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How the cockroach dies - 10 Natural Home Remedies To Eliminate Cockroaches

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How the cockroach dies - 10 Natural Home Remedies To Eliminate Cockroaches
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If you are wondering how the cockroach dies, is it necessary to use pesticides and toxic chemicals to get rid of it, or can you treat the problem with natural remedies?! Well, you've reached the place where Orchida Pest Control gives you powerful and effective treatments to get rid of cockroaches in just 7 days. Now you do not need to wait a few months to protect your home from annoying household insects and you will not need to spend much money. All you have to do is use the remedies mentioned in the following lines.

Do not worry; these methods are recommended by a specialist from the Pest Control Company in Jeddah. This means that it will not cause any kind of damage to either the environment or the health of your children.

How the cockroach dies - 10 Natural Home Remedies To Eliminate Cockroaches:

Cockroaches are one of the worst and most annoying home insects. This is because they have an awesome ability to grow fast. This means that within a few days your home may become a place to house an awful number of cockroaches in every corner and corner of the house.

In your home, you give the cockroach everything it needs to complete its life cycle. For example, food, which is easily obtained from crumbs on the kitchen floor or from garbage containers containing its favorite meals and in abundant quantities, also gives you permanent sources of water and climatic conditions Suitable for breeding and producing more cockroaches.

Therefore, it is difficult for the homeowner to get rid of the cockroaches permanently and effectively. He often resorts to the use of products and pesticides available in local markets. Unfortunately, these products contain toxic chemicals that may have serious side effects on your environment or your children and pet. Therefore, before buying the pesticide, it is necessary to ask a professional expert and of course the company of insect extermination in Jeddah may help you.

Now we will talk about seven distinct and effective steps that may help you get rid of home cockroaches in a very short time:

  1. The use of effective cockroaches, where one of the experts recommended the control of the application of several baits in all corners and corners of the house, especially in areas where the cockroaches hide for several days, taking care to replace these baits from time to time to maintain their effectiveness.
  2. The use of boric acid to kill cockroaches is a chemical that causes the dry structure of the insect and die immediately. But be careful while using this material should keep them out of the reach of children are toxic substances.
  3. Cleaning the house on a daily basis Cockroaches are insects that prefer to be in chaos so that it is difficult for the owner of the house to get rid of, and that is why you choose the dark places and gaps that are difficult to observe. Also, wash the dishes and get rid of garbage containers continuously so that the source of food is prevented.
  4. also get rid of excess water sources and for this you need first to conduct a thorough examination of the house and the detection of water leaks and then to address those leaks immediately and in this way weaken the opportunity to exist at home.
  5. Treatment of cracks and gaps in the house, even if the gaps are very small, because the cockroaches use those gaps in the storage of egg capsules of its own, in addition to it is the entry ports on which the cockroaches to enter the house and move from place to place.
  6. The use of cockroach traps where you can add one of the favorite foods of cockroaches with toxic substances in the areas frequented by frequent and after a short period will notice the disappearance of the insect from your home completely.

But are these the only ways to kill and destroy domestic cockroaches?

We will also talk about effective home remedies that you can rely on to get rid of cockroaches. These methods are 100% safe and will not leave any side effects harmful to your family or the environment.

Getting rid of cockroaches and natural methods:

Why do not you try home remedies? It may be an ideal solution for getting rid of house insects of all kinds, including cockroaches, bed bugs, termites, etc. This attempt will not cost you much money like pesticides and extermination products in the local markets. Use one of the following methods to protect your home against cockroaches and the risks they cause over time. Ways to control cockroaches include:

  1. Laurel paper:

Laurel leaves are the natural herbs that many depend on in many areas of life, whether cooking or preparing recipes and natural remedies to get rid of various body diseases, but it is surprising that laurel paper may be a natural and safe solution to eliminate cockroaches, why ?!

This is because of its strong aroma, we prefer that smell in the kitchen always because it helps in removing bad odors and adds to the food distinctive flavor but cockroaches are impossible to be found in one place with that smell.

You will only need to put those dry leaves around the areas where you are constantly hiding, the routes you use to move around, and the access points you use to get in and out of the house as you please.

But in order to maintain the effectiveness of this unique solution, you must change it from time to time. Also make sure that the leaves are fresh so that you get the result you want in a quick time.

  1. Garlic:

Do you mean garlic, which we use to prepare delicious and delicious food?!

Yes, this plant is not only used as a kind of spices but has an effective effect in maintaining the overall rate of health and fighting all the problems that affect the human body, many doctors and alternative medicine experts praised the effectiveness and usefulness of garlic to the body.

Also garlic powder helps to get rid of household insects, including cockroaches, because of the smell of energy that can not afford the same person, and to get more effective you can also add fresh cloves to it.

You can use this effective repellent to get rid of cockroaches forever but you have to smell it for a while so you can effectively cure your problem.

  1. Catnip:

One of the most effective and effective home remedies for getting rid of cockroaches. Catnip contains a range of natural chemicals that help drive cockroaches out of the house and prevent them from returning again.

You can use fresh or dried mint leaves and leave them in the hot water and leave them for several minutes and then pour the liquid in a glass spray bottle and use it constantly in the areas frequented by cockroaches continuously, and this way keep cockroaches away from home always.

If you do not want to use harmful chemical products, you can replace them with mint and give you the same results as you need.

There is also oil extracted from the mint and you can rely on it and you will get the same efficiency and efficiency in the disposal of cockroaches, simply mix drops of oil with water and the use of the resulting liquid to spray the places where the cockroaches hide.

  1. Spray of plant fennel fever:

This plant is famous for its ability to get rid of various kinds of house insects naturally and without exposure to any kind of harmful side effects and this is considered one of the best home remedies to kill cockroaches.

Once the insect communicates directly with this liquid spray, it will cause death within a few minutes, because it contains chemicals that damage the internal structure of the insect.

But in order to get that effect you have to use it regularly on the areas where the insect is constantly hesitant, because oxygen in the air and sunlight may absorb the effect of this liquid and will not get the desired result in killing the cockroaches.

  1. Vaseline trap:

Vaseline is one of the home remedies that may help you deal with the frequent insects that invade your home at any time. All you need to do is add Vaseline with one of the favorite foods to attract the insect and leave it near the areas where you are hiding. After cockroaches communicate with that substance, you will die instantly. .

But despite the effectiveness of this solution, but it is very tired and needs a lot of effort in cleaning after that, even if you suffer from severe injury will not help you at all to get rid of cockroaches.

  1. The use of ice cream:

Also, ice cream is one of the most distinctive traps, so if you have some ice cream pieces you do not want to eat; you can use them to eliminate the cockroaches, all you have to do is add the ice cream in a suitable bowl and leave it near the nest of the palaces or in the tracks you use To navigate.

Just melt ice cream and become liquid will cause the insect to die completely and you will not be able to escape, but you have to continue this solution several times to get the desired result.

But if you do not have ice cream, do not spend the money to buy it, you may benefit from this money by buying effective cockroaches or a glue trap to eliminate cockroaches.

  1. Dish cleaning liquid:

This liquid is available to everyone and you will not need to make an effort or spend the money to prepare it. Simply add drops of cleaning fluid to an appropriate amount of water and leave the mixture in the areas where the cockroaches hide. The idea of ​​this trap is that soap causes choking of cockroaches and prevents them from breathing and within a few minutes it dies.

This means that using this solution several times a day will help you eliminate very large numbers of insect easily and easily.

  1. Use of borax:

Borax is also a distinctive home remedy used to kill cockroaches, due to the fact that it contains chemicals that cause the death of various household insects. You can use borax in a variety of ways including:

Add equal parts of the borax with flour, sugar and a very small amount of water. Mix the ingredients together until you get a cohesive paste and then leave the dough in the paths where the cockroaches move. Sugar will attract large numbers of insects, but borax and flour for cockroaches will cause toxicity.

But be aware; borax is a toxic substance that may leave harmful side effects on your children or pets; so please apply them away from them.

  1. Using baking soda:

If you do not have borax, you can use baking soda instead, and you will get the same result. More importantly, baking soda is safe and does not leave any side effects or serious complications. On the contrary, it is also environmentally friendly.

Sugar, of course, will attract the cockroach, but the baking soda will cause its death immediately. This is because it reacts with the stomach acids in the insect and releases carbon dioxide rapidly, which causes damage to its internal organs, and her death immediately.

These natural methods have an effective effect in eliminating annoying household insects and not only cockroaches and you can rely on them, but if you are suffering from severe injury, you would prefer to let one of the pest control experts know that all you have to do is communicate with the team from the cockroaches control company in Jeddah, It helps you treat the problem and protect your family from damage.


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