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What are bed mites

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Bed mites! Does it cause a problem in your home? If you are a housewife, there is no doubt that you suffer from the accumulation of dust constantly, and the problems it causes, many may be surprised by the presence of dust mites at home, which causes a lot of health problems and symptoms of chest allergy, but did you know that there are more than one type of bed mites?

Moths are considered to be arthropods that feed on other insects or dead plant and animal materials. For example, dust mites feed on dead skin cells. When it comes to mites that live inside homes, it bites humans or causes health problems, and some mites nest In the homes of birds, rats and mice, and when their numbers become abundant, they leave this site and roam around the house and bite humans.

In most cases, mite bites cause rashes and itching and may develop into blisters. Redness of the skin and itching may persist for several days. Anti-itch creams such as hydrocortisone can help reduce swelling and itching, and if you want to know more about mites you should continue reading with us.

What are bed mites

Some types of mites invade a person's skin, in order to lay eggs or feeding, and some types tend to cause red rashes and itching, and the rash may continue in some cases unless the injured person receives medical treatment, which is usually a skin cream or lotion and one of the most common types of mites is Next, dust mites, scabies mites, rat mites, and bird mites.

The appearance of dust mites

The size of mites is less than 1 mm, and some see it as spiders in the outward appearance, and the body of mites consists of four pairs of stems.

What do bed mites eat?

Some types of mites are predatory and feed on other insects. Others feed on waste and decomposing materials, while some feed on plants and can become an agricultural pest. There are also some species that feed on dead skin or animals that attack them.

Bed mites life cycle

Bed mites begin their life as an egg until they develop through the stages of their lives, up to the adult insect that can survive in the land or in the water, and which is ready for reproduction and intrusion into humans or animals.

How do mites get home?

The arrival of mites to the home or yard depends on their ability to infiltrate from the small cracks through which the houses enter in large numbers, and the probability of infestation with mites increases if the house is surrounded by a garden or fruit trees, and dust mites are always found inside the houses, while the mites of birds or mites stick to the host He lives on it, and this species enters the home portable to the bodies of humans or pets.

How dangerous is dust mites?

Mites cause a variety of damages, as some species feed on stored cereal and cheese products, while others bite humans to small bites and are usually painless, and cause mild skin irritation with a feeling of frequent itching that may lead to a more serious bacterial infection. On the other hand, dust mites are one of the most allergenic insects and may lead to asthma attacks, especially as they may live within the respiratory tracts of their host, and can transmit serious diseases, and some types cause severe irritation in the skin known as scabies, while bird mites disturb Birds that attack it.

What are the signs of infestation?

Signs of mites depend to a large extent on the type of insect, as most of these insects are difficult to see clearly, however they can sometimes detect their movement across the surface.

There are some types that leave strands where they are, and they can also cause the leaves to change color.


How do I get rid of bed mites?

Get rid of the causes of mites: In order to get rid of bed mites from your home, you will not need traditional methods such as fumigation or cooling, but you will only need to get rid of the nests of animals that bring mites to your home.
Resort to a specialist doctor: In the case of a mite that causes scabies, you must obtain medical treatment through a specialist doctor.
Vacuum cleaner: You can take steps to eliminate mites from your home, with a vacuum cleaner that you can use at least once a day.
Bedding and upholstery disinfection: You can disinfect your bed, clothes, and towels by washing with hot water, drying over a high temperature, or dry cleaning.
Isolating infected material: You can place the affected material in plastic bags for at least 72 hours until the mites are removed.
Dust removal: When it comes to dusting, you should frequent cleaning of the house, get rid of dust, install air filters, and buy upholstery that resists dust build-up to reduce allergy.
Jeddah's Orchid Pest Control technicians have been trained to help you address bed mites problems in your home, and other annoying insects, as the company's specialists develop a comprehensive treatment program that suits your home status and degree of infection, to keep mites out of your home or work.

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