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Treatment of fleas - is it necessary to use expensive control pesticides or are there effective and cheap methods؟

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Treatment of fleas - is it necessary to use expensive control pesticides or are there effective and cheap methods؟
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Do you notice the presence of flea insects on your furnishings and are looking for a powerful and effective Treatment of fleas?! Well, here comes our role where Orchids site offers you many effective means and strategies that make it easy to get rid of fleas and eliminate them completely, all you have to do is follow the following lines and choose the method of treatment that suits you and after you will notice the disappearance of the insect from your home completely.

Treatment of fleas - is it necessary to use expensive control pesticides or are there effective and cheap methods؟

Fleas are parasitic insects that live on the bodies of animals and humans because they feed on blood, and they are insects moving from one body to another easily and in a fast time without being noticed by the human. Unfortunately, this insect carries many diseases; therefore, it must be disposed of to protect your home and your pet.

But is getting rid of fleas so easy?!!

Of course, no, flea treatment that affects your home is very difficult because it is a small household insect that is difficult for humans to observe or locate where to hide, and for this reason precisely so you can treat and eliminate fleas; you need enough experience and information about the insect and about Its life and times are energized by it, in this way you can completely eliminate it from your home.

There are many types of fleas that live on cats and dogs as well as humans, so if you notice that your animal does not stop rubbing his body from time to time, you should expedite the disclosure by a specialist veterinarian will help you to discover the problem that is suffering, Finding the right options for treating fleas that live on his body, and the many ways flea control includes:

The use of flea treatment tablets:

If your pet is suffering from fleas, it is possible to use oral tablets for animals. These pills start working within 30 minutes and kill 90 per cent of fleas in just six hours.

Unfortunately, the use of flea tablets will help you kill only large fleas. It does not prevent future infections with fleas or other domestic insects. Your animal should be given a tablet every day. If you move to a new location, your animal should be given a protective tablet to avoid fleas. Remote, flea tablets cannot be given without a prescription by a veterinarian to determine the appropriate tablets for your animal.

Anti-flea shampoo:

Your pet can be given a chemical bath for its entire body through the use of flea shampoo. The shampoo is prescribed by a veterinarian who can rid your flea of the problem without any side effects.

You should know that flea treatment medicines do not all work the same way so be sure to read the shampoo product label and it will help you to confirm the validity of your pet and to ensure the safety of your pet.

But most cats and dogs do not want to shower and can be stressed during the time of bathing may not be a suitable treatment for many animals, especially that the shampoo offers immediate and rapid killing of fleas, but it will not stop the recurrence of infection again.

Use of insecticides to treat fleas:

Insecticides are one of the most effective flea treatments because they attack the nervous system of the flea and then eliminate it completely. Pest control organizations, therefore, manufacture special insecticides that prevent fleas from developing or from developing their own eggs, as well as stopping them from occurring in the future. The most common pesticides are methoprene and pyroxophyne, and the manufacturers of pesticides put many active substances together in the same pesticide to work faster.

Oil products and garlic for the treatment of fleas:

Some of us may not want to use pesticides or chemical products to treat fleas for fear of the health of children or pets. Fortunately, there is a range of natural products that may help you get rid of this insect and protect your home from it forever.

The most famous of these products are garlic and oil products, which proved very effective in the treatment of fleas that inhabit the body of the animal, and this prevents the return again, and for this reason, are considered effective solutions that surpassed chemical products.

But to get the effectiveness and effect of this product, you first need to know where to hide fleas and apply the garlic or oil product near it regularly and after a short period, you will notice the disappearance of the insect.

Flea Treatment Spray:

Flea spray sprays are an instant product to eliminate fleas, a common option because they are fast and convenient to use, safe and do not leave any harmful side effects. In addition, it does not cause much stress or discomfort to pets.

Many companies offer a single, immediate product for both cats and dogs, and can not be used on animals younger than 12 weeks. It is also important to read the sprayer label before applying it to the animal to check for species and age warnings.

There are many forms of flea sprays, including bottles and cans, which are easy to use, but most have strong smells and some pet owners may find them irritating. However, the smell usually disappears within a few hours of use.

Flea treatment drops:

Flea droplets are effective treatments for flea elimination. It is very important that the dots are applied directly to the skin of the animal to work properly. Most immediate treatments direct the user to separate the animal's hair from the skin and then place the points on the skin. The treatment works effectively as the animal should be stopped from licking the application of the treatment, and the fleas will be eliminated within 24 hours of application of the flea drop.

The animal must be monitored for a flea-free flea. Larger fleas will be killed in size after application of the product to the animal. Most immediate treatments should be reapplied every 4-6 weeks to maintain the animal's condition.

Despite the effectiveness of previous methods in the treatment of fleas; however, it is better to communicate with a professional or a specialized expert from Orchida pest control company in Jeddah, and this, of course, because he has a lot of information and details about the various household insect life, including fleas and also there are many safe control products Depend on them to get rid of this insect.


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