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Ways to combat termites at home - Discover effective ways to protect your home from termites

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Ways to combat termites at home - Discover effective ways to protect your home from termites
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Ways to combat termites at home are of concern to many people, especially those who want to protect their home from the damage of termites. This is why we will talk in the following lines about the most important information to help you kill termites, or as you know about Earth insects.

Ways to combat termites at home - Discover effective ways to protect your home from termites:

Ground insects often prefer to form their own underground colonies under your home structure and feed on the remains of dead plants, wood debris, wood, etc. This means that termites may expose the owner to a lot of destructive damage.

According to some scientific statistics, most of the termites that attack the house are either underground ants or dry ants that prefer to stay in the open air. There are also wet ants that prefer debris and wood materials that have a high humidity.

For termites, the termites are not very different from the pathogens, since their direct contact with humans may leave them with painful stings, with itching and serious injury. Not only that; the earth also feeds on wood materials, which is why you may be harmed The material is expensive, so it is necessary to eliminate the termites once the infection is detected.

Are there specific signs to help me discover the earth and determine its type?

Of course, there are some signs that help you know the injury to the home and determine the type of insect that attacks your home, also identify those signs and follow them may help you to access the colony of the insect and this is one important steps that make it easy to get rid of the land permanently.

  1. Search for carcasses dead termites:

One of the most common signs of termite infection is the finding of dead carcasses of the insect or falling wings in the corners of the house. Winged termites are very similar to flying ants. However, once the winged ants are .in the cross, they shed their wings and lose them completely and become unable to fly, with flying ants

In addition, the earth is a tunnel of mud pipes that are used to save the tracks so that they can return to the colony once again and go out and search for food easily.

If you want to determine the type of termites you see, you can do this by looking at the antennas of the insect. These are also the signs of flying ants, but if you notice the order of these antennas in a sequential way, it means that they are the flying ants.

  1. Check the wood in your home:

Because termite insects prefer to use wet wood debris to create their own shelter or to feed on sawdust in the home, it is necessary to conduct a thorough examination of wood materials and if found small holes in these materials there is a high probability of termites.

  1. Examination of the paint walls and floors of your home:

As we have talked before there is a kind of termites that exist underground and known as termites termite, this type is one of the most dangerous termites and this is because it poses a threat to the internal structure of the house and thus show cracks in the coating of the house, whether in the floors or .in the walls of the house

This is one of the signs that the termites have been able to form their own colony under the soil.

  1. Examination of cavity walls:

Cellulose .in wood is one of the favorite foods for termites. This is because it can easily digest this substance without any problem. However, this material may cause an internal cavity of the walls of the house. If the walls of the house are solid, you can walk on the walls. Hearing a sound means that there are insects inside

  1. Examination of places with high humidity:

Humidity is one of the main attractions of the insect and for this .reason you can search for areas with high humidity such as wet wood debris or wood piles located near the house

In addition, leaking water pipes above the laminate flooring makes the earth ideal for termites.

Is it possible to get rid of the termites permanently?

Yes, if you want to protect your family from termite damage, you can follow these steps and help you eliminate it permanently.

  1.  Create barriers around your home using a liquid detergent:

There are products of liquid pesticides that are effective in killing termites and getting rid of them permanently. You can get these products from local markets. The liquid pesticide can not only treat the termite that affects the home base but it also protects your home from any type of household insects.

Simply you can dig a trench around a house and then the liquid pesticide is applied in the moat and these are effective natural ways.

  1.  Use the bait to kill termites:

Once the insect has taken the bait, the poison effect begins to interact with the structure of the internal insect and thus dies instantly. In addition, the poison spreads around the colony and gradually the entire colony is eliminated.

Often baits are made of cardboard or cellulose. They are a favorite of the insect and are easily attracted to it.

  1. The use of nematodes to kill termites:

Ants have termite nematodes from predators so do not prefer to stay near them, so you can use nematodes to kill termite colonies permanently, although this method is not 100% effective but it may help you gradually in termite control.

  1. Communication with control services:

The best solution to tackle the problem with your home is to communicate with an insect control company, so you can only get rid of this suffering because the control companies rely on the latest technology and equipment to detect and locate termites and then eliminate them with safe types of toxic pesticides.

Although some believe that control companies may cost a lot of money, this step may save you money repairing structural damage around your home.

You will not find it better to communicate with the Termites Control Company in Jeddah until you get rid of this disaster that hits your home.


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