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Termites insect - amazing facts about the Termites insect and how to get rid of them

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Termites insect - amazing facts about the Termites insect and how to get rid of them
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An insect of termites or termites is one of the most destructive insects in the place where it is located, be it your home, office or garden. It may be difficult for you to determine the hiding place of the termite insect, because it is one of the insects that hide well Well, in this article, Orchida will help you identify the termite insect and how to get rid of it

Termites insect - amazing facts about the Termites insect and how to get rid of them:

You may not notice that your home has been invaded by an insect unless you start to notice fallen trees, sawdust, and damage to garden furniture or other objects that you may not have noticed. The house as well as under the walls.

Controlling the
It is also possible to control the termite insect in the pre-construction phase and is more common because it is best to perform treatment before waiting for terminating termites.
The best way to control the termite insect is to contact termite yourself is difficult to do, so we advise you to leave them to the experts, but if you want to try to fight them yourself, you can use baits or chemicals such as liquid termite pesticides available in local stores and markets If you decide to use conventional pesticides, you should be careful and read the instructions carefully because this will make it easier for you to eliminate the termite insect yourself. Before applying the insecticide, you must first find the insect site and check your home regularly from time to time.

Can you fight termite yourself?

Orchids Pest Control Company in Jeddah, which will check the extent of loss of your property, limit the places where the termite insect is present, and then develop its own treatment program.

How to distinguish between a winged and
The nest ants usually touch the underground soil, feed on the infrastructure of the houses, and leave the wood moist, hollow and easily smashed.
The ants have been feeding on wood for more than 250 million years. It started a long time ago when people began to build their homes from trees. The termite insect recycles wood products into the soil by feeding on cellulose, the main component of cell walls in plants. , And this lives more than 2,200 species of pomegranate around the world.
How to feed ants: winged ants:
There are two types of white ants, namely the winged insect and the non-winged insect, each possessing centuries ofsensing. The non-winged pomegranate has a large waist. The winged insect has a narrow waist that makes it resemble bees. The winged insect has a couple of wings and the large wings are in front. The small wings are at the end of the insect's back.
The size of the ant's insect varies from 1/4 inch to 3/8 inch, and its colour is semi-transparent and tilted to brown or grey.
The Rama insect also lives in large groups, and in each of the colonies of ants, soldiers and workers, each has its own function and does not cease to perform.

You can also see mud tunnels in your garden, which if you follow them may lead to the whereabouts of the white ants. These insects build mud tunnels in places where there is
The insect ants are very intelligent, as they may feed on your entire wood, leaving only a thin, very fragile layer of wood. Sometimes you may find wood residues scattered in the places that have been destroyed, and when you touch those residues you may find them Very thin and can break in your hands.
How to know that your home has been invaded by an ants insect: moisture because the ants need food and water. With water.
As mentioned earlier, the termite insect feeds on wood because it extracts cellulose, and it needs the moisture that helps it to live.
In the summer, nest ant nests can be found by seeing swarms of insects that are large in your garden. These insects will help you find places where the adult ants, which are large in size, cannot find Enough space inside the nest that you hide in, you have to get out of the caches, and you can immediately see them to identify places to hide.

You can also find an ant insect in:
There may be groups of ants in the wooden structures of the doors and windows and kitchen cabinets, and you may find at home some of the holes in the corners that the insect made, and you may hear sounds like the crash of wood as a result of the bite of numbers of ants, and you can see piles of wings Small-sized ant,
When you find these symptoms, you should talk to a professional who can check the infection and develop treatment suggestions based on the type of ants that infect your home.
The rates of infection of the termites and the ways to eliminate them.

How can you control the termite insect completely?
Are you ready to get rid of the termite insect? Do not worry dear reader where you can control those annoying insects, especially if you are planning to build your own home and want to make sure that your property is not spread by an ants insect, but if you have already built your home, Jeddah Post-construction monitoring service, this service allows you to protect your home, as the company offers anti-insect control service before and after construction.


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