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Treating ants completely - If you want to protect your family from ants follow the following control methods تمت المشاهدة بواسطة Donia Amer في 11:09 م

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Treating ants completely - If you want to protect your family from ants follow the following control methods تمت المشاهدة بواسطة Donia Amer في 11:09 م
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Treating ants completely? Is this what you are constantly looking for? The presence of ants everywhere in your home bothers you!! Well, you can now get rid of ants permanently and safely without having to use toxic chemical pesticides that cause more serious damage and side effects on your health and the health of your family members. Just follow these tips and precautions to resolve your problem.

Treating ants completely - If you want to protect your family from ants follow the following control methods:

Do you notice ants crawling on your kitchen floor again?! Or do you notice a long path of these insects crawling on one of the walls of the house! Although it may seem impossible to keep your home from ants, there are some things you can do for it.

But first you will need to learn more scientific facts about the insect, for example, the habits and behavior of the insect and its favorite foods and also how to identify ants and distinguish them from each other and this is what we will discuss in the following lines:

Is there a specific sign that helps me identify and identify ants?

Of course there are many simple and effective steps that make it easy to identify the type of ants that affect your home, but even so, you should study the scientific facts about the types of home ants.

You should be aware that each type of ants has its own food habits and different behaviors from other species, which is why control methods differ. This means that it is necessary to determine the type of ants in your home so you choose the effective treatment method to get rid of this problem.

You can also get a larger picture of the insect in your home and send it to the Pest Control Company in Jeddah, which helps you to identify the type and also provides you with more general advice and guidance to deal with it.

Ants can travel long distances in search of food and water for the rest of the colony, but until they can return to the nest again, the insect leaves behind a group of chemical pheromones where you travel.

This is why when the owner of the house kills the insect that appears in front of him, he will be surprised the next day that there are more and perhaps more than yesterday in the same place and this is because of chemical pheromones, so it is necessary to get rid of the entire colony so you do not notice this insect in your home again.

When you see a swarm of ants roaming around your house, simply use the water mixture with the soap and wipe the floor well or the path you are moving until you get rid of the pheromones completely, but first you have to follow the path we follow this insect and monitor its behavior constantly so you can reach the colony or private nest Out.

But how do I get to the ants?

Before anything you should realize that the best solution to an ant's problem is to get rid of their nests, no matter what type of ants your home is experiencing. For example, ants are a dredge that you can observe through the helical damage to your home. In addition, most ants prefer to be present in wet areas so they are constantly present in the kitchen or bathrooms or in the wet shrubs.

You can also find ants near the wooden debris in the yard of the house, and other types found under the soil and cause damage and destruction of the foundation of the house, you can also see swarms of ants in places suffering from leaks, such as sewage and under the kitchen.

You can follow the small holes in the walls of the house to reach the nest of ants and that is why you should repair the walls because it is considered a safe haven for many household insects. If you want to get rid of the ants hiding in the walls, you can get a strong pesticide spray containing Bifenthrin, Permethrin or Deltamethrin and these are active substances that contribute to killing the ants immediately. Also, if you notice that your ant colony is in the midst of leaking water and piles of damaged wood debris, you should fix it first.

However, if you cannot reach the ant nest, you will need to communicate with the pest control department as the control companies have professional experts who can access the nest or colony in a very short time.

Can I use an ant pesticide to get rid of it?

There are many products available in the local markets that depend on people who have frequent insect attacks, but be aware that these products may be made from toxic chemicals that may expose you and your family to more dangers, you will not find it better to consult a specialist to arrive To an effective and safe pesticide to treat this insect.

After completing the disposal of ants, there are some effective steps to ensure that this insect does not return to your home again. For example, you must fill all the gaps and cracks in the walls and all corners of the house and around the door and window frames, damaged wooden stacks away from home. It is also necessary to address the ports and entry points used by the insect until you enter your home.

You should make sure that ants are serious household insects that are a nightmare for homeowners because of the damage they leave. Therefore, you need an effective and safe treatment method that helps you eliminate the insect without endangering your family members. That is why you need to communicate with the ant control company in Jeddah. Help you treat the problem immediately.



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