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Washing water tanks - safe steps help you get rid of algae in the water tank

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Washing water tanks - safe steps help you get rid of algae in the water tank
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Many people do not know how to wash their drinking water tanks. Worse still, some may not care about cleaning the water tank at all times, but this can cause many health problems for your family. This is due to the accumulation of dirt and sediments and mixing with the drinking water used by almost every Thing. Cleaning the water tanks is not difficult, there are simple procedures you can follow to keep the water tank clean throughout the year. This is what we will talk about in the following lines so that you do not have any difficulty to care about the health and health of your drinking water.

Washing water tanks - safe steps help you get rid of algae in the water tank:

Some people think the water tanks are permanently clean, but this is not true. For example, if you have a water tank, there is a high probability of deposition of bacteria, leaves and other debris that cause water pollution, in addition to the mosquitoes that cause the spread of diseases and bacterial infection, This also happens with the ground water tank and for this reason it is necessary to clean your water tank every year, in this way ensure access to clean and healthy water.

Step 1: Turn off the power supply and this if your water tank is connected to an electric pump. It is usually difficult to clean the water tank in the presence of the electrode so as not to be exposed to any problem.

The next step is to connect the water hose to the electronic valve to leak the tank water and leave the carouse in the garden of the house or other suitable place so that the tank water is consumed well; that water can be used for car wash or internal cleaning. But make sure the valve that regulates cold water at the top of the tank is closed while the hot water valves must be turned on. The reservoir water should be discharged as far as possible until water stops flowing from the hose.

Next step: At this point you should run clean fresh water and use it to expel dirty water deposited in the bottom of the tank and continue doing so until the water is clearly out. High water pressure may help you better remove the residual graft on the side of the tank.

Next step: You may notice that some leaves and debris are deposited in the bottom of the tank so you can use the filters to make sure the tank is clean.

If you cannot clean the drinking water tank yourself, it is necessary to communicate with Orchida Services to clean the reservoirs in Jeddah and help you maintain the health and safety of the water without facing any problem. Simply all you have to do is communicate with the team from the cleaning company in Jeddah to get more information and inquiries.


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