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Types of home insects 8 types of common household pests and how to get rid of them

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Types of home insects 8 types of common household pests and how to get rid of them
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  Types of home insects or creatures that produce a squeak at night are among the worst nightmares for the homeowner, but fortunately, there are modern techniques and techniques used to treat home injuries from these pests without the use of toxic chemicals.

Despite the effectiveness of chemical products used in the control, such as tanks, traps and killer spray, as well as grafts, it leaves more serious side effects if used in the wrong way, where scientific statistics showed that touching pesticides or exposure directly may cause inflammation of the skin and eyes and disorders In the respiratory system and disorder in the body hormones and worse than the incidence of serious cancer. This also applies to relatively benign pesticides, especially if they are not treated properly.

You must be aware that toxic chemicals also have harmful side effects on the environment. Just because pesticides reach the groundwater or to rivers and lakes cause pollution of the entire water sources on which humans and animals depend on life, along with their harmful effects on different plants, It is,  therefore, necessary to use products licensed by the EPA and the Ministry of Health to ensure their effectiveness without any kind of damage.

But do not worry; fortunately, there are alternative ways to remove impurities from home, right?!! Some depend on essential oils and others use non-toxic household cleaning products. Here and in the following lines, you will find everything you need to know to keep your home from pests in safe, environmentally friendly and healthy ways. Follow us.

Types of home insects 8 types of common household pests and how to get rid of them

Step 1: Get them out of your home:

The following are some important basic tips to help you deter these annoying creatures that affect your home, so follow us:

  1. Cleaning continuously:

For pests, snacks are good things to enjoy. In this case, it is necessary to keep your foods in ways that are difficult for these insects to deal with so as not to turn your home into a point full of active insects that exercise their life naturally while your system is ruined:

  •  It is preferable to store flour, sugar and other dry ingredients in sealed bags or containers of glass or plastic.

  • Get rid of the stature on a daily basis and be careful to keep trash containers outside your home away from the door.
  • Do not leave pet food in places that are easily accessible by the insect.
  • Clean the food crumbs and spilled residue immediately before they attract different types of house insects.
  • Wash dishes immediately after eating the meal; do not leave the dishes dirty and full of food residues in the kitchen or rooms.
  • Recycle old newspapers, cardboard boxes, and cardboard, as there are various kinds of home insects such as bugs and cockroaches that use these elements to build their own shelter.
  1.  Make sure to dry your house:

Mosquitoes, cockroaches or ants are household pests that prefer wet areas with a high water level. For this reason, it is necessary to keep the house dry whenever possible. This is as follows:

  • Address the leakage of water in the house by doing a thorough check and locating leaks and problems, often with water supply or sewage pipes.

  • For household insects, the water-filled aquarium is a swimming pool to enjoy, so you should get rid of the water after washing dishes.
  1.  repair the gaps and cracks in your home:

Have you remembered repairing this hole in your home or door wall ?! It is time to do this already and this is because a small hole may attract home insect types of different shape, size, and color:

  • Treatment of holes and gaps in the walls of the house or around the windows and doors.

  • Storing piles and wood debris away from home. Bugs and cockroaches love to move among these piles in search of their favorite food.

Step 2: Select the insect type in your home:

Scientific data have shown that there are at least 4,000 types of home insects that are present at home frequently, but in the following lines, we will talk about the most common species in Saudi Arabia. Defining the enemy you are attacking is one of the basic steps that will help you choose the appropriate method to deal with. Therefore, you will find the following scientific facts about these insects and some simple solutions that make it easy to get rid of them effectively and safely:

  1.  Ants:





The appearance of the insect: The insect is known as dark brown and contains three legs with two long antennas that look exactly like the legs. Although it is a nuisance household pest, it has a charming and appealing look that excites some people.

Where insects are present: Ants prefer to be found in the soil or under different houses and buildings. There are types of ants that may find them along the sidewalks or near different trees or plants. Ant insects are also present in warm, humid places, for example, which may be found under the floors and inside the walls of the house.

Favorite foods of the insect: Of course, ants love eating sweets, nuts, fruits, and seeds and often feed on the bodies of other insects decomposed.

Ants' damage: There are types of ants leave a very painful bite with a red spot on the skin resulting in severe itching, also ants known for its ability to transmit different types of viruses and harmful bacteria that attack the human body and threaten his life.

How to get rid of ants: First you have to find the points used by the insect to enter your home and this through a thorough examination and inspection of the house to determine the tracks followed by the insect, then you can use natural alternatives that are cinnamon, ground coffee, garlic, chili, cloves and dried mint, Natural substances have an effective and guaranteed effect to eliminate ants forever. All you have to do is apply them in the areas where the insect is hiding regularly and after several days you will notice the insect disappearing from your home. Also, the use of spices may prevent insects from entering your home once again and thus provide full protection for your home or building from these insects.

  1.  Bed bugs:

Bed bugs are common insects that can be found in many parts of the world but have recently been concentrated in Saudi Arabia, the United States, Canada and some parts of Europe. Bugs are also characterized by their ability to adapt to changing climatic conditions. This insect has been found in different environments. According to statistics and scientific reports, the spread of this insect in many countries is due to travel and mobility.

The appearance of the insect: characterized by its oval shape and has six legs while the size is very similar to the size of apple seeds and color reddish brown.

Where insects are present: Bugs are constantly present in the furniture, around the bed frames, behind the electrical appliances and inside the walls. Because of its small size, this insect can hide in places that are difficult for people to reach and make it worse in places where there is chaos.

Preferred foods for the insect: Bugs feed on the absorption of blood from the human, it means that you get their food through you and your family, also this insect can survive without food for at least a year.

Bugs Damage: Although insect bugs do not pose a threat to human life, they leave a very painful bite and cause itching and skin irritation. Sometimes these bites may cause an allergic reaction and serious but this rarely occurs.

How to get rid of bed bugs and camphor. These substances have an effective effect in expelling Bed bugs outside the room and prevented her return home again.oil: Unfortunately, the elimination of bugs is difficult for homeowners to do, but there is a set of general precautions and precautions that make it easier to deal with this insect. First, clean all the surfaces on which the insect moves like pillows, towels, clothes, curtains, By using hot water and leave it in the hot parts to dry for at least half an hour. Then use the brush to clean the floors of the house and disposal of materials related to it, also used a vacuum cleaner in the cleaning of carpets and sets of poles and curtains. You can also use the essential oils or natural ingredients such as cinnamon, lemon, cloves, mint, lavender, thyme, tea tree.




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