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Causes of Bed bugs - Why does your home bed bugs invade?

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Causes of Bed bugs - Why does your home bed bugs invade?
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Reasons for bed bugs Have you ever gone to sleep and you do not have a skin problem, but you woke up to find yourself covered with a number of annoying red spots with an irresistible feeling of itching? Who has not experienced this problem before? Well, we have to let you know that these red marks must be caused by a bed bugs insect that sneaks into you during sleep, so that you will be completely surrendered to you and you may want to know the causes of bed bugs and what makes them do your disc!

Here comes the role of Orchida site to introduce you through the next lines with us about the main causes of bed bugs through that article so follow us.

Causes of Bed bugs - Why does your home bed bugs invade?

There are many insects that can cause you some red marks on your skin, but the most common insects are bed bugs, and you imagine how much discomfort and embarrassment you may feel when you discover that your body is full of disks without knowing why, and the following We will explain to you the most prominent causes of bed bugs.

Some people imagine that keeping the house clean will prevent a bed bugs insect from invading it. In fact, a bed bugs insect can infect any home in which humans live, no matter how clean it may be.

Bed bugs are often seen in new apartments equipped with all the modern amenities, which makes clean and organized homeowners also wonder about the causes of bed bugs and how to get into their homes. We should know that it does not matter to bed bugs how to keep the house clean because the main purpose is to be human or sometimes the pets that live with it.

We can deduce from this that bed bugs insect prefer stability in places where people sleep and around to be close to the source of nutrition and these are the most important causes of bed bugs.

To avoid getting bed bugs into your home, you should always stay alert and watch for minor changes. It is helpful to take preventive measures and apply insecticide control to bedbugs in the vicinity of potential bedbug entry points. It is also recommended to communicate with your neighbors and pay attention to the case Their homes.

Another cause of bed bugs is passing by bedbugs from one house to another by holding on to the clothes or bags of those who visit your home and leaving them as soon as they arrive to settle in your home and begin to spread chaos. In this case, you should consider all possible ways to break through your home by observing who visits your home and using pesticides after their flight and checking the place well.

It is worth mentioning that there are many ways to penetrate these insects at home, making the causes of bed bugs are different. In most cases, bed bugs come from nearby buildings, especially if they are old buildings. A bed bugs insect can creep into your home through damaged walls, cracks or the outer wall of your home, and it comes from the skylights. A bed bugs insect can survive without food for a long time.

Therefore, long journeys to reach a new home is not a problem for her and helps her is that the shape of the insect body flat and small size easy to penetrate the small holes and cracks. If the home is in a rural area, bed bugs can often come to people from small farm animals. The thick skin of rabbits or goat hair is not attractive to bugs and does not prefer to feed on their blood compared to human skins and easy access to blood. who are they.

Other causes of bed bugs are passing the insect home after spending a night outside a hotel or friend's apartment, as well as trains or rail stations where these insects are located, where they can be found in the folds of clothing unnoticed.

A bed bugs insect can move to your home after you buy modern appliances, hiding inside devices far from bright daylight and high temperatures. These parasites often reach the work system units that, if transferred to be repaired or moved to a new home, will spread bed bugs quickly in this place.

Furniture is one of the most common causes of bed bugs, especially if a bedding is used, repaired, or moved to your home. A bed bugs insect rarely lives in new furniture that is brought from the store, as insects may find nothing But there may be some exceptions to the fact that modern furniture is a source of insect spread. These parasites are spread through its surface and cracks, so it is necessary to examine the furniture very carefully before buying it, especially the interior.

A bed bugs insect can live on bats, birds, hamsters and mice, especially because they do not have a long and dense feeling because they may not be able to penetrate the thick skin. This is why they prefer humans. Sometimes, guests may bring bed bugs to the apartment by taking their animals into uninfected homes. You move a bed bugs insect from one place to another, so you have to check the house well after the guests leave to make sure that their animals have not moved some insects to your home.

At the end of the article we would like to point out that the multiplicity and multiplicity of causes of bed bugs may make all houses vulnerable to the invasion of parasitic insect, so you should be careful and careful, always careful and to check your home first, but if you suspect the presence of bugs bed bugs, With Orchida Company for Pest Control in Jeddah, where its staff will inspect your house very carefully. If such bugs are found in your home, you will develop a treatment plan and a program that will rid you of the insect completely because of the ownership of the bed bugs company in Jeddah from trained labor and experience for many years in the field of Pest control, which


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