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Acrobat Ants

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المحتويات إظهار

Acrobat Ants scattered in Saudi Arabia, statistics has been reported to the existence of several types of this insect throughout the Kingdom, the insect called this name because of their habits to lift her stomach above her head and this often happens when disturbed. If you look at this insect from above you will find that the abdomen takes the shape of the heart.

Scientific facts about Acrobat Ants - Definition of insect and how to get rid of:

The acrobatic ants of insects are small in size, as most of the insect species are about 5.4 mm long. This insect releases a very unpleasant smell when disturbed.

Behavior, diet and habits of acrobatic ants:

In the open air, the ants build their nest in damp areas, including logs, under rocks or wet stones, and also under rotting materials. When this insect attacks the house, it is found in wet areas where the insect is found in wet wet .

This insect is often found in damaged wood due to termites of wood ants. It is known that the acrobatic ants are careful to clean the residues left by other insects behind in the wood, as it works to get rid of the dirt and wood residues in the area, sometimes find the owners of the house on the debris of these insects and think they Termites.

Acrobatic ants deal with some species of other insects such as bees, for example, and feed on sugary wastes produced by other insects such as salmon. This insect is keen to protect the insect that produces honey. If the acetic ants attack the house, it is preferable to eat sweets and meat.

The acrobatic ants penetrate the house in several ways. Sometimes they make an underground path through which they enter the house, as well as the thresholds of doors, gaps and spaces in the house from the main entrances to which they relied during the invasion of the house. There are also some bushes that touch the house as a means of entry. In addition, the insect enters the house through the use of utility lines, pipes and wires that reach the house.

The life cycle of the acrobatic ants:

Many people do not know about the biological life of the acrobatic ants, but like other species of ants, this insect produces the winged and human males known as the flocks, which fly out of the nest to initiate the process of marriage and then become the queen on their own colony. This queen puts eggs that grow and evolve over time to become workers.

Signs of Acute Anemia:

The acrobatic ants can co-exist inside houses, buildings or inside isolated areas. The main sign of the presence of this insect is the path taken by this acrobatic insect to find the sources of food. A second sign indicating the injury of the building of this insect is the debris left during the digging of the nest. For a dielectric or ants residue near the nest.

More information on acetate ants:

Eliminating acetate ants and getting rid of them permanently requires careful inspection and inspection to find the signs that indicate the places they frequented. For example, if the expert or homeowner finds foam from a certain substance on the ground, this means that the acetic ants are nearby and that is because the insect is moving in a particular path to deliver the food to the rest of the colony.

Often it will be necessary to address the problem of moisture in the home or building that you are in. These are effective steps to prevent the presence of this insect at home. It will also be necessary to trim the edges of the shrubs to prevent acrobatic ants from invading the house, also check the holes and gaps in different areas of the house, especially around the pipes and utility lines.

Beware of dealing with electrical wiring yourself, you should contact the utility or electrical company, you will have to get rid of the piles of wood away from home and remove the tree trunks used by this insect to build the nest.

If you find it difficult to find the nest of acetic ants or places frequented by this insect it will be necessary to contact one of the experts specialized in the control of pests and insects of all kinds and it is able to address the problem once and for all.

Or you can contact an expert from Orchida ants company in Jeddah to tackle the problem perfectly without any effort.


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