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How do ants die? - 5 effective ways to kill ants naturally

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How do ants die? - 5 effective ways to kill ants naturally
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Many people wonder how do ants die?! Is it necessary to use an ant insecticide to eliminate it or can natural methods and methods be used?! In the following lines, we will talk about the simplest effective treatment methods that will make it easier for you to kill ants and get rid of the whole colony in a quick time.

But first, it is necessary to identify a set of scientific facts about the ants. Did you know that there are thousands of ants that exist on this planet, but there are a small number of these species enter the house in order to search for food and shelter?!

Many people do not know about ways to combat ants and therefore cannot deal with the problem in the right way. Unfortunately, this may cause more damage and serious complications, which affects the health of your family as well as the destruction of property and household items, but do not worry you will only need to use natural products available in Your home permanently until you deal with the ants, but first you have to identify the areas in which this insect hiding until you eliminate the problem from its roots.

Some people may be frustrated by seeing this type of household insect infiltrating all the corners and corners of the house. Unfortunately, you may find it dealing with the food of your family or pets. So if you want to get rid of this annoying nightmare, follow the following lines:

How do ants die? - 5 effective ways to kill ants naturally:

  1.  Vinegar:

Does the use of vinegar kill ants?! No, vinegar cannot kill ants but make sure that the vinegar works to expel the ants outside your home permanently and most importantly prevents the return to the house and that because of the smell of energy that the insect cannot deal with.

Simply apply the vinegar in the areas where the insect is constantly moving, or add drops of vinegar to a bowl of water and use it to wipe and disinfect the floors of the entire house.

Regular use of vinegar makes it easier for you to eliminate ants at home, in addition to providing you with full protection from germs and infection bacteria transmitted by ants and so you can rely on it.

If you notice the presence of fire ants in your home you can add two rounds of vinegar to one part of the water and add it in a spray package and then use the container to spray the ants and make sure to spray this mixture on the head of the ants and the outer body. You can also increase the vinegar concentration if the mixture is less effective until it affects the ants.


Also, note the plants that surround the colony of the ants. Vinegar may cause damage to these plants.

  1. baking soda:

Baking soda is one of the ingredients that are constantly available in the kitchen so you can use it to prepare a strong taste for killing ants by adding baking soda with sugar in equal proportions. Once the ants have drawn the bait into their colony, large numbers of insects will die and thus eliminate the whole colony at a time. It is simple but it is necessary to replace the bait every period so as not to be less effective.

  1. Detergents:

One of the components of the detergent is the ovary and is constantly in the detergents and dishwashing liquid, etc. Statistics have shown that this material has an effective effect in killing the entire insect species of the house including ants and therefore you can use it in one of the following ways:

  • Add drops of bleach to a spray bottle and use it to spray kitchen walls and window frames. This will prevent ants from entering your home and you can also rely on them to get rid of bad odors at home.

  • Add drops of detergent to a quantity of water and use it to wipe the floor of the kitchen, bathroom, and areas where the insect is present.
  • If you can find the insect nest you can add drops of detergent to an appropriate amount of hot water and use it on the entire colony until you destroy it.

Be careful while applying this Candida because of the smell of churning and therefore be careful to open the windows during use so as not to suffer from breathing problems.

  1. Cornstarch:

One of the favorite foods for ants is cornmeal, which does not know that this substance causes irritable digestive problems. The ants carry the substance to the colony for sharing with other people, believing it to be a big feast that will kill large numbers of ants, including the queen.

  1.  Boric acid:

First, boric acid is toxic so it should be kept out of the reach of children and pets to avoid serious health problems and complications, but despite this, boric acid has a very effective effect in killing ants.

You can add a mixture of the boric acid with an appropriate amount of sugar and prepare small balls of the mixture and then apply these balls in areas where the insect is constantly repeated.

In order to get the most effective and guaranteed result you want, you first have to know the nutritional habits of the ants. For ants, they prefer to eat sugars and fats, especially peanut butter.

You can also add jam or honey to the boric acid and leave it on cardboard in places where the insect crawls and after a few days, the place of the bait is changed to maintain its effectiveness.

You can also sprinkle uric acid around your ant nest and when the insect comes out of the nest and communicates with the boric acid dies instantly.

You can rely on one of the previous methods in dealing with ants but if you have a problem in that you will not find better than the pest control company in Jeddah, which helps you get rid of ants finally, all you have to do is to communicate with the team of the ant antidote in Jeddah, Solve the problem.





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