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Why do termites spread and what attracts termites to the home?

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Why do termites spread and what attracts termites to the home?
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Do you notice the presence of white ants very small in your home, especially in the gaps and cracks of the walls and wonder Why do termites spread and what factors that attract the types of house insects different to you?! Well, we know that termites are not only annoying insects that expose you to physical damage, but they are also serious household insects that cause many health risks to your family members and your favourite animal.

But we will put an end to this bothersome problem. Orchid’s insect control site gives you all you need to know about termites and the reasons for their appearance at home. More importantly, you will find the best solutions that make it easier to eliminate termites at home.

So, if you are interested in protecting your home and family from that harmful insect, all you have to do is continue reading the following lines...

Why do termites spread and what attracts termites to the home?

Termites or so-called land is a type of insect that lives in large groups or colonies in the underground and is highly dispersed where there are at least 2,750 different species of this insect especially in tropical forests around the world.

While termites are characterized by their white colour and head, which is directly related to their tail. The food depends mainly on the cellulose found in the trees and other plants. Termites pose a great danger to humans, so it is preferable to move away from their collection areas or try to get rid of them in all possible ways.

The reason for the spread of termites in your home is as follows:

  1. Humidity:

Humidity is the basis for the survival of all living organisms on the planet, including insects, especially termites. This is the reason for always emphasizing the interest in high humidity areas and cleaning it and not leaving it wet and water because it is considered one of the most places that attract insects and pests.

Therefore, any pools of water around the house or inside it will certainly expose you to the infection of termites of all kinds, so get rid of these gatherings and clean the places of existence is one of the most important methods of prevention of infection, especially if you deal with serious insects such as termites.

  1. the wood:

Wood is the cause of the proliferation of termites of various types in your home, especially when the wood in contact with the ground or moist soil and this is because all types of termites always like to move around mud areas and tunnels under the wood.

Wood in your home is a great termite call to your home. In addition, wood exposed to the outside world is more vulnerable to the moisture they like and attracts, such as wood chips, sawdust, grasses, wood, and large trees.

  1. External Slots:

Your house is an ideal environment for insects, especially termites. It always takes advantage of any opportunity to enter your home especially if you live in a wooden house or have wooden decorations inside and will take advantage of any opportunity to enter and build the colonies inside.

The cracks in the exterior of the house are also the cause of the proliferation of termites, whether in the foundations or ventilation openings and leakage pipes and doors and windows are vulnerable to closure or anything else will find any way to enter through.

  1. Home garden:

As we mentioned before, the park is one of the most attractive places for termites because it contains piles of weeds and huge shrubs. However, homeowners always overlook the cleaning and care of the park, with lots of trees and logs.

Therefore, if you have termites in your area, logs can be very vulnerable to water collection, rotting and fungal growth as they have been extended to very large areas over the years. Proper handling, disposal or cleaning is one of the most important ways to get rid of it. Of termites because they cause the spread of termites mainly.

  1. Clogged water pipes:

Certainly, water pipes are always things that we do not remember very much but have a great impact in attracting termite colonies to your home where dirt, germs and rainwater are collected for periods of time and prevent them from natural filtration of the earth. Usually known as rot.

Moisture marks appear in the ceilings and walls, which will then create the moisture of wood that termites love and are attracted to. They will cause complete damage to your home furniture if you leave it untreated for long periods of time, so you should take care of such water pipes to avoid this type of problem.

  1. Inappropriate Location:

Some places are unfortunately more prone to termites than others due to their nature in terms of humidity, trees and other natural conditions. Much cannot be done about this unless you create a warm environment in the garden in your home, but this may make it worse and I cannot be sure of its effectiveness. , The country and very warm places also have some moisture is the ideal environment for the presence of termites and therefore if your home in places like this you may need to double the termite protection.

How to distinguish between the termites and what are the most famous types?

If you want to get rid of termites you must first know the types and study well, so you can identify the ways that will help you eliminate them. There are three types of termites that are divided into: dry termites, wooden termites and termites. Find their way to your home through the jungle, which is their livelihood, so it is always necessary to check the things used to bring to your home in search of these pests and reptiles, but the termite termites are living underground in colonies is very large and yet enter your home only to look for food only then They return to their colonies.

How to Eliminate Termites and Ways to Reduce Infection

Now we know what the cause of the spread of termites and what attracts him to the house; To know the best ways to reduce this infection follow the following instructions:

Keep your house clean:

Keeping your house clean is not only the simplest and easiest way; it is also the best way to keep unwanted pests outside the house and keep your house clean. You can start by highlighting the cleanliness of the drainpipes and making sure that nothing is stored inside it to avoid the mildew and moisture that Attract termites and insects.

You should also pay attention to the cracks and holes in the roof and walls and work to fill them as they are exposed to moisture and then the termite insects will be able to enter the house through the cracks easily found in this way will be the elimination of infection is very difficult, so humidity must be avoided in various ways because it is one of the main causes Of termites.

Dispose of cardboard:

Such as other household insects and silverfish insects; termites are attracted to cardboard and boxes, especially study tools, photo albums and books. These are considered to be favourite places for termites and are the most important reasons for being in your home and shelter. Which are used to store objects from the causes of these insects, try plastic storage containers better than paper boxes?

Disposal of wood if possible:

It is certainly unusual to transfer your furniture to anything other than wood to reduce termite injury. However, when selecting or renovating your home, you should take into consideration the old look of your furniture, how it was destroyed by insects and pests, and the choice of metal or plastic furniture so as not to be exposed If you cannot give it up, place it in places away from the walls and where the termites are located or change them with metal or plastic shelves to protect against injury and completely dispose of them.

Damming or repairing water pipes:

As mentioned above, the reason for the spread of termites is that they are always attracted to wet places. Therefore, they usually take their way through the bathroom and water pipes in the kitchen, regularly check your plumbing so that no leakage occurs. Also, take care of cracks and gaps in the walls and seal them with a sealant. Waterproof and therefore can significantly reduce termite risks and keep your kitchen and home in good condition.

Continuous follow-up:

Of course, all the previous steps work very well to prevent termites such as cleaning the water pipes constantly and also fill the openings and cracks in the walls of the house and pipes outside the house every period, so the most important thing recommended by the experts of the Pest Control is continuous monitoring and control any insects enter your home even If one insect to prevent infection and reduce and maintain your home is always neat and clean.

If you notice large numbers of white ants in your home, feel free to contact a professional or professional expert from the Pest Control Company in Jeddah and help you deal with it and eliminate the termites permanently.


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