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why cockroaches are in the bedroom - simple facts about cockroaches and their damage?

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why cockroaches are in the bedroom - simple facts about cockroaches and their damage?
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why cockroaches are in the bedroom is one of the most disturbing things that can be exposed to human; because of the risks to human health, the form of disgusting, because disposal is not easy, and easy and rapid spread all these things make this insect a source of great inconvenience Especially in homes and in any building where you are located.

All these things make this insect a source of great inconvenience in homes, especially in any building in which it is located.

Why cockroaches are in the bedroom - simple facts about cockroaches and their damage?

Cockroaches are an elliptical insect with six legs. They can live on anything and multiply very quickly. They can live without food for several months without water for more than two weeks, so they are very annoying insects, It is different from one species to another. It has two wings, but not all cockroaches use it to fly. Their color varies from dark brown to light brown; it can transport many diseases and has many human health effects.

What are the causes of cockroaches in the bedroom and home?

  1. The openings that allow cockroaches to enter the building, such as open doors and windows.

  2. The presence of leaking in water pipes helps to provide a humid environment that attracts cockroaches to live in.

  3. The presence of dirt and garbage that attract cockroaches, especially containing food preservatives.
  4. Leave the kitchen sinks dirty and contain dirty dishes, leaving the open pelvic opening.
  5. Make wet surfaces and neglect drying them periodically.
  6. The presence of leftover bodies of dead cockroaches by secretes a substance with a distinctive smell that attracts other cockroaches to this place.

What are cockroaches? - How do you search for cockroaches?

Cockroaches tend to be night creatures, so their presence is better in the evening. Cockroaches prefer kitchens and baths to hide, so when searching, check these places well. When searching, you can find adult cockroaches, cockroaches, or cockroaches. Cockroaches prefer dark, wet places. To hide and multiply, so you can use a strong light source to search these areas to find cockroaches and deal with them, you can also find the presence of cockroaches through the stool, which resembles coffee on the floor, you can also find the presence of cockroaches of eggs, ranging from 5 mm to 10 mm Though It is from light brown to dark brown according to the platoon.

What are the ways to get rid of cockroaches?

There are many ways to eliminate cockroaches but the biggest problem lies in the presence of cockroach nest which represents the source of these insects.

It is also difficult to find this nest; cockroaches build it in cracks in walls and floors, making it accessible and finding the root of the problem.

The following methods can be used to try to eliminate cockroaches:

  1. The best way to eliminate this nest is to use the types of toxins that one of the cockroaches can transmit to the nest completely eliminates it.
  2. Use a kind of traps that resemble the idea of ​​glue, where it works to attract cockroaches and then stick to the adhesive that contains. But that does not eliminate the problem because it depends on the elimination of cockroaches that pass near the trap and keep cockroaches hiding in the nest in complete peace and preparing to get out bothering you again.
  3. Pesticides can be used but this idea is very expensive.
  4. Boric paste is very practical in eliminating cockroaches.
  5. Washing the floors with soap and water is a good idea, but it is not practical because it does not eliminate the problem of the cockroach nest, but it destroys the cockroaches currently present on the ground and sometimes has little effect.
  6. The option can be used to eliminate these annoying and teasing insects, do not be surprised but try only.
  7. As leaves of some herbs can be used to eliminate the cockroaches and be more like using the cucumber.
  8. Good hygiene cannot be neglected. It is the most important way to eliminate and prevent cockroaches, and any way to get rid of cockroaches without caring for hygiene will undoubtedly fail.
  9. You should get rid of things that attract cockroaches, which either originates from food or water, and you should get rid of the places where the cockroaches hide as much as possible.
  10. Clean your kitchen and down and behind the places in the kitchen, such as refrigerator and shelves, which has a food locker and works to attract cockroaches.
  11. Make a room to store food and eat away from the rest of the rooms of the house to avoid the problem of falling food pantries on the ground.
  12. Keep the food in the closed-lock tanks for the arrival of the cockroaches.
  13. Punch and wipe the floors periodically to get rid of the cockroaches and remains of dead cockroaches that attract other cockroaches.
  14. If you are a pet fancier you should clean your food dish every night.
  15. Always ensure that the garbage containers are clean and covered.
  16. Repair pipes that leak water and clean these pipes periodically.
  17. Place wet towels and sponge in sealed plastic containers or place them outside to dry well.
  18. Pet dishes should be dried every night and refilled in the morning or put out at bedtime.
  19. Dry the toothbrush as well as possible.
  20. Clog openings and cracks in the walls, especially cracks that surround the water pipes.
  21. When installing doors for your home make sure that they are made in a manner that does not allow those insects to pass down and close the windows well to prevent the entry of cockroaches.
  22. There is no doubt that the best way is to use specialized companies in this field to ensure complete safety and accuracy of work when disposing of cockroaches and the use of pesticides.


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