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What destroys ants - safe and easy ways to protect your home from ants

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What destroys ants - safe and easy ways to protect your home from ants
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Our houses have always infected by disturbing insects such as ants and this upsets us, but now don’t worry here’s the perfect ways to get rid of ants:

Firstly, know what’s the ant queen and it’s colony

You’ve to eliminate ants you don’t see after that it’s easy to detect he big problem and get rid of the ants you’ve already see, the truth is that the queen is the most important ant because of lying all the eggs which found in the nest where the queen never leave until they hatch therefore they spread and keep in our houses and so on. So you’ve to spray ants you can see and follow them to their colony.

Watch ant’s following up :

Even though it’s a silly thing that you should first watch ant’s trailing to know their entire to your house step by step until you know exactly where their colony is. Once ants find food source they will get it and return back to their nests in trailing in order to gather food, at this moment you can detect their places easily.

Spraying ants isn’t good:

The best way to detect ant’s nests is to leave the worker ants leading you to the queen’s place where it lays on the eggs, but if you spray them you’ll kill them and never reach queen’s places where ant grooms are, so dare to do this.

Setting out Baits:

You should be smart , you can use workers of ants instead of killing them, follow their trails directions and put baits along them, once they find baits they ‘ll carry them to their nests and that’s the important thing to kill the queen and the next ant generation.

Patience :

You should be patient and never be hurry to kill ants, step by step you‘ll eliminate them, first thing know the perfect time to spray them and make sure that you detect all the colonies of them by following up their trails then spray them, do it several times at the places you doubt them, you also have to replace baits places if ants eat them.

Spraying perfect time :

When you make sure that ants trails lead you out of your house to the garden or something you must spray them immediately by an insecticide spray which approved in order to make sure that ‘ll be effective.

Cleaning importance :

It’s important to clean your house, specially bathroom and kitchen where the perfect factors of life for ants where they find food, water and warm nests, also you should prevent them from getting into your house by close sanitations covers, sweeping floors and clean up all surfaces, also you need to fill any crack at your house.

If you can’t control ants spreading you can call us to help you getting rid of ants easily by using our modern methods and equipment.




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