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Eliminate fleas at home - 8 natural ways to get rid of fleas and its damage:

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Eliminate fleas at home - 8 natural ways to get rid of fleas and its damage:
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Many people wonder about ways to eliminate fleas at home and can this household insect be eliminated without using a pesticide to kill fleas? Well fleas are not just a nuisance in your home but they are also dangerous vectors that threaten the life of your family. On the fleas at home and also offers you the site Orchida some tips that help you in protecting your garden from this insect, continued with us..

Eliminate fleas at home - 8 natural ways to get rid of fleas and its damage:

Getting rid of fleas is not a simple and easy task, as some believe because of their life cycle and their terrible ability to multiply and spread in several days in all corners of the house. Not only this insect is also a small household insect hiding in the narrowest cracks and spaces in your home. Find it.

But if you own a pet in your home, this animal may be the source of the infection. This is because this nuisance insect lives on blood meals that are absorbed from the pets in the house, and they hide easily in the animal's hair. So before you talk about how to eliminate fleas at home, you must first take care of your pet so that you can address the source of the problem and prevent the return of this insect to your home again.

Although fleas rarely bites humans, the sting may cause many diseases and risks to your life due to bacterial infections, viruses and dangerous bacteria that carry them, which is why it is necessary to get rid of them immediately once they are seen.

There are many ways to deal with different types of home insects such as pesticides and chemical products that eliminate the insect, but many do not prefer to deal with chemicals for fear of the health of their children, so you can choose another solution is natural home remedies and those methods proved very effective With a lot of people in the elimination of fleas at home, as well as it does not leave any adverse side effect on the health of your family so you can use it and you are comfortable.

Getting rid of fleas in natural ways:

Fortunately there are some household methods that you can rely on in the final disposal of fleas and most importantly the following:

    • Dish cleaning liquid:

This solution of flea traps that kill large numbers of insects during a very short time, all it has to do is add an appropriate amount of hot water with soap in a suitable container and leave it in places infected with the insect or in the tracks that are constantly frequented by.

So you get the result you want to apply this solution on a daily basis and better at night because fleas of night pests that are active after the owners sleep home. The secret of the effectiveness of this treatment is the soap which causes the internal structure of the insect to dry and expose it to death immediately.

    • Herbal flea spray:

Herbal flea spray is a quick home remedy that helps eliminate fleas and completely eliminate them, in addition to being non-toxic products and therefore their application will not cause any harmful side effect on your family.

Simply add 4 liters of vinegar with 2 liters of water, 500 lemon juice and 250 ml of hazelnuts and mix well. Then use this spray in the areas where the insect is hiding, preferably on furniture such as carpets, home furniture, and animals.

    • Baking soda:

If you are looking for ways to eliminate fleas at home, make sure that one of the most effective home remedies to control fleas of carpet fibers and your home furniture is baking soda, this is simply by applying baking soda to the carpet fibers and leaving it for several minutes and then using the broom After cleaning the garbage bag away from home, repeating this step several times frequently will help you get rid of it completely.

    • the salt:

The effect of salt on household insects is very similar to the effect of baking soda. It is also an effective home remedy to eliminate fleas because it works to absorb and dry the fluid from the body of the insect.

All you need to do is apply salt to the infected areas and leave it for only two days and then use the vacuum cleaner to clean the house completely, regular use this method will help you get rid of fleas quickly.

    • Lemon Spray:

But also helps to get rid of household insects. This is because the citrus also causes the insect to dry and die immediately. You can prepare this spray by adding slices of lemon to a pint of boiling water and leave the ingredients all night and then you can Pour the solution into a glass container and use it on the affected areas of your home, including furniture, furniture and pets.

    • Diatomaceous earth:

Diatomaceous earth is a very fine, non-poisonous powder for humans, but it has a deadly effect on household insects. Therefore, it can be used to eliminate fleas in the house. Spray it on the fleas where it is kept. Leave the material for at least two days and clean the house thoroughly. , Do not forget to follow safety precautions to prevent the insect from returning to your home.

    • Rosemary Herbs:

Rosemary will not only help you fight fleas but will also help you treat the stings that this insect leaves on you or your favorite animal. This natural powder is available in the local markets or you can prepare it in your home simply by adding equal amounts of Wax, fennel, peppermint and rosemary. Grind the ingredients together until you get a soft powder and then sprinkle them on your furniture, your home furniture, your pets and the places where the insect is active.

Although Rosemary does not kill the insect, it is one of the most effective natural methods to prevent the presence of any domestic insects near you.

    • Repellent plants for fleas:

Therefore, one of the natural solutions that helps eliminate fleas at home is the use of a group of plants containing certain oils, compounds and chemicals that fleas are trying to keep away from. Among the most famous of these plants:

  1. Mint.

  2. Lavender
  3. Chrysanthemums
  4. Basil

The above methods may already help you overcome and eliminate the flea problem, but unfortunately these solutions only help you in cases of minor injury but in severe injury you need more practical and effective methods.

You really want to know how to get rid of fleas?! The best way to get rid of fleas and other household insects is through contact with Orchida Company for Pest Control in Jeddah, which provides you with a professional and professionally trained team to deal with this type of household insect. It also gives you the best prevention methods to prevent the insect returning to you again, this is without worrying about your family's health of harmful products or chemicals, so do not hesitate to contact the Flea Control Company in Jeddah, which gives you complete protection from this insect and its damage.


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