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How to eliminate cockroaches inside the refrigerator - Simple and easy steps to drive cockroaches out of the house

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How to eliminate cockroaches inside the refrigerator - Simple and easy steps to drive cockroaches out of the house
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Many people are looking for how to eliminate cockroaches inside the refrigerator. Cockroaches are common household insects that can hide inside household appliances, especially warm indoor areas. Cockroaches are night pests that are active after the owners sleep in search of water and food. That is why once you turn on the light at midnight you may see a number of cockroaches fleeing to the cracks and corners to hide but the cockroaches leave behind some signs that may help you locate and identify places Its own colony, such as egg capsules left behind, small brown spots or debris left near the infected refrigerator and other devices.

How to eliminate cockroaches inside the refrigerator - Simple and easy steps to drive cockroaches out of the house:

  1.  Use baits to kill cockroaches:

There are many traps and baits that help to kill cockroaches inside the refrigerator. Simply put these baits behind the kitchen utensils and near the infected refrigerator and check them daily to determine the areas of entry of the insect and the infected areas specifically.

Then use boric acid, silica dust or earth .diatomium. These baits can be applied in cracks and beyond the devices and in the spaces inside the walls and also around the rear corners of the cabinets

The effect of the previous materials on the different types of home insects is very effective. The cockroaches are quick to eat the boric acid and harm themselves and the bacilli .dies immediately as soon as silica is taken while diatomaceous earth is causing a waxy layer to form on their bodies

You can apply these substances once a week for at least three or four weeks and after one month you will not notice the cockroaches near you at all.

Be aware that during the application of these baits should be disposed of water sources and other food so as not to find the insect in front of them only to eat this food, also do not use household detergents or insecticides, which roaches the cockroaches away and will not approach the bait.

Do not forget to apply the appropriate amount of gel in the apartment and the corners. the household appliances and the behind drier the gel faster replace it with another new and often this every three days

In a long glass bowl, add an appropriate amount of water with drops of soap and leave the container open and then place it near the infected devices. Once the cockroaches enter the jar, you will not be able to crawl out again and die instantly.

Are there other ways to control the cockroaches inside the refrigerator?

Of course, there are some steps you can follow to get rid of cockroaches. These steps depend on the behavior and habits of the insect. Cockroaches are not able to withstand cold temperatures.

If you see cockroaches in one of the blanks or corners near the devices use one of the deadly pesticides to eliminate them immediately or you can use natural materials such as essential oils, plants .and natural herbs

But be careful if you want to succeed in the elimination of cockroaches should be replaced baits from time to time so as not to lose effectiveness.

When applying these substances, they should be placed out of the reach of children and pets so as not to experience any serious side effects. Also be sure to read the instructions on the products you buy to eliminate the cockroaches.

Diatomaceous earth and silica may cause human respiratory problems, which is why when dealing with these substances must wear protective masks.

However, eliminating the cockroaches inside the refrigerator is not simple. You will need a specialized insect control company to deal with this. Therefore, you should contact the team from the cockroaches company in Jeddah to help you overcome this problem.



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