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bed bugs Causes - Five main reasons to make bugsbugs invade your home

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bed bugs Causes - Five main reasons to make bugsbugs invade your home
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Bugs have been the leading headlines in the past because they were considered to be serious pests at the time. They also hit homes, hotels and hospitals around the world without exception, which made many scientists look for bugs and their causes and what makes them invade those places!
In this article, Orchida will provide you with the necessary information to find out the causes of the 
bug bug because it has been shown that the insect bugs are being shown in a place so that many people are concerned about them and want to know the causes of bed bugs.

bed bugs Causes - Five main reasons to make bedbugs invade your home:

Although the spread of bed bugs is increasing, especially since your presence has been associated with the presence of humans for thousands of years throughout history, humans have never found proper ways to get rid of these harmful insects and in some cases have to bear them.
However, the emergence of DDT pesticides and many other insecticides to keep insects away from homes has helped to reduce the spread of insect insects. Although news headlines indicate that bed bugs are invading the world, the reality is that the means to get rid of bed bugs are still historically 
This is why we will take you on a quick tour to get to know the causes of insect bugs in the homes and follow us.

A myth that bugs exist in unclean places:

The most common beliefs about a bed bugs insect are that they are found in dirty, dirty places. The fact is that the bugs do not care if the house you are spraying is clean or dirty. Contrary to this common belief, there is no association between bed bugs and dirty bugs.

Bug bed bugs looking for blood for nutrition:

Well, you need to know the main causes of insect bugs and their presence in your home is that they feed on human and animal blood as long as there is a source of blood available to them bugs will be happy to stay in your home even if it is clean.

A bed bugs insect does not care about the well-being of the place where it is located:
Here is one of the important reasons why bed bugs are present in many places. They do not care about the welfare of the place you live in. You do not care about the money you spend on your home. Whether you're rich or poor, it does not matter to that insect.
Being poor does not make you more at risk of bed bugs and wealth does not protect you from infection with bugs.
But we must agree together that poverty does not cause the presence of bed bugs at home, but poor communities may lack the resources to control the spread of insect bugs, making the insect more stable and widespread in these areas

A bed bugs insect travels from place to place with great skill:

One of the biggest reasons for the spread of bed bugs is that they move from one place to another and travel from one city to another by climbing over their human host, they may cling to your clothes without feeling and may enter your suitcase without seeing it, carry it without you feel it and move it to the wheel of your clothes And your home without knowing, and the bugs can be transmitted to humans by riding transport and riding animals such as horses.
Bugs are more common in developing countries as in Africa and the Middle East than in other countries. However, the steep rise in the popularity of travel from one continent to another, as well as the insect's ability to resist most contemporary insecticides, allowed the bed bugs to return once Other strongly to developed countries around the world has now re-spread rapidly throughout the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and many other European countries.

Insect bed bugs love to be in the communities:

Here are more causes of bugs and their presence in your home, where infections are more common in places where population growth rates are high. They are found in residential buildings, shelters, hotels, motels and military barracks, and they are present at any time when many people come and go. We mentioned before there is an increased risk that someone will carry some bugs to the building where he lives.
Once you get home, bugs will be quick to hide in a place far from sight and from those places: behind or below the bed sheets, inside the keyboards or between the furniture layers
Once the female bedbug begins to reproduce, it produces a number of small bugs. Although the dirt does not help the bed bugs in any way, the more chaos the home gets, the easier it is to hide bugs and to find them and get rid of them more difficult.
As the number of insect bugs grows in a place, the bugs begin to spread and spread over time. You may find some spots or signs of rust in your bed sheets, and you may find some traces of the insect and the remnants of the skin clotting, indicating that it is present in your home.
As mentioned before, there is no connection between the cleanliness of living conditions and the possibility of 
bedbugs, which are found daily in any place from motels to palaces because they welcome any place where people sleep.

What causes bed bugs?

We go back again to look for bugs and their causes. Another misconception about bed bugs is that they move from one person to another like flea or tick insects through jumping, and what some do not know is that a bed bugs insect can not jump or fly, The infected person is considered an insect of the bed bugs of smart insects, which hunt for the opportunity to move from place to place and travel from one city to another and that is one of the most important causes of the spread of insect bed bugs.
A bed bugs insect prefers to hide in the dark and exercise in the evening, and once the morning is over, it will be hidden again in the place of your choice.


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