangerous than eliminating silverfish is eliminate of the eggs of this insect, which hatch after two months to return to be silverfish Again.

You can use the Silverfish Control Company, which destroys the insect and eggs in high quality:

Where we are keen to provide the best fight starting from:

  • Follow modern methods to reach the hiding places of silver fish.
  • Follow scientific methods to kill insect eggs at once.
  • Follow ways to facilitate the fight against silverfish.
  • Take precautions and measures to ensure that such insects will not return.

This method is not enough....

Trying to get rid of the silverfish in a traditional way is not enough. Even the most famous methods are not enough:

  • Clean the place.
  • The use of repellent.
  • Plating the floors with oil.

Many use this way and then after the exhaustion of time and effort and money they aware that it is not enough to expel silverfish, which is becoming increasingly dangerous day by day, especially with the ability to adapt and live in the warm environment and not only wet.

So why are we..?

Because we provide you with:

  • 1 - Final extermination.
  • 2. Secure extermination.
  • Satisfactory result.

Fight silverfish with warranty as follow-up

Can this insect come back again?

With the anti-Silverfish Team experts, you will no longer be chasing insects again with the skill and expertise that will enable the team to deal with each type of silverfish based on a customized combination for immediate handling.

The safety of your family is important to us so we are keen to provide silverfish services 24 hours a day. We are waiting for your call at any time.


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