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Reason for the presence of termites at home and what are the damage of the termites on the human body?

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Reason for the presence of termites at home and what are the damage of the termites on the human body?
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Reason for the presence of termites at home and what are the risk factors that increase the likelihood of being in the house?! This type of question has attracted the attention of many people around the world, especially in Saudi Arabia because of the health risks and damage that may be left to humans. This is what we will see in the following lines, where Orchida gives you more details and scientific facts about termites and factors that attract you to your home and how to deal with them.

Reason for the presence of termites at home and what are the damage of the termites on the human body?

The presence of termites in your home is a great disaster cost a lot of many because they cause injury to human diseases and health risks as well as physical damage caused by the eating of wood and furniture in the home, so it is necessary to know why the presence of ants at home:

  • Humidity:

Termites are household pests that prefer to be found under the soil. Therefore, most termite colonies are found in the infrastructure of the house under the soil. This is due to the high humidity in this place and the availability of permanent water sources.

Moisture is often present due to leakage of pipes and underground extensions. Therefore, it is necessary to inspect the entire house, basements and drainage areas to look for a leak. If there are any signs of these leaks, they should be fixed immediately to prevent moisture.

  • Wooden structures and debris near your home:

The reason for having ants in the house is also wood debris and wet or damaged structures. So even if the soil is treated by an expert or specialist in pest control, there is no wood debris near the house. This is because the cellulose found in wood is one of the preferred foods for termites.

So wood near your home may create an opportunity for termites to sneak into the house and may also build their own colonies between the interior surfaces of the wood so that the person cannot find and disturb.

If you want to get rid of the presence of termites in your home; Ike rid of wood debris, logs, sawdust and other wooden components that are stored near your home. In addition, you can also trim trees that touch window frames, doors and more.

  • The entrance to your home such as walls, ceilings and others:

As well as with other domestic insects and other pests; termites' insects seek food and water. This is why any outlet that helps them to enter the house, for example cracks and gaps in the wooden structures on the foundation of the house, as well as open windows, etc., can be used to build clay pipes so you can move from one place to another with ease.

All you have to do to solve this problem is to check the entry points that the insect may use to attack your house continuously and then treat those cracks with solids so that the insect cannot destroy them.

  • Appropriate environment conditions:

Availability of the appropriate environment conditions The reason for the presence of ants in the house, for example, if you live in a warmer or more humid state and area and these conditions that help the insect to continue to survive and therefore move the insect from one place to another until the right place to marry and reproduce in a manner Normal without exposure to harsh conditions or predators.

The presence of termites in your home may cost you a lot and may cause a threat to your family life so be sure to address the problem immediately once you see this insect to protect yourself from the insect. But eliminating this type of house insects needs a professional or expert in pest control and you will not find better communication with the termite control company in Jeddah until you get rid of it permanently and quickly.


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