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The shape of Bedbugs - What do bed bugs look like and what are their damage?

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The shape of Bedbugs - What do bed bugs look like and what are their damage?
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The shape of Bedbugs Is there certain signs of the presence of bed bugs in the house?! If you are looking for bed bugs and damage, read on today to help you learn more about bed bugs and signs of their presence.

If you are afraid to use pesticides or chemical products for fear of your family, Orchida gives you the best treatment that will make it easier for you to fight bed bugs and eliminate them completely in record time. So, keep reading...

The shape of Bedbugs - What do bed bugs look like and what are their damage?

Bugs are small, oval, and colour-based insects that are nourished by the absorption of human and animal blood. Small insects help them live anywhere in the home. They can live in small cracks in furniture, walls, and all kinds of fabric and furniture. Including upholstered furnitures such as sofas, chairs and others.

The most important places to hide are family mattresses so that they are close to people and can easily get their food, although they cannot fly but move very fast on floors, walls and ceilings.

Adult bed bugs have flat bodies, such as apple seeds, but they swell after feeding and turn brownish brown. Females can put hundreds of eggs during their life cycle, each one of which is the size of a dust atom, and although it is a nuisance, Do not think it is possible to transmit diseases.

The insects are 5 mm to 7 mm long, while small ones do not exceed 1.5 mm long. These small insects live at temperatures of 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, which allows them to develop and reach puberty faster and produce more than three generations In one year.

Symptoms and signs of bed bug bites:

Bugs are always active at bedtime and some people are exposed anywhere in their bodies to get their food, which is the blood meal they absorb, often in the face, neck, and arms.

Bugs of bed bugs are not painful at the time and you may not notice them, but they are then shown as small swellings and skin marks. They are the most common, but you should be careful not to scratch them, so you do not get infected.

One of the distinguishing features of bites is the finding of many bites in a row and the specialists point out that they are signs of breakfast, food and dinner, which indicates the successive feeding that occurs from time to time and may take some bites in days until they appear and appear clear and can reach 14 Days.

You can mistake these bites and think they are flea bites or mosquitoes. However, you can recognize the presence of bed bugs through the bad smell they produce. They also leave some dark spots on bed sheets, pillow covers and places where there are cracks in the beds. Walls and behind the beds and mattresses.

The researchers did not find that bedbugs actually transmitted the disease; however, health researchers suggested that the bugs may have Chagas disease spread in some areas of the United States of America, but this has not been clearly demonstrated.

How do I know that I have an infection with bed bugs?

Sometimes it is difficult to tell if a person has bitten him or her because the insects leave the person's body immediately after they are due. These stings also occur when the person is asleep so many people do not know how these bites and tattoos occurred.

However, the use of a magnifying glass during the examination of mattresses, pillows, mattresses and cracks in the furniture can show us insect insects whether or not they are present or their eggs and litter. This is usually the best and fastest way to know Whether there is injury or not.

How do bed bugs spread?

Bugs do not spread directly from one person to another but are spread by passengers or people who are wearing bedding or clothes that harbour bugs. Passengers can carry bed bugs in their clothes and luggage. They do not know, so insects move to their homes. Ventilation, water pipes, ceilings, walls and then fall on the person until you get their food from it.

Although it is not impossible to get rid of bed bugs, it requires a trained professional or expert at the highest level to identify the places where the insect is hiding and apply the appropriate treatment, so we recommend contacting the team from the Pest Control Company in JeddahBest ways to eliminate bed bugs quickly and safely.


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