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Small household insects - The most dangerous types of small house insects

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Small household insects - The most dangerous types of small house insects
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Small household insects - seeing small household insects at night or hearing their voices is the worst nightmare for homeowners, but fortunately there are effective ways and means to prevent the presence of small household insects near you without the need to use toxic chemical products.

Some may think that the use of chemical products is the most appropriate solution for the elimination of domestic insects, but unfortunately these chemical products may be the main cause of your family's skin disorders including irritation of the skin and eyes and respiratory system. In addition, there are types of chemical pesticides that have a toxic effect on the human and may cause his death immediately and this is often the case if used incorrectly.

In addition, these chemical products have a detrimental effect on the environment, because they find their way into groundwater and rivers, which causes pollution of the water and thus endanger the lives of animals and plants.

Before you know about the methods of dealing with small household insects, first you have to identify the habits and behavior of the insect so that you can choose the appropriate treatment strategy and this is provided by the site Orchida in the following lines, so follow us ..

Small household insects - The most dangerous types of small house insects and how to get rid of them:

Although each geographical area has certain types of annoying household insects, we are talking in the next few lines about the most serious types of pests that are found in homes, buildings, buildings, etc. We will share some information and scientific facts about these annoying insects, What they eat and the damage they cause and more importantly how to deal with it effectively and safely.

  • Ants:

Ants of various kinds of small household insects are the most common, which are widespread in all parts of the world, but how do you recognize the presence of this insect in your home?!!

Ants are characterized by dark-brown or dark-brown ants with a broken body and three legs. This is in addition to longitudinal antennas much like legs.

Where they are located: These insects often prefer to be present in the soil or under different buildings and structures or near trees and plants. In addition, they are located in high humidity areas and can therefore be found between walls, under floors or near heating system components.

Her favorite foods: Ants prefer to eat fruits, seeds, nuts and sweets, but if you do not find her favorite food resort to the garbage containers to get the meal and sometimes eat the bodies of dead insects.

Ant damage: As reported by many studies and scientific research, which indicated that ants from serious vectors that cause the transmission of infection, fungi and bacteria to the surfaces that contact them and in this way may cause your family serious diseases. In addition, there are types of ants that bite and leave painful patches very red.

How to get rid of ants: First, look for the entry points that the insect uses to enter your home and then it is necessary to seal them with steel or heavy materials that the insect cannot handle. You can use the natural ingredients on the pathways used by the insect to move from place to place, for example cinnamon powder, soft coffee, chili pepper, sweet peppers, dried mint and cloves. These natural ingredients have proved very effective in eliminating all kinds of insects, including ants.

Also drops of lemon juice or orange oil is a safe solution that helps to kill ants quickly, most importantly since those natural ingredients are safe and non-toxic and do not leave any adverse effect on the environment or pets in the home. But often you may suffer from a very serious injury and you may need an expert in ant control and in this case do not hesitate to communicate with the pest control company in Jeddah.

  • Bed bugs:

One of the very small home insects that humans cannot observe is also a night pest that attacks a person when he goes to sleep. That is why it may be difficult for a person to get rid of them, but are there any specific signs of bed bugs in your home?!

Bugs: Bugs have a flat oval body with six legs. Their size is very similar to that of an apple sown in reddish brown, which may be difficult for humans to observe.

Bugs are very small household insects that can be found all over the world. However, statistics and scientific reports have shown that this insect spreads widely in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, parts of Europe and also in Saudi Arabia.

Bugs are often found in environments that contain many people and are therefore found in places of hospitality, hotels, apartments, houses, trains, buses, bedrooms, etc. It is therefore said that increasing travel and traveling from one place to another has been a major factor in spreading this insect around the world In bags, clothes and various furnishings.

In addition, it can be found around bed frames, front panels, home furniture, behind walls, electrical appliances, cracks and spaces in the home.

Her favorite foods: Bugs feed on blood obtained from either human or domestic pets, but the insect has a great ability to survive without eating for up to several weeks.

Bugs damage: Although bugs are not pathogens, the bite of this annoying insect can cause severe itching and skin irritation with severe allergies, as well as human injury to sleep disorders such as anxiety and insomnia. In severe cases, bugs may cause allergic reactions. Serious but this rarely happens.

How to get rid of bed bugs: Getting rid of these very small household insects needs an appropriate strategy. First, clean all surfaces where insect insects, for example towels, pillows, clothes, curtains, bed sheets, etc., prefer to use hot water to kill these disturbing creatures and then you can dry it for at least thirty minutes before using it again.

Then you can use the vacuum cleaner to clean the mattress and corners of the house completely and remove the residue away from home. You can also search the corners of the house and fill all spaces and desires, whether in the walls of the house or on the floorboards. Aromatic oils may also help you to eliminate bugs such as peppermint oil, lavender oil, tea tree oil, cloves, lemon grass, cinnamon and camphor oil. Exfoliate insects outside the home and you can use them without fear because they do not leave any side effect either on your health or the health of your family.

  • Bees and wasps:

Other types of small household insects, but the presence of this type of pests near you may cause you to suffer a lot of painful bites.

Appearance of the insect: For bees ranging in size from 1/2 inch to 1 inch longitudinal with the body oval and six legs and also have sensor horns, and enjoy the color of yellow gold with the presence of lines of structure or on the outer surface. There is also what is known as copper bees and this type tends to color between blue and black with a yellow layer on its back.

The wasps are larger in size and often black or dark brown. There are yellow and yellow wasps, and they have legs and coarse yellow lines on the outer body.

Where it is located: This type of small household insects prefer to be present in moderate climatic conditions and despite their ability to adapt in many climatic conditions. In addition, they are spread throughout the world and are present in Saudi Arabia.

Horns often build their own nest under the ground or on tree branches and in uninhabited buildings such as barns. In addition, bee and wasp insects move in search of sweet things and may find them near fruit trees and garbage containers.

Her favorite foods: Bee insects prefer to eat pollen and nectar from flowers, while wasps feed on small household insects and fruits and also on human waste.

Damage to bees and wasps: There are many people who suffer from severe allergies due to bee bites and wasps, so one bite may be deadly for them. Also people who do not suffer from serious allergic reactions spread the venom from the sting to a wider range and cause itching, swelling and a feeling of severe pain.

How to get rid of bees and wasps: Getting rid of bees and wasps is very important especially for ecosystems because they cause damage to plants, crops and other useful pests. In order to get rid of this insect completely, you first have to get rid of its nest and most importantly get rid of the queen because it is the main reason for their growing and growing number.

Then you can use a spray containing essential oil and non-toxic or traps containing the appropriate taste and so you can kill the insects that you see in front of you. One of the tricks used to drive wasps out of the house is the work of a fake nest on the trees. This trick is very useful because wasps are known to be the Euclidean insects that do not approach another nest.

You can also use a combination of soap and water and this is very effective in the elimination of small household insects as it impedes the movement of the breath and cause the death immediately.

  • Fleas:

We often suffer from the presence of this type of small home insects, which lose us the ability to sleep and exercise our lives as normal.

External appearance of the fleas: This insect has a small body length of about 1/8 inch longitudinal and has long claws on six legs long, also characterized by reddish brown.

Where they are: These insects are scattered all over the world and can be found on pet hairs and on your bedclothes and clothes.

Her favorite foods: Fleas feed on blood meals obtained from humans or animals.

Flea Damage: Human flea bites and leaves severe itching. In most cases, the person may suffer from severe allergies. In addition, they are dangerous domestic insects because they transmit diseases and viral infections such as typhoid and tapeworm, and these are one of the most dangerous diseases that affect humans.

How to get rid of fleas: There are certain types of therapeutic products available in local markets that you can rely on in cleaning your pets from fleas. Then you can also use the vacuum cleaner to clean all corners of the house so you may be able to catch flea insects very small and get rid of waste away from home.

Natural herbs can also help you get rid of fleas. For example, lemon, citronella, wolves and rosemary can be used. These natural plants and herbs are capable of expelling very small household insects of all kinds. Or you can add drops of essential oil with water

  • Rats and rodents:

Mice of small household insects that cause fear and anxiety for everyone, in addition to its disgusting appearance that disgusts but does this insect cause health risks for your family?!

External appearance of mice: There are different types of mice that can be found in your home and often contains the lesion on the fur brown or gray or black and has a long tail and the length of the length to about three inches longitudinal.

Mice can be found all over the world, but ceiling mice and Norway rats are among the most common and common types of mice. These species prefer to be at home.

It is said that mice are present in many places where people live and make their own nest in the indoor and in which there is great chaos such as attics, basements, basements, warehouses and others.

Her favorite foods: This pest affects almost anything, especially meat and grains, as well as its ability to chew wood and solid walls with sharp teeth.

Mice damage: Mice are known to be epidemiologic pathogens such as plague. Therefore, their presence near you may cause the spread of infections that threaten your life and your family life such as typhoid, Hantavirus infection and also serious Lyme disease. This is in addition to physical damage as mice cause damage to food and household surfaces through the stool and other diseases that carry them.

How to get rid of mice: The best way to get rid of mice is to control the climatic conditions in the home, as the mice prefer to be in wet warm areas and therefore be careful to dry the house and disposal of permanent water sources. Also, be sure to fill the gaps and spaces used by small household insects to enter your home including windows screens and this is because the rats are excellent climbers.

You also need to store food in sealed containers so that you cannot access them and get rid of garbage containers continuously. This way mice cannot get their food.

Use natural solutions to drive this insect out of the house or you can use a water mix with soapy liquid to wipe the wood surfaces and areas where the insect is scattered. You can also use the traps and baits available in the local markets and it helps you kill as many as possible insect, but it is necessary to regular use to get an effective result.

Also effective solutions that many people depend on are to get a pet as a cat; it is a predator of mice, so the mouse can only find a solution to escape from your home immediately.

  • Flies:

Flies are very small household insects that are common everywhere and far from annoying insects, but they may also leave some health risks that threaten your family.

The outward appearance of flies: This insect has a body of dark gray to black color with six legs and wings that help them to fly and move from place to place and also an oval body with a length of about 1/4 inches long.

Where it is located: This insect is often found in places where humans are present, including houses, sheds, trains and various facilities.

Favorite foods: Fly insects prefer to eat garbage, animal waste and rotting materials. If they do not find their favorite meal, they may resort to rubbish to get their food.

Damage flies: According to many studies and scientific research, which indicated that flies from carriers of diseases that cause human infection of bacteria and serious diseases, including food poisoning and dysentery, and there are certain types of flies cause the transmission of diseases from one person to another because Blood absorption from person to person.

How to get rid of flies: First you have to prevent them from getting food, which is done by getting rid of the garbage containers permanently and not accumulating at home, you also have to clean the spills that fall on the floor of the house. Be sure to block them from entering your home and this is done by blocking the ports you use such as spaces on windows and other windows. There are also certain types of herbs that prevent this insect from getting close to your home because of its smells, such as mint, basil and others.

  • Spiders:

Outer appearance of spiders: This insect contains eight legs and there are different types of spiders with different colors, for example you may find brown, black, gray or yellow.

Whereabouts: Spiders can be found all over the world. They live almost everywhere, so it may be difficult to determine where the insect is located, but you are often present in corners and corners of the house, in cupboards, under cabinets, boxes, wood and under furniture.

Favorite Spiders Foods: Spiders feed on very small domestic insects, small spiders and many small invertebrates. In addition, spiders are carnivores despite their small mouths but do not cause harm to humans or other large mammals.

Spiders' Damage: Although many people are afraid of spiders, they are usually more helpful because spiders feed on other crawling insects, including cockroaches, flies, mites and mosquitoes, and may also feed on small spiders. But there are types of poisonous spiders that threaten human life, so if you are sure that your home is infected with this poisonous type, you should get rid of them immediately.

How to get rid of spiders: Often, the presence of spiders on their own may help you get rid of other pests, but if you are concerned about toxic spiders, you will not find it better to communicate with a professional or an expert in pest control. Treat it yourself and this is because it may become extremely dangerous when disturbed.

You'll also have to get rid of the mess near your home and trim the long grass and plants near your home. Also use the vacuum cleaner regularly to clean the corners and corners of the house and so you can pick up spider clusters. You can also protect herbs by using a local lotion made from essential oils and in this way you will get rid of spiders completely.

  • Cockroaches:

External appearance of cockroaches: A length of about 1/2 inch to 1 inch and 1/2 inch long and also has six legs and long antennae. As for its color, it has a brown color with light or black markings on the back of the head depending on the type of cockroach.

Locusts: Cockroaches often occur in densely populated areas and are often found all over the world. They can also be found in areas with a high level of humidity such as bathrooms, basements, heating pipes and drains.

Her favorite meal: Cockroaches eat almost everything so they call it zabalin but she likes to eat carbohydrates, cardboard, cardboard, boxes and also the remnants of food.

Cockroaches: Cockroaches are one of the most dangerous home insects. This is because the saliva of cockroaches and feces that leave them can cause allergic reactions, especially in children. Also may cause human respiratory illness and cases of asthma are exposed to further damage and health risks. Worse still, they are vector pathogens and therefore bacterial, fungal and bacterial infections are left in the pathways where they are constantly moving. These infections cause human infection with cola, salominella, parasitic worms and other serious diseases.

How to get rid of cockroaches: Since cockroaches of night insects, they often shudder around the sources of food in the kitchen. When you find only one cockroach you may be surprised by the huge numbers hiding in their nest waiting for food so killing the insect you see is not the perfect solution to get rid of the cockroaches. The first step is to prevent her from getting her meal by storing the food in closed containers and getting rid of garbage containers constantly and also not to leave the dirty dishes in the kitchen sinks. Also, remove the permanent sources of moisture in the home and gradually dry its internal organs.

Then, if you can identify the places where this insect is hiding, you can use the borax mix in the tracks that are constantly circulating on it. This material is capable of killing it and finally destroying it.

You can also rely on natural techniques to drive the insect out of the house. For example, you can use laurel leaves to help you get rid of cockroaches.

  • Termite:

The appearance of termites: This insect has four wings longitudinal with a body of brown or black and the length is from 1/2 to 3/8 inch longitudinal. There are many people who resemble termites with normal ants.

Location: This insect is spread in the United States, Africa, Australia and South Asia and can be found in dry wood and warm climatic environment. Termites can also live underground almost anywhere. Their nest can be found in piles under trees, trunk, under houses or other wooden buildings.

Her favorite foods: Termite insects feed on dead wood, trunks and wood debris.

Termite Damage: Although termites are not pathogens, they cause more physical damage. This is because the insect feeds 24 hours a day on the wood and you can imagine how much damage it causes to the home furniture and the basic structure of the house.

How to get rid of termites: Termite disposal is not an impossible task, but it needs a specialized expert or specialist to do it. All you have to do is communicate with the termite control company and help you with this. But if you want to do the job yourself first you have to reach the nest where the insect is hiding and then choose an appropriate strategy to eliminate it completely. Natural solutions such as borax, orange oil, young tree oil and neem oil can be used as a safe and effective ingredient to kill termites.



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