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Water Leaks in Jeddah - Can You Find Water Leaks at Home?

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Water Leaks in Jeddah - Can You Find Water Leaks at Home?
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Water leaks in Jeddah are a serious problem for many people. But do you know that the water lines and pipes in your home are an accounting machine and a collection of different bills, so a leak in your water pipes could result in very costly material losses? There are some steps you can take before calling a specialist plumber, the more correctly you can perform these steps; the more you can reduce the cost To be paid.

Water Leaks in Jeddah - Can You Find Water Leaks at Home?

  1.  Detection of leaks in hot water tanks:


First, you will have to check the pressure relief valve on the hot water tank, sometimes you may find these valves connected directly to the filter so leakage may occur without your knowledge.

If you cannot remove the discharge pipe to detect leakage, there are some strange sounds that occur in the case of leakage of water from the tube.

  1. Detection of leaks in bathrooms:

If you check the toilet, you can remove the top of the tank and listen to the sound well and if you feel something strange try to determine the location of the leakage and if you determine the area where the leak comes evaluate and determine whether you can repair it or not, if you cannot, Feel free to call the plumber.

  • If there is nothing noticeable, mix several colors of food and add some drops to the tank and not to the toilet itself. Then wait a few minutes. If there is a coloring in the toilet, this means that there is leakage at the bottom of the tank. You want to fix it yourself or call a specialist plumber.

  • Also if you have more than one toilet .make sure to repeat the previous steps with each toilet to make sure there is no more than a problem and identify places that suffer from water leaks specifically
  1. Detection of leaks under the ground:

In order to identify the underground leaks, you should examine some parts of your property and make sure they are not wet. .Also check the length of the path that connects to your home until you uncover the evidence for the flow of water

But be aware that these marks may not be continuous eg a pool of water never dry or notice deeper patches of water and also leaks on dry concrete.

You can also detect underground water leaks by reading the meter but .first you need to disconnect the water for a few hours and then read the meter and if there is no problem in the known water extensions this means the leakage underground

Detection of other leaks:

This requires checking the garden and its water supply such as irrigation systems, faucets, etc. A leak may also occur in the shower head or in your bathtub and you will need a comprehensive check to check it out. If you have a swimming pool it is important to check to see if it has any leakage.

Be aware that it is difficult to find water leaks at home. There are some hidden leaks that people cannot see. So if you try to detect water leaks, you have to have enough experience. Otherwise, calling a professional plumber or professional is much better than wasting time.

The company of water leakage detection in Jeddah has enough equipment and techniques to help you solve this kind of problems and gives you the necessary precautions to help you deal with it easily.







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