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The best way to clean the sofa - Natural and safe ways to get rid of hard spots, dirt and dust

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The best way to clean the sofa - Natural and safe ways to get rid of hard spots, dirt and dust
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Are you looking for the best way to clean the sofa of dust, dust and hard spots?!! The housewife often asks for an efficient and safe way to save her furniture and furniture from bad stains and bad looks. This is what we'll talk about in the following lines. Orchida offers you all the questions you need to protect your sofa crew from damage and keep it as long as possible. If you are interested in your kingdoms, continue with us.

The best way to clean the sofa - Natural and safe ways to get rid of hard spots, dirt and dust:

One time I decided to move to live with my close friend. One of the changes we have made at home is to change the leather couch to a couch of white linen. Unfortunately, this glamor did not last long because of my favorite pet peeing and the accumulation of a large layer of dirt on the spot, so I had to put a mattress on it so that no one would notice it.

But is there a way or solution I can do to remedy this problem and get rid of the spot effects definitively?!

Of course, there are many ways to clean the sofa and protect it from damage, but before that I want to make it clear that the manufacturers focus on having a secret code on the sofa to distinguish the species from each other and in this way the cleaning expert may be able to choose the appropriate cleaning strategy.

This means that it is essential to know the type of your couch first so you can optimize it, you will find on the lower side of the seat care or manufacturing mark; care signs often include:

  1. "W" This refers to wet cleaning; that is allowed to use water only.
  2. "S" This refers to cleaning using dry solvents only.
  3. "SW" This mark indicates the possibility of using dry solvents, wet cleaning or both.
  4. the letter "X", which refers to cleaning with vacuum cleaners or by employing a specialist and professional specialist.

If you are in the beginning and you are looking for the best type of purchase, I advise you to stay away from the type "X" so that you do not have to spend a lot of money on cleaning because of the accumulation of dirt and contamination of the fabric.

The "S" couch is difficult to deal with. This is because identifying dry solvents for domestic use can be difficult. You will find many non-branded products in the local market. It is best to avoid these products so as not to damage the fiber of the cane, but if you would like to find a perfect product. You can inquire from the team at sofa Cleaning Company in Jeddah, which will offer you the best and best dry solvents.

While using dry solvents, comply with manufacturer's instructions and work in a well-ventilated area. Do not use solvent on fabric so as not to damage your furnishings. Active dry solvents may be sufficient to clean dust from the dust and remove the effects of the hard stains.

For a sofa with a "W" or a "SW", it is one of the most famous and popular types among people and at a large rate may have one of these two types of sofas. Dealing with these couches is simple and very easy and there are plenty of ways that save you time and effort and most importantly you will not need to pay a lot of money.

How to clean the sofa quickly and securely?

When you talk about ways to clean dust, dirt, dust particles and hard stains, you find that the simplest and easiest way to do this is to use spray or foam cleaner that is spread in many shops in the markets.

During the search, you will find many brands that assure you of their ability to dissolve stains and get rid of dust, but before you choose to ask relatives and friends about a special product and better you can ask an expert or professional.


The use of a sharp cleaning brush with the detergent will allow you to immediately restore the beauty and shine of the cast. You can also keep a detergent in your home so that you can immediately treat the stains and not allow them to dry, whatever the stains, You or the spots caused by the children during the play or the spill of drinks and crumbs of food, these detergents will help you get rid of the effects completely.

You can also use alcohol. This material has proven to be very effective in cleaning up furnishings, whether it is carpets, rugs or kippers. You can also rely on them to get rid of stains. It also helps you get rid of the bad smell and replace it with a very refreshing and distinctive smell.

Using a baking soda or corn starch may help you remove the stains, all you have to do is spray the substance on the spot and leave it about ten minutes and then use the vacuum cleaner to clean the spot and remove the residue from the previous material.

One of the most effective solutions that also helped many people use soap and water is to eliminate the most difficult stains, but during the cleaning, take care not to increase the area of ​​the spot and make it worse.

But the best and most effective solution is to rely on a professional or professional to do this. All you have to do is communicate with the team from a steam cleaning company in Jeddah, which gives you the desired level of work and protects your furniture from damage and damage.


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