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Treatment of termites at home - Can you eliminate termites in the house without pesticides?

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Treatment of termites at home - Can you eliminate termites in the house without pesticides?
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Treatment of termites at home is the ideal solution that helps you eliminate one of the most dangerous insects in the house, but can you eliminate the termites in the house and are there ways to help combat ants before construction ?! Is it necessary to use pesticides to get rid of termites?!

In this topic we will share with you many scientific facts about the control of termites at home in simple steps and very easy, you will only need to follow the following lines from the site of Orchida to control insects and so you will be able to protect your home from this scourge.

Treatment of termites at home - Can you eliminate termites in the house without pesticides?

The presence of ants in your home may be a problem; but the presence of termites in your home is a real disaster and this is because it caused many damage and the most serious structural damage Statistics have shown that there are types of termites that feed only on wood and so will not be able to distinguish between trees and houses Are subject to further material damage.

Not only that; termites may interact with foods and food prepared for your family and thus infect the bacteria and viruses that cause the body to be infected with diseases and serious health problems.

Now, do you find enough reason to get rid of termites?!

Well, you can learn about the methods and steps of anti-termites in the following lines, but in order to defeat this insect you first have to learn more scientific facts related to the insect, for example the food preferred insect and how to get it and also the life cycle of ants and most importantly The common areas where the insect is hiding, in this way it will be easy to apply one of the appropriate treatments and eliminate the entire colony.

Some people cannot distinguish between ants and termites due to the similarity of these insects, but an expert in pest control said that one of the tricks that help you identify termites is through the application of termite traps. It is not the treatment of ants at home, but helps to make sure that this insect are termites and not the normal ants.

It is also necessary to determine the type of ants in the home so that you can choose the appropriate treatment to deal with the insect. Also identifying structural damage may help you find out if there are active colonies in your home or not.

But now, how do you find the termites at home?

Scientific data have shown that there are 50 species of termites in the United States, including many species in many parts of the world, including Saudi Arabia. Although there are some people who think that termites do not build their own nest in wood, cellulose is one of the favorite foods for termites. That is precisely why you can find terrible numbers of termites within different wood elements.

You may also find termites in your garden or inside piles and wood debris. There are also types of white ants living underground for the availability of the climatic conditions they need.

Why do termites exist in your home and how do you get them?

Sometimes termites occur for a number of reasons; sometimes your house enters numbers of insects during its mating journey by accident. Both male and female termites look for a suitable area for mating, often near the different homes or institutions.

There are also dry ants, which prefer to be present within the wood elements that are produced in the house and therefore may find a swarm of termites around the wooden properties and around the picture frames that you buy from outside.

Termite insects may stumble into cracks and gaps in the home. In addition, termites are attracted to moisture and various cellulose sources such as wood and other plant materials.

What types of termites at home?

There are three main types of termites spread throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but each varies in degree of adaptation to different environmental conditions, for example dry termites need less moisture than other species and therefore may stumble into the elements of the house and different furniture.

In the following lines we will talk about the most common termites in the home, including:

  1. Dampwood termites:

This is one of the most famous termites that are found near wet or damaged wood. You can find this type of insect when you are wet or damaged wood furniture. This type of termite needs a special treatment strategy to treat the wood problem.

  1. Drywood termites:

Dry termites pose a major threat to homes where the insect is present in every corner of the house. It has found colonies of termites inside walls, various household items and even photo frames.

This type of termite can adapt to different climatic conditions and may adapt to wet trees or arid environments. This is in addition to its ability to hide in thin wood, which does not exceed the thickness of the pencil.

But dealing with dry termites will not be difficult, especially if you can determine the location of the colony, but not able to do some of this task and this is because the hiding of the insect inside the holes and walls and the decline of visual activity cannot be the owner of the house to follow.

  1. Subterranean Termites:

Unlike dry ants and wood ants; underground ants were found living underground or within wooden structures near the soil. This is the most common type in Saudi Arabia and needs a special treatment strategy.

Prefer to be present in wet, humid areas; unfortunately, the homeowner cannot distinguish between ants and dry ants.

Life cycle of Termite:

Termites live in a class system that is very similar to normal ants. There are four layers of termites within this system, but each has its own conditions.

Reproduction of Termite:

The breeding of the termites begins and ends with the male reproductive class, which is the male and female queens; the male and female swarms leave their colony and go away until they find the right place to complete the mating. Then the queen begins to put their egg capsules in a safe place, Dangerous insects or predators can reach them.

When small larvae come out of the egg capsules, they go to a luminous spot. These are the main signs of termite infection where eggs hatch in the dry grass or under the soil away from disturbing humans.

The termite insects pass through the growth stages in full until they become sexually mature and become able to mate. What turns into a worker and the queen's workers are always seeking to bring food to the rest of the colony. There are also soldiers.

  • Termite workers :

The workers' class is the biggest threat to the house, because it feeds on wet wood and later converts it to cellulose. Workers take that substance to share with the rest of the colony. You may notice terrible numbers of termites in your home if you are already suffering from this infection but unfortunately you will not be able to determine termites on the light after seeing it.

  • Soldiers:

The main task of the soldiers is to protect the colony from any invasion or attack. This layer cannot reproduce and does not destroy the wood alone, which means that its presence at home is harmless. However, if you notice the Termite Soldiers and have been able to identify them, this indicates that there is a complete colony nearby and these soldiers will help you locate the colony exactly and thus will make it easier for you to eliminate them and get rid of them.

Are there specific signs of termite infection?

If you are wondering how to identify termites, make sure that you need to conduct a thorough inspection and follow-up to every corner of the house where there are some signs and indicators that help you to identify the terminality include:

  1. Find termite waste, which is a waste of color the same color of wood, those holes stored in small holes of wood, although these piles are very small, but they are very similar to sawdust, and it may be difficult for the owner of the house to identify However, these granules differ in shape and color, whereas sawdust is similar to shrapnel and has a single color, so the termite fecal waste is one of the primary signs of injury.

  2. The remains of the following wood debris, which is very similar to the soft powder, leaves the insect on the surfaces and around the window frames and near the devices and others. Termites may be small insects that are hard to locate, but following up on the surface will help you identify termites.
  3. For dry termites, it is preferable to be located inside the holes and holes in each area of the house, although these holes do not help in determining the extent of infection of the insect, but it confirms the presence of insect in your home.
  4. The termite termites leave clay tubes in the pathways that they take while searching for food and water. These tubes will help you reach the colony's location precisely and in this way you will discover the extent of the insect.

Elimination of Termites in the House:

There are many ways to help you eliminate the termites in your home naturally and safely. Although these methods are not sufficiently effective, such as contracting with the Pest Control Department in Jeddah, they can protect you against serious infections and prevent new infections.

In order for you to get the result you want it is necessary to follow the following instructions correctly, and the methods of treating the termites at home include the following:

  1. Use of borax:

Boric acid is the most common substance in the fight against various home insect species including termites and also cockroaches, bed bugs and others. This material is available in the local market so you will not have any difficulty getting it.

The effect of the substance on the insect appears very quickly as it is on the central nervous system of termites and absorbs moisture from the insect and in this way the insect dies immediately.

Although the effectiveness of boric acid in the treatment of termites, it must take full safety precautions and this is because that article of toxic organic household products and for this reason should keep out of the reach of children and pets.

You can prepare this bait very simply. All you have to do is add boric acid to one of your favorite materials, for example cardboard, wet wood or a piece of clothing.

Then leave more than one trap in all the tracks followed by the insect, in this way you will be able to eliminate termites in your home.

  1. Cartoon trap:

Although this method will not help you get rid of termites permanently, it helps you reduce the number of insects active from them. Simply take a piece of cardboard and fix it with adhesive strips and leave it in the areas where the termites are active. The insect will be attracted to the trap because the cardboard is a favorite material but it will be confined to the adhesive tape. In the morning you can take the insect paper and burn it immediately. Repeating this process regularly will help you eliminate hundreds of termites.

  1. The use of rock salt:

One of the most effective techniques used in the treatment of endotracheal ants, but the success of this treatment is temporary and has a specific time. All you have to do is trench the trenches around your home six inches deep and fill it with rock salt and water.

This trap will serve as a temporary barrier to prevent the spread of termites at home, but be careful not to use this method and this because rock salt may cause some damage to your soil.

  1. The use of boiling water:

One of the common methods used to treat home ants is to pour boiled water into a termite colony. This method works better on the termite termites than dry wood ants. This is because of the small entry points of the wood ant colonies.

But be aware that these methods will only those insects that come into contact with boiling water only, this means that the effectiveness of this treatment is not permanent and will not help in the elimination of the entire colony.

  1. Use of useful nematodes:

One of the small nematodes that are available in many garden shops and are considered natural predators of termites. All you have to do is simply plant those worms in grade 60 or in the warmer soil. Nematodes permanently search for termite larvae and cause their death immediately.

  1. Use of orange oil:

Orange oil is an effective method that effectively contributes to the elimination of termites. This is because it contains a very large percentage of D - lemons, which are chemicals extracted from orange peel, the substance proved very effective in killing large numbers of insect. But until you get the result you want, the insect should go straight to the orange oil.

Dealing with termites is very difficult, so it is difficult to deal with the problem on your own, but you can ask for assistance from the services of the White Termite Control Company in Jeddah, which protect you from the insect and eliminate it completely.



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