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Air conditioning cleaning company in Jeddah

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Air conditioning cleaning company in Jeddah - the best maintenance services with modern technologies and devices:

Air conditioning cleaning company in Jeddah is the perfect solution if you want to keep your house cool in summer and warm in the winter. In addition to reducing energy consumption by up to about 20% at least, this will at least help you reduce electricity bills. Do you know how this is done? !!

Cleaning the air ducts and exits helps improve airflow and increase energy efficiency, according to EPA reports that maintaining clean air exits increases energy efficiency and improves air quality in indoor environments.

Orchida offers a range of excellent services for cleaning electronic devices in various buildings and facilities. Our company specializes in cleaning and disinfecting various systems including air conditioners, this helps you get new and healthy air, also protects you and family members from various allergic diseases and helps you live a healthier life.

Did you know that neglecting the cleaning of air conditioners can expose you and your family to a lot of risks that threaten health? !! Air conditioners carry a range of living organisms such as mold, fungi, bacteria, bacteria and human DNA cells. If they are not cleaned regularly, airborne infections and serious diseases are spread.

The process of cleaning the air conditioner requires certain devices to reach the pipes and internal channels and sterilize them from any problem, our company depends on the latest equipment that keep pace with technological development and thus the team can complete the task to the fullest.

So if you want to clean the air conditioner and take care of pipes and ducts of any problem? Follow us on the following lines. We will explain everything about cleaning air conditioners and the equipment needed, but first we will know the importance of cleaning your air conditioners.

Why should you take care to clean air conditioners regularly?

When you are careful about the cleanliness of your air conditioners you will not only protect your health, you and your family members, but will save more money when you improve the efficiency of your device. There are three main reasons you need to regularly clean air conditioners, including:

  • Reducing energy consumption:

When you are concerned with cleaning air conditioners, you are helping to reduce energy consumption by at least 20%. Be aware that the dirt, dust and bacteria related to the air conditioners directly affect the cooling units or the air heating and this is because it causes the air to suffocate those substances. But cleaning air conditioners from these materials contributes to the improvement of efficiency and thus protection of the highest rate of energy.

  • Disposal of microbial contaminants:

According to the experimental statistics, which showed that the use of air conditioners always become highly vulnerable to microbial pollution, which also includes fungi, mold and bacteria. Air conditioners are also said to be the ideal environment for such pollutants. Once your device is in use, the air you breathe becomes contaminated with these pollutants. This has a bad effect on human health, especially those with allergies and asthma.

So cleaning air conditioners helps you eliminate microbial contamination and give you the opportunity to breathe healthy air again.

  • Keep the air conditioner as long as possible:

If you want to keep your device, always care about its cleanliness. This is what always happens with everything you own. Care and attention helps you keep it for as long as possible, but negligence increases the chance of losing it. It's no different if you want to keep your air conditioner.

Cleaning the air conditioner not only helps you get rid of the dust and dirt related to it, but it gives you comprehensive maintenance of all channels and internal tubes of this device and this helps you to keep it and protect it from any problem.

Air conditioning cleaning Company:

If you are looking for a specialized department that will help you clean your device and protect it from bacteria and harmful organisms, you are the best air conditioning cleaning company in Jeddah that depends on the latest technological developments to get the level you want to work.

The company seeks to do its best to give the customer the highest level of work required, and this is done through dealing with equipment and tools for this area. The mission is carried out by a group of skilled workers trained at the highest level through a series of courses and training courses that qualify them to deal with any problem they face.

In addition, our company provides many of the services needed by the beautiful in the field of maintenance and cleaning of air conditioners, so you can rely on us to protect your device from the contaminated materials related to it, Orkida services include:

  • Removal of mold and contaminants:

This process requires the use of a certain type of chemical that can eliminate these pollutants and harmful microbes. This is in addition to modern equipment and tools that help in dealing with mold whatever its condition.

Just contact the staff from the Jeddah Air Conditioning and Maintenance Company to determine the problem you are experiencing. We will immediately send a specialist to handle the matter.

  • Cleaning ducts and inner tubes:

The air conditioning system consists of a series of channels and air duct systems similar to the shape of the rooms. Therefore, these channels are called the air conditioning rooms. These places are easy to predict and know. However, there are certain areas of the air conditioner that you can not access.

These positions are necessary to clean them so as not to weaken the efficiency of your machine, only professional specialist is able to deal with this problem and this by relying on the equipment required.

  • Cost of air conditioner cleaning process:

It is difficult to determine a specific price for the process of cleaning and maintenance of air conditioners, the process varies from one case to another and there are some factors we rely on in determining the appropriate price for both of our factors, including the following:

  1. Size of your air conditioner.
  2. Pollution degree.
  3. Easy access to various parts of the system.
  4. If it is in a residential building or a commercial building.

One of the most important factors that determine the average cost is the structure in which your device is located, because air conditioners in commercial buildings are often larger and more extensive.

When you communicate with an expert or specialist in this type of field, you will receive a thorough cleaning process for all components of your device including networks, heating units, cooling, exchangers, etc.

So you can use Orchida's services to ensure that your device is protected from dirt and contaminants, so all you have to do is contact a cleaning company in Jeddah.

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