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Wood insect - Important information to help you fight woodland and eliminate it permanently

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Wood insect - Important information to help you fight woodland and eliminate it permanently
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Have you noticed that a wood-floor insect has caused you great damage to the wood structures and crops you plant? Woodland or termites cause a lot of material loss to homeowners each year from getting rid of that annoying insect to repairing damage and damage caused by a woodworm.
Many consider early detection of houses and properties to be successful in identifying and controlling where woodland is located.
In this article, Orchida will take you on a quick tour to provide you with some important information about the woodworm as well as ways to combat it, so follow up with us if you are looking for effective solutions to get rid of these harmful organisms.

The soil insect feeds on soft sawdust to extract
The wood floor feeds on the wooden structures and causes tremendous damage. Therefore, if you suspect that your home has been invaded by these insects, you should first examine the wood that is suspected to be damaged and you can cut a piece of wood in the place you suspect to make sure If possible.
The earth that eats wood
 Homeowners rarely see wood bark because they hide in the nests they make in the ground or in the interior walls of homes.

Wood insect - Important information to help you fight woodland and eliminate it permanently:

cellulose, and can consume large sections of dry wood by chewing wood pellets. It can be a colony of dry wood, inhabited by hundreds of thousands of wood bark. This colony has several years to reach so many insects in one place, and the colony can feed only about 23 kg of wood annually.

How to spend the insect:
The bark should be stopped as soon as the injury is detected because, if left too long, the insects will cause severe damage to houses, fences, utility poles and grasses.
So you should look for other evidence for the wood floor, but if you can not see the insect itself, you can take signs of infection that indicate its presence.

One of the hallmarks of a woodland colony is the presence of cracks and cracks in the dry walls of your home, as well as a lot of hollow and fragile wood that can easily be broken as soon as it is pressed or clicked.

How to find the wood floor:

the garden you may find roads or pipes that extend from the soil to the wood above the ground because the wood floor feeds on the dead trees as well, so they build closed corridors or small pipes to ensure safe access to the building.
The wood floor makes these pipes from soils, salts and faeces that are left behind. These pipes indicate that the earth is in its active state.
Woodland is preferred to live in wooden structures, including wooden structures, furniture and parquet flooring, where they live in areas where they are fed and leave signs of their presence, such as faecal pellets that accumulate outside the tunnels and rooms in the affected parts of the wood.your

Wood insects:
You may not be able to hear your own wood insects, but if you use Orchida Pest Control in Jeddah, professionals who check your home can hear Ground sounds that are soft or like wood splinters.

Orchids insect control will help you identify the type of insect that has hit your home because there are many insects that feed on wood such as certain types of beetles,
Which destroys houses, and when the company determines the type of insect will draw the appropriate course of action against the colony, and they will examine the insect closely to determine its type.

It is difficult to determine the type of infection and the winged and large-sized insect is the evidence of the presence of the earth where it is You may have to get out of its hiding places when you can not find enough space inside the narrow colony. Within each

Queen of the insect :

colony there is one queen whose permanent function is to make eggs and lay on top of it.

If you are sure that the wood floor is in your home, you should contact a pest and insect management company. We do not recommend that you try to get rid of the wood floor alone and let the professionals

Fighting insect at Home:

to deal with the problem. Injury management is of any size and has an effective approach in terms of technical and material cost.
You will have to get rid of the dead trees and their trunks around your yard as rotting wood is an important food source for the woodhouse looking for food all the time.
If you want to keep wood or building materials, you should keep them away from your home as much as possible. If you bring wood to your house, look for signs of termites such as holes in wood or fragile or hollow wood.
You can use the treated wood to build the structures again where the chemicals in the treated wood can act as a deterrent to the wood floor if you are building something in your garden or above the surface or building something above the ground where the treated wood can help make it less Attractive to the wood floor.


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