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Remove stains from the light couch - Clean types of hard spots of furnishings at a glance:

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Remove stains from the light couch - Clean types of hard spots of furnishings at a glance:
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Remove stains from the light couch may be a headache for many ladies home because it needs to make a great effort and spend a lot of money on cleaning products and others. Do you suffer from this problem and are looking for a quick and effective solution?!! Well, we have the solution. Orchida gives its customers the best way to overcome all kinds of spots and in the blink of an eye. This means you will not need to make a big effort or spend an entire day cleaning. All you have to do is follow the instructions below correctly.

Do not worry; these tips and advice are recommended by a world-class cleaning expert to help women restore the beauty of their furnishings and protect them from damage and fatigue that affects their appearance, so follow these guidelines without fear of anything.

Remove stains from the light couch - Clean types of hard spots of furnishings at a glance:

You may be exposed to this incident at least once where drops of food or drinks fall on your kennels and worse, urinating the pets on them, leaving behind a very difficult spot and a disgusting smell that alienates everyone. According to a cleaning expert, cleaning the canopies is more difficult than cleaning the tools and other household items, especially as they absorb the stains quickly and penetrate into the inner tissues of the sofa and therefore difficult to remove. Therefore, he explained that the ideal solution is to deal with the cleaning company in Jeddah, which has sufficient experience to deal with different types of tanks.

But some believe that dealing with cleaning companies in Jeddah may cost a lot of money and so they want to do this job themselves, if you are among these people do not worry I start to follow the following tips to help you deal with difficult spots and remove the effects of the final.

The primary key to cleaning the cup of stains is to act immediately as soon as you see them and do not make it much worse. Also, do not use too much water so that the spot does not spread wider and you lose the shine of your sofa sets.

  1. get rid of food stains and grease:

One of the times may result in the fall of food crumbs on the sets of the sofa or leak fat and oil stains on it and this is causing a big problem, so that you can deal with this type of stains Professional specialist suggests adding a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid or laundry detergent to a glass of water Cold and mix well.

Then dip a piece of clean cloth into the mix and use it on the spot and try to absorb the spot fluids as much as possible.

Then use the baking soda on the mixture and leave it for at least 20 minutes until the fluid is fully absorbed. Use the vacuum cleaner to dispose of the residues and effects of the mixture.

Or you can use a toothbrush with simple drops of dishwashing fluid on the spot and use paper towels to absorb the liquid.

If drops of cheese fall on the couch, beware of using hot water, it makes it worse, just follow the previous methods.

Be sure to repeat the previous steps several times in order to completely eliminate the effects of stains.

  1. get rid of stains juices and drinks:

Some ladies feel a stomach upset just to see drops of juice on their canopies. These stains can cause valuable furniture loss, but it is important to be calm so that you can treat the spots with the right strategy.

For coffee stains, you can add a teaspoon of detergent with a glass of warm water and use this solution to spray the spot and then use paper towels or a piece of clean cloth and press the spot until the liquid is fully absorbed and remove the spots.

Or you can use a combination of white vinegar with water, this combination is famous for its effectiveness in carpet cleaning and sofa kits of all kinds, but you must use any means available to you to dry it.

As for the wine stains you can first rub the spot using a cube of ice and then follow the previous method to get rid of the effects.

  1. get rid of blood stains:

The best treatment for blood stains is cold water, so if drops of blood fall on your favorite shirt you can leave it under cold water or use ice cubes on it for at least ten minutes before putting it in the washing machine and so will get rid of them.

But if these spots are on the sofa, you can also use ice cubes where you can cover the spot with a piece of clean cloth with ice pieces inside. After at least 20 minutes you may notice snow melt. Then you can remove the cloth and find that the spot becomes wet. Case Use a soap mix with water to completely remove the stain traces.

  1. Remove ink stains:

If there are drops of ink on your furniture, you should act immediately before it is dry and leave a bad mark. Simply use the alcohol on the spot and leave it for half an hour, and then rub the spot from the outside to the outside.

Be careful not to rub the place of the spot ever so as not to float the ink on the surface and make it worse, after that you will notice that most of the effects of the spot disappeared, but you will need to spray carpet cleaner to get rid of them completely.

  1. Get rid of pet spots:

Many of us prefer to keep their favorite pet and take it with it everywhere in the house, but in return the animal may leave a very bad spot and smell worse on your sofa sets. So, if you notice these spots, act immediately before you touch the fibers of the sofa and it is difficult to get rid of them.

Use paper towels to absorb as much liquid as possible, then sprinkle the baking soda on the spot and leave it to dry completely. Then you can get rid of the baking soda residue by using the vacuum cleaner.


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