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8 Insects to get rid of insects in winter - and autumn simple steps to keep your home

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8 Insects to get rid of insects in winter - and autumn simple steps to keep your home
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In winter, as the cold month's approach, the house should be arranged and organized for two important reasons. First, maintaining an appropriate temperature and keeping away from the cold and rainy weather, and secondly, preventing insects that spread during autumn and winter.

Second, fill the gaps and cracks in the walls and thus keep away from the cold air outside and prevent the entry of household insects.

The most frequent insects in the fall:

In the northern hemisphere, the number of wasps and flying insects generally decreases during autumn, but cold weather helps spread the risk of other insect attacks on your home such as mice and fleas.

Most common insects in autumn:
bed bugs.
How to get rid of insects at home?

We offer you some places in your home that help spread insects and provide a suitable environment for spreading and we offer some tips to get rid of them.

1- Rove (Al-Anjara):

The roof provides a very suitable place for domestic mice. It is considered a shelter with a very suitable atmosphere as it is close to the sources of food and can be a nest of wasps in the roof where it is a very suitable place to build the nest.

How to keep the roof free of insects:
Treatment of cracks and openings in the walls.
Check the roof periodically to make sure there are no insects.
Keep the roof clean.
Put stuff in plastic boxes
Checking the ventilation holes, pipes, cable access slots such as air conditioner openings and pipes so that they are not large through which you can enter insects.

2- Bathroom:

Pipes, basins, bathtubs can be a major cause of insect attraction for your home. Cockroaches, for example, are termites in the wet atmosphere. Any breakage or leakage in pipes is, therefore, a major attraction for cockroaches and termites.

How to keep your household bath free of insects?

Check all pipes periodically to make sure there are no leaks.
Treat any leaking immediately.
Check the ponds to make sure there are no obstructions for water movement so that there is no wet atmosphere to help spread insects.
Keep the bathroom always dry.

3- Bedroom:

As winter enters, many people take out winter clothes and store summer clothes, or in other words, take out winter clothes from the last wheel to the beginning and vice versa.

At this moment you should check the clothes well to make sure that there are no holes in the fabrics, which is a sign of the presence of insect mites inside the clothes, which need to be removed so as not to spread and hurt the rest of the clothes.

Another insect that causes a big problem in the bedroom is bed bugs. This insect is not confined to a specific chapter but spreads throughout the year. This insect is one of the most prevalent insects inside the house and moves very quickly in luggage, it is possible to move with your luggage when you spend a vacation or move in the case of purchase of new or used furniture and therefore check the bedroom well to make sure there are no bed bugs.

How to keep the bedroom free of insects:

Buy or use miticides if they are in the nearest pesticide shop.
Wash all clothing and bed linen at a high temperature of 60 ° C.
Clean the room well including the wardrobe from the inside and the legs of the bed and table.
Check good carpets, bed sheets and furniture to make sure there are no bed bugs.

4- Garage:

Most people use the garage as a storage place as well as old boxes, old furniture. Therefore, rodents prefer to spread in old neglected objects.

How to keep the garage free of insects:

Fill all openings and openings in the garage so as not to escape any entrance to insects.
Store stuff in plastic boxes and place them on shelves so that they are not the place for rodents and mice.
Treat any cracks or fractures found in the walls.

5- Kitchen:

Kitchens are the most disturbing and most disturbing places. Where the kitchen provides the appropriate atmosphere for the spread of insects where the appropriate temperature and food spread and therefore should pay much attention to the kitchen.

How to keep the kitchen free from insects?

Place food in closed containers that do not allow air to pass.
Do not leave any dirty containers in the tubs.
Disposal of any residue in the boxes.
Clean floors always.
Clean and check down basins, fireplaces and behind the fridge always.

6- Laundry Room:

In some houses, there is a separate room containing a washing machine and dryer and is a laundry room. This room certainly contains a lot of pipes and pipes and therefore the openings around these pipes are more than suitable for entering mice.

How to keep the laundry room free of insects

Fill all openings around water pipes.

7- The Garden:

The garden is one of the favorite places to hide insects, where weeds and trees that are not cared for, which grow a lot in autumn and winter hiding places very good insects.

How to keep the garden free of insects:
Take good care of the garden.
Make sure that the fence of the park does not have any openings or cracks to enter the insects.
Do not leave garbage bags in the garden.
Preserving plant seeds in sealed containers.

8. Living room:

The living room is fertile ground for textile insects and can be an environment suitable for the spread of many insects

How to keep the living room free of insects:
Permanent cleaning of the room.
Disposal of old newspapers and magazines.
Always clean the places where food and drinks fall.

Are you worried about an insect problem in your home? You can use us at an insect control company in Jeddah to keep your house and family only. Contact us and inquire about our offers.



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