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Eliminating fleas in natural ways - The best steps to get rid of fleas and their damage

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Eliminating fleas in natural ways - The best steps to get rid of fleas and their damage
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Do you wonder how you can eliminate fleas in natural ways?! Well, you must first realize that fleas are the little willing creatures that feed on blood, whether they are human beings or animals, especially pets. What we will talk about in the following lines is a complete explanation of the best steps to help you fight fleas that surround you at home and inside Car and others.

Eliminating fleas in natural ways - The best steps to get rid of fleas and their damage:

The best way to treat fleas in your home is to treat your pets. You can take care of the matter by thoroughly cleaning all corners of the house, including upholstery, carpeting, and treatment of affected areas.

Sometimes animals bring some small organisms that suck blood and bring some epidemics and diseases to the home, and when you read this topic you will find solutions that enable you to get rid of these pests.

A natural method to get rid of fleas at home:

  • Use botanical dust with borate powder or boric acid:

One of the easiest recipes to help you kill fleas at home, especially when these insects are in the transition from egg to larvae, although the adult flea can survive for a week without a meal of blood, but flea larvae excel in This has a doubling ability to survive without food for several months, which is why it is necessary to attack the larvae first.



The botanical dust has been used since ancient times as an effective alternative to natural insecticides. Borate is a metal that can be widely used as a poisonous substance for many household insects.

During the use of this mixture, it is necessary to follow safety and safety precautions, at least not to have direct contact with these substances and also not to breathe so as not to suffer more serious side effects.

You can start cleaning the house, including your carpets, furniture, bed, pet bedding, etc. Then you can apply the treatment and leave it for at least one day and when you return again to make sure to clean the carpet and every corner of the house with the necessary equipment.

  • Fill the bowls with water with dishwashing liquid:

This will serve as a pool full of toxins for the fleas, once you jump into the pot you will die instantly. You can apply this recipe to a low level of ground so that fleas can jump inside.

It is also best to apply this mixture near the sources of light, especially if the night light fleas of pests that are attracted to the lights. The closer you get to the light, the more you fall into the mixture and die instantly.

  • Use lemon in affected areas:

Simply pour slices of lemon into a pint of water and leave to boil. Then let it cool all night. The next morning you can add the solution in a spray bottle and use it to spray the affected areas.

  • Use of rice in affected areas:

Rice is often available in pets or in the store. Fleas are known to hate the smell of rice, so you will do anything to avoid it, but be sure to make sure your pets are not allergic to rice.

Place rice flakes in the corners of the rooms, under the furniture and on the pet furnishings. Also, you can apply rice inside a piece of cloth and leave it under your pillow. The mattress is not free of pests sometimes.

  • Use salt on your carpet:

Salt has a tremendous ability to absorb the moisture that afflicts insects such as carpets and make it dry completely, so when the salt is applied to your carpet you will notice fleas bleeding to death as they move on the carpet.

It takes only seven days to get rid of fleas attached to your carpets and other furniture. Then use the vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet once or twice until you get rid of the insect's bodies. When this process is complete, empty the bag in the broom and replace it with a new one and remove the old one from the house.

  • Use a vacuum cleaner in the affected areas:

Using a vacuum cleaner will not help fleas to survive for a long period of time. Therefore, you can consider these as effective ways to eliminate fleas in every corner of your home.

  • Use diatomaceous earth:

Finally, you can use diatomaceous earth, which is abundant and also low-cost, which is known for its effectiveness in killing insects and fleas and yet it is completely safe for humans and pets.

  • Yeast use:

You can also use yeast as a weapon against fleas, but although this has not actually been proven many swear by its effectiveness, bring some of the yeast and rub it on the skin of your animal, which in turn will expel the fleas.

  • Using baking soda:

Bread soda works very effectively and is also cheaply priced and abundant and will help you get rid of fleas.

How to get rid of fleas in your pets:

  • Regular cleaning of the animal:

There are a number of fleas at different stages of their life cycle waiting to jump on your pet, so you should be sure to use the necessary precautions to prevent this problem from occurring.

Cover your dog with soap and water and leave it for five minutes or more and then comb the dead fleas immediately and then wash the dog and let it dry, but you should be aware that some dogs may be sensitive to strong detergents so if you see any reaction to the dog must Rinse thoroughly with water and baby shampoo until the skin returns to normal.



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